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Coupon Details

wpDataTables Coupon Code: Click on the button above and the official site would open in a new tab and the coupon would be shown here. Copy the coupon and apply that while making the payment to get wpDataTables.

Make use of the special wpDataTables coupon code above to access discount page and save 83% off your next purchase of wpDataTables by wpdatatables.com.Take note that the special offer above is available for a short time only, and may expire at any time. Simply click the button above to reveal and copy your wpDataTables Coupon Discount Code and use it to get your limited-time only deal. Since wpDataTables launched for it’s excellent value, one-time pricing

wpDataTables Coupon Code

wpDataTables is a premium plugin that lets you quickly create responsive tables, graphs, and charts for your WordPress pages.

Creating a table or chart with wpDataTables is like ABC, easy as 1, 2, 3.

First, you provide the data.

Then, you configure the table with advanced features like responsive design, conditional formatting, and multi-criteria filtering, just to name a few.

Lastly, you publish the table on your post or page.

With unlimited customization and no complicated configurations or coding required, it’s no wonder wpDataTables is one of the best table and chart plugins on the market.

To create your table, upload files from an existing data source. wpDataTables supports MySQL query, Google Sheets, PHP array, JSON, and XML input sources. Or you can input the data manually.

Once you’re done, simply insert it where you like or just copy and paste the shortcode.

Tables created with the wpDataTables plugin are 100% functional and look good on any device.

Easily edit tables from both the WordPress back-end and front-end and control who can view or edit table data on a published page.

Only users with permission can access table data add images, texts, and links. They are also the only ones who can delete, move, or hide columns and rows.

Plugins are not included

This is a great datatable tool but I want to make it extra clear to everyone:

this license do not include any of the wpdatatables plugings.

Let’s pick the single lifetime license cost for example: $59
now let’s start adding single lifetime licensing cost for the missing addons that are not available here on appsump: “Master detail”: $109, “Powerful filters”: $119, “Gravity forms”: $119, “Formidable forms”: $109, “Report builder”: $109.
On a separate thread, you can learn that a 30% discount is available for those plugins for appsumo users.
If you add-up everything, this mean that the cost for a single license and all the plugins is 454.5 + taxes.

wpDataTables Coupon Code

Quickly bought this before they change their minds

This is one of the first buys that I fully stacked. I got some Envato license years ago. But to now have the unlimited sites version with the briefcase discount and everything…. I’m happy to support these developers (it really is a premium plugin) and not having to worry again. It’s usable on basically all my sites.

Great plugin! The problem is that I was told, last deal, that the company was thinking of an LTD for the plugins, that never happened. Plugins are just too expensive (for me), and the filter plugin is like a must-have for me to using core WpDataTables. So, if you only need core functionality, amazing product. In my case I never used, bcause my websites are too small to justify paying the full price for the plugin. 5 tacos, of course. I’m ready to upgrade my deal if plugins comes with it. 🙂

Works Well

I’ve been doing MySQL database programming for15 or so years. I was lacking easy integration into WordPress. I bought the unlimited for maximum flexibility in future use. As it turns out, I found myself involved (from another state) in the California AB5 Independent Contractor issue and wanted to compile a list of news items about AB5 (and related legislation around the US). Once I had a simple WordPress site up and running I figured I try out wpdatatables, which ended up saving me a bunch of time because I didn’t have to program a front end or even a backend entry interface. I’ve been pleased. I was able to get a database up running in 30 minutes or. I did have to manually tweak the database to change field type to accommodate text longer than the default field type. There are minor things I would like to see and will report those once I find myself not so busy with compilation. Once I set up the database with wpdatatables I imported 150 records or so that I had scraped and prepped. I used Navicat for the import. Checkout the database here: ICLaw.News From my standpoint, well worth the money.

Great tool for specific projects

Not every site I do will require a table/chart plugin, but in the past I have used wpDataTables as a yearly subscriber. I quickly purchased a full stack and plan on purchasing the lifetime add-ons when available. There are some minor tweaks that I would prefer – such as disabling labels for calculated values on tables, but this is a great tool in my arsenal. My latest project involves census, geographical and business data for economic development that let me quickly create tables and charts for potential businesses to review.

I think that some reviewers just needed a little more knowledge about the product before leaving their opinions. For me, I’m very pleased with the purchase and excited about what I can do in future projects.

wpDataTables Rocks!!!

Wow! I was surprised to see this deal on AppSumo.

This is a super robust product and I’ve been using it in quite sophisticated ways for a long time. Front end submissions, power data from database or Google sheet, crazy customization options on search interface. Absolutely love it.

Always had great experience with TMS support too.

I don’t have any immediate needs for this but I bought the full stack for lifetime unlimited domains.

Worth Every Penny

I bought a copy last December, but could only afford 1 copy – it’s yearly renewal and so I couldn’t decide which site to use it on. (I have around 20+ active sites, and yes it’s that useful to have it on most of my sites.)

I bought the lifetime copy and I would recommend you doing the same.

It’s a great tool for tracking any data + filter at scale.
Especially for any membership sites.

Works even better if you are going for a link building play as well. (Statistics/data)

Before this,

I tried the free tablepress plugin on wordpress. (Which looks awful & generic + lack of search features.)

Started learning how to code as an alternative to build a database/table with a filter. (the pivot threw me off my timeline entirely)

I tried swapping to webflow + jetboost even though I have no experience with them. (Again, another time sink.)

This is what I settled for, and it works – way beyond my expectations.

You can try & learn all that, or just spend a little here & take away the decision fatigue entirely.

Installation is simple, the interface is easy to pick up.

The game-changer here is the filter + presentation.

No shameless plug or promotion here, just an honest review of what I think is great.


Many years ago I bought Datadeck from Appsumo, it’s pretty much wpDataTable on cloud. So many years I asked them to take of their brand, and it took them more than 3-4 years, and that was last year. I’m not joking! Then I asked them to release custom domain name I’m not sure how long that is going to take.

Now I turn to plugin for local but not just local but more than CONTROL!
At codecanyon biggest MARKET PLACE for wordpress plugins. I tryed wordpress plugins that gives free trial. Most of them sucks, can’t beat DATADECK 🙁

But here is one plugins for lucky Sumolings 😀
A top seller WPDATATABLE (Try the demo before it’s gone)
I tried the demo and it’s a beast. So many features to love,

Now with full version I’m going to enjoy it! Will come back if there is more to add.

TMS Is Back At It Again!

I full stacked the Amelia deal not only because of how powerful Amelia is, but also the customer service behind it. TMS has a a kick-butt customer service team and no matter how much I annoyed them with ticket after ticket, they were always super helpful and worked until an issue was resolved.

Someone requested that WP DataTables be a future deal here and I’m so glad to see it!

WP DataTables is extremely powerful and at a time when I have multiple project management tools, I have really been needing a powerful database to back it up. Stackby I thought could have been that solution and while some are thrilled with it, THIS is what I was looking for.

WPDT is so extremely powerful in how you can create your database though SQL, importing data, creating one manually and more. Once you create your Table you can customize its look, how it feels and interacts, and so much more. Pair that with visual, actionable results and reporting based on the data and you have a powerhouse at your fingertips – what is data without visualization?

This deal is absolutely out of this world and definitely going to full stack this one too – anything TMS touches is absolute gold and their team is always hard at work to ensure that you are leveraging their products to their fullest.

The only ‘con’ to this deal is that it is A LOT to chew for novice users. There is so much going on here and so much you can do that it can be overwhelming, but I promise that the TMS team will hand-hold you every step of the way until you fully understand it and tons of documentation to reference.


Initially I left 1 taco because I didn’t get any response to my support requests (per mail) because I wasn’t able to redeem my code. In the end Aleksandar from wpDataTables provided great support and redemption of the code was successful after all. Aleksandar also apologized sincerely for the trouble caused at my end, which I find a great gesture and indicates that TMS know how good support should be provided.
Although I haven’t had the time yet to utilize wpDataTables in production, after some playing around in a local stack I can see why others with specific or extensive use cases out here like wpDataTables. It’s easy to use and feature rich. I have yet to fully explore the possibilities and usage in production, but extra tacos for now for solving the redemption issue and for what I’ve experienced with wpDataTables so far.

Pretty good, but responsive design needs more thought and options

Overall this is a nice plugin with some great features. However, I feel that it is lacking in the responsive behaviour. As this is a key area for me, unfortunately I intend to get a refund.
For example, you can only manually set which columns will be responsively hidden at tablet and mobile screen sizes. You can’t control which will be responsively hidden at *desktop* sizes — you can only hide columns *completely* rather than responsively for desktop sizes. Nor can you set priorities so that it could adjust over a wide range of screen sizes, automatically, which would be a better solution anyway and one that I have seen elsewhere.
So, if you have lots of columns then your only real option is to dump the responsive feature and use horizontal scroll instead. This is disappointing, and also problematic as there don’t seem to be options to fix any particular columns so that they don’t scroll — a pretty basic need.
Nor are there controls for the user to dynamically show or hide columns according to their need.
I’ve looked at the documentation and the examples, and it is clear that many features I consider vital to achieve really user-friendly responsive tables are missing.
This *is* a good plugin, but it my view it is let down by an incomplete implementation of responsive behaviour. If the developers fix that weakness then this plugin would be great I think — while I haven’t delved into the rest of it beyond what I specifically wanted to test as a priority, it does have many other features that seem to be well implemented.