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Virusdie Coupon Code: Click on the button above and the official site would open in a new tab and the coupon would be shown here. Copy the coupon and apply that while making the payment to get Virusdie .

Make use of the special Virusdie coupon code above to access discount page and save 95% off your next purchase of Virusdie from Virusdie Team. Take note that the special offer above is available for a short time only, and may expire at any time. Simply click the button above to reveal and copy your Virusdie Coupon Discount Code and use it to get your limited-time only deal. Since Virusdie launched for it’s excellent value, one-time pricing

Virusdie Coupon Code

Introducing Virusdie Coupon Code

What is it for?

– Virusdie SaaS built as a cloud service to provide security for multiple websites distributed across different Shared, VPS, and DS.

How does it work?

– Virusdie connects to the user’s servers over HTTP/HTTPS by a unique Sync File, uploaded to a user’s website root folder. It let them manage your website’s files in real-time right on your server to save your in/out server traffic.

It provides a website antivirus (automatic malware removal) and real-time file management to you. Also, a Sync File provides us to upload special software on your websites (Virusdie Website Firewall – a web application firewall) to protect them from online threats and attacks in real-time. Read more about Virusdie here –

Can Virusdie fix already hacked websites?

– Yes!

What type of malware Virusdie automatic antivirus can remove?

– Virusdie scans sites and automatically remove redirects, Trojans, backdoors, shell scripts, and other malicious code from PHP, JS, HTML, images, system files, and even binary files. Virusdie uses its own anti-malware database to accurately remove malware from files.

It keeps your websites stable after cleanup. And no matter what happens, Virusdie makes automatic backups that you can restore in one click. If Virusdie detects malware that it can’t cure on its own, you can investigate the issue yourself using our built-in file editor or submit a support request for help.

What websites are supported?

It doesn’t matter what CMS your websites use: WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, DLE, PrestaShop, and all other popular systems are supported.

Is any firewall also provided?

– Yes. You can deploy Virusdie Website Firewall (a web application firewall) automatically in one click in less than one second to protect sites from the most common attacks. It guards against hacking, malware, harmful requests, and content grabbing, XSS attacks, SQL injections, malicious code uploads, suspicious activities, and blacklists. Installation is automatic and takes just a second.

What are the synchronization problems?


We recommend you check the settings on your servers. It helps Virusdie provides service correctly. Incorrect settings may lead to failures.

PHP directives misconfiguration.

– Check PHP providing and PHP-directives configuration on your server. Make sure your server is enabled for PHP 5.2 and higher.

Make sure that the user on whose behalf running PHP has to write permissions to the root directory (root folder) of your website. If PHP works on your server as an Apache – it works on behalf of the same user as Apache. If PHP is running in the mode of CGI, it is most likely not the case.

Incorrect redirects and TCP ports restrictions.

– You should be able to connect by 7000 TCP ports.

Check redirects in .htaccess file. Make sure that there are no redirects (force redirect) to other pages (URLs) when accessing a Sync File. For example, if .htaccess RewriteEngine is configured you should check the terms of referrals. Thus, for example, should not able to create the conditions in which is not possible to access a Sync File (for example, there is only access to the file index.html / index.php root directory of the website can be opened when the sync problem).

Sync File direct link access.

– Make sure the Sync File is available for a direct link on your website. If the file is available you will see a successful connection message. If the file is not available – you will not see a response. It means that a Sync File is not uploaded to the website’s root folder, or the website itself is not available (any hosting problem). In this case, you should contact the technical support of your host.

Not enough space on your server.

– Check whether there is enough free space on your server. To use Virusdie you should have 10 megabytes of free space on your server as a minimum.

Configure your request filtering tools correctly.

– Check your server’s or website’s firewall access permissions. Your server (resource) must receive and send data to Virusdie CDN at IP If you already have a firewall or any other request filtering tools (on your site or on the server), you should add the specified IP to your whitelist.

One of the greatest and easiest solutions available
by Mario Kempter
verified buyer
I used virusdie before and also tried nearly EVERY wordpress security solution out there. I have to admit that none of them is as easy and elegant, fast and low on resource usage as Virusdie. Although it might not be able to find or clean every issue (as stated in comments below) I have to say that I haven’t found ANY solution yet that can. It’s always a race between hackers/malware distributers and the security companies. I definitely took that offer as I’m in love with the product and I’m very sure everyone else who takes the offer will be, too! Thanks a lot!Read Less
Low on resources
Easy to use
Maybe a bit harder to install for rookies / beginners
May not find every threat (no solution I know does)
I can’t think of a third con

good but need improvement
by Nguyen Manh Linh
verified buyer
kill quickly, but not completely. Scan reported found and deleted but the hosting company reported still have, or there were many cases that could not be handled.
not completely deleted 100%
add more security methods
add more web protection

If you got a website you have to have Virusdie
by Mike Milic
verified buyer
I recently got hacked and spent hours trying to fix my website. It was a nightmare. Luckily at the same time I got an email from Pitchground offering Virusdie. I immediately grabbed Unlimited+Branded Agency Account Plan C. A few minutes later my website was as good as new. Thank you Virusdie and Pitchground.

A must have tool if you’re really serious about security of your websites and trust of your customers
by Sanjay Kothari
verified buyer
We’ve heard this many times.. there are only 2 kinds of people on the Internet. One who knows they have been hacked and the others who don’t. Regular scanning of your sites is a must to ensure they are up and running without being hacked. Virsudie is a must-have tool for your and your customer’s websites. You can bundle it with your existing services and charge more. So don’t wait for the last moment and grab the deal immediately