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Digital Affiliate Hack-A-Thon Coupon Code

Introducing Digital Affiliate Hack-A-Thon Coupon Code

Real “In The Trenches” Affiliate Secrets Revealed…

Join us July 30th 11am EST For a live 4 hour online seminar by two veteran affiliate marketers with over 40 years experience between them!

One of the biggest hidden in plain sight ‘secrets’ of the most successful affiliate marketers is they build and segment email lists. Picking the right email provider for the job is critical. We’ll discuss the options and most importantly, what NOT to do.
How to RAPIDLY build a killer landing or bridge page that will drive people onto your list and into a sequence that will twist their arm into buying. You’ll be able to do this even if you suck at writing copy because the copy writes itself! This is real world, in the trenches stuff that anyone can do.
The best tools for the job! We’ll show you our personal picks of the tools we use, including many FREE options that will work just fine without much compromise.
Our live audience will pick a product (based on important criteria that we will explain in full) and we will build a winning bridge page LIVE and get people signing up before the end of the call!
Super simple follow-up sequences that dismantle your prospect objections and leaves them with no other option but to shit or get off the pot!
Email delivery secrets – The real truth about getting inboxed and opened while your competition all land in the promotions or spam folder.
Single or double opt-in? Our answer(s) might shock you and are almost certainly not what you think. This is the stuff we keep to ourselves and don’t publish in low ticket info-products.
How to tweak and test your bridge page. The harsh truth is that most marketers give up and write off a landing page as a dud before doing enough tweaking and testing. We discuss what to tweak, when and how.
The secret to taking any bridge page from ‘meh’ to high converting, lead sucking, cash making machines.
How to drive targeted visitors to your page. And no we are not just going to tell you to ‘buy the traffic!’
The real secret to becoming a legendary bridge page copy writer won’t be found in even hugely expensive copywriting courses, but we promise to reveal it during the hack-a-thon. You won’t believe how easy this makes it to get almost instant results, earn as you learn and have fun all at the same time.
How to get approval when you’re a nobody. Some vendors vet affiliates before allowing them to promote. We’ll show you how to virtually guarantee you get approved, even if you’re a big fat nobody with zero experience.
How to use pattern interrupts and other hypnotic techniques to bypass your prospects’ conscious objections, and make them take the action that YOU WANT.
This simple trick that will ensure your accounts won’t get banned or blocked. We’re sick of seeing people getting banned or kicked off platforms that they were using to market with. This 15 minute “ritual” will stop it happening to you!
The handful of technical stuff you need to know and explained in such a way a child could set it up in minutes. If you break into a cold sweat at the mention of DNS, DKIM, SPF records and other techie mumbo jumbo this will be your moment of clarity!
How to use automated follow-up emails and maximise the chances of the messages inboxing.
Is there an optimum number of links to use in a promotional email? Yes! And we’ll tell you what it is and why it makes such a difference
Everything important we know about inboxing, deliverability and avoiding spam and promotions.
The little known and barely used stealth way to drop your affiliate links in groups and forums without getting busted. I personally know of two people who made over $1000 each with this exact method last month and their total costs (apart from a little of their time) was less than $20!