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Meet AffiloJetpack: Your serious shortcut to the big-time.
I will give you everything you need to build one of these magical money-making
systems of your own. All done for you, and ready to plug in and start making money.

90+ Expertly crafted emails designed to
build trust and make sales
Get your hands on an expertly written newsletter sequence, precisely engineered to build maximum subscriber loyalty AND sales — and it runs 100% on autopilot. Get people to subscribe and you WILL make sales!

Expertly written to exacting standards
Written by the best in the business, and thoroughly checked for quality and accuracy by my own in-house writers. You’ll be more than happy to put your name on these emails.

Perfect timing and order
The order in which you promote products in your emails actually makes a huge difference to the amount of money you make. I’ve engineered these emails to use the optimum order and frequency for maximum sales.

Ready to start making money
I’ve already picked the best affiliate products for you to promote, and inserted them into the sequence at just the right point.

100% automatic earnings
All you have to do is get people to subscribe, and the emails and autoresponder software will do everything else. It’s the total “set and forget” system!

Leave no money on the table
When you build a good relationship, people love to keep buying the things you recommend. (I normally find people don’t start buying until three weeks into the sequence, and they’ll still be buying a year later!) So don’t sell yourself short. AffiloJetpack contains emails for a full year, so you can make sales again and again and again.

If you can get people to subscribe to this newsletter, you WILL make sales.
So how do you get people to subscribe? That’s where the next component comes in…

The super-effective “bait” to entice
more subscribers
With the right bait, your visitors will be climbing over each other to sign up for your money-making newsletter. I’ll give you THREE exciting and superbly-written “free reports” to help you build your subscriber list FAST.

Get your relationship off to a good start
These reports are written to the same high standard as the emails — fully proofed, checked, and full of useful information. With such a great experience, your subscribers will be happy to open the emails that come next.

Start making sales straight away
I’ve peppered a few affiliate promotions through these reports, so you can make sales straight out of the gate.

Grab and entice your visitors
I’ll give you the professionally designed book graphics — both 3D and “flat” versions. These are fantastic at making these reports look even more valuable.

You get not ONE, but THREE of these reports!
I’ll give you three, and you can choose which one you think your visitors will like best (or offer them all three!). You can also sell them, rebrand them… whatever you like. They’re 100% yours.

With the emails ready to go, and your bait all lined up, all you need now is a website to put it all on! AffiloJetpack helps you there too…

A beautiful website — built for you
with just a couple of clicks
Creating your own website is the perfect way to get your money-making machine in front of people. With our one-click setup, AffiloJetpack will build and host your website for you — you just move in and customize.

One-click setup
Just click a button and we’ll do the rest. Never built a website before? Doesn’t even matter.
Built on WordPress
The world’s most popular website building tool. Because it’s so popular and widely supported, it’s easy to get help and find new tools for whatever you need.
Installed with AffiloTheme
My own custom-built premium WordPress theme — designed to reduce hassle and increase sales.
12 months’ hosting included
No messing around with getting company A to talk to company B and update with company C. We’ll make everything work for you so you can get started sooner.
Built-in header graphic tool
Design a professional-looking logo and header image, even if you don’t have an artistic bone in your body!
YOU own your website — Not us.
If you ever want to do something different, or move your site elsewhere… no problem. We don’t lock you in.
With your website set up, you just need some content to help get
this show on the road. The next component will help you with that…

The easier way to get quality website content
(that the search engines will love)
Get your hands on the content “cheat sheets” that I use to get better quality articles for less work, less
effort and less money. This is the easiest way to get hundreds of top-quality, completely unique articles!

Get 20 content “cheat sheets”
These cheat sheets contain all the research, ideas and “gold nuggets” of information to create a seriously valuable article.

Get better quality articles for less cost
The hardest part for a writer is the research: The best articles cost more because of the time it takes to do the research. With research already done, you’ll get better articles for less.

Makes outsourcing MUCH easier
Rather than researching and brainstorming your topic, you just give your writer the cheat sheets and say, “here’s the research, take it from here.” It doesn’t even matter if you don’t know anything about the topic!

Easily create hundreds of unique articles
Each cheat sheet can be used by multiple writers to create LOTS of unique articles. Plus each “gold nugget” can be expanded into its own article or blog post. Want to build a huge authority site? Here’s how!

Makes it easy for you to write your own too!
These cheat sheets are so packed with information — all laid out in front of you — it makes it easy for even “non writers” to put together quality content. Just connect the dots!

Access to my own talented writers
If you need the help of a writer, you’ll get a list of pre-qualified, reliable and talented writers you can hire, so you can avoid wasting time and money on writers who might not be up to scratch. (These are writers I use myself, so I KNOW they’re good!)