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Coupon Details

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Flutin Live Coupon Code

Introducing Flutin Live Coupon Code

Flutin Live is a web-based livestreaming platform that lets you host and monetize live events across multiple social media channels simultaneously.

With so many great social platforms to choose from, there’s no reason you should have to settle for just one.

Flutin Live lets you livestream across multiple platforms simultaneously, including Facebook, YouTube, Twitch and Instagram.

Thanks to built-in event scheduling, you can get the word out about your livestreams in advance by sharing event links across your social channels or via email.

You’ll have the freedom to experiment with multiple platforms and see where your content resonates most, plus let your audience engage with you on their preferred platforms.

Flutin Live is all about empowering creators, and there’s no better motivation to keep the content coming than your potential earnings. Cha-ching!

Instead of keeping track of a bunch of different revenue streams, Flutin Live offers multiple ways to monetize your events on one platform.

Cash in on your talent with ticketed events, virtual gifts, and accept paid special requests from the audience while you’re live.

You’ll see the cash flow in real-time—kind of like a tip jar—so you can engage with the audience without taking your eyes off the stream.

Flutin Live Testimonials

Very Good Start

I wanted to leave the most thorough review that I could leave. Flutin is a great start for those of us who would like to cut off some of the recurring fees that we have been paying to a lot of other services. The user interface is pretty simple and easy to work with. The My Events tab is easy and simple. The Channel connection is great but I don’t see the connection for twitter. Everything else is there Instagram, twitch etc. The video library is simple you just need to make sure you save your video file in a very simple title so its easy to locate. The subscribers function seems simple although I think it should have a simple link that people could just send out to have people to follow and subscribe to your Profile page/Public Page. payments seems awesome but I am not sure how it works. I have hooked my stripe account to it but not sure how that shows up to the end user so I can encourage them to support.

I would like to see a greenscreen function since I work in a small space. I would like to completely get rid of StreamYard but it seems you are missing that ability. There is no ability to play videos unless you upload it to another source and play it as a screen share. Although I know it will take some time to catch up I am willing to support the service in order to help them reach their highest potential.

Overall this is a great start and can help you get rid of the fees of some other services.

Good Interactivity

I also bough the Melon deal, but each has its own place. Flutin Live is great for managing complex chat (I’m looking at you Facebook) when you are doing a product launch or tutorial video though that might detract when you are doing live performances.

You will definitely want to plan for expansion with the Flutin deal as you can exhaust your limits rapidly. Facebook alone can use 3 of your channels if you want to stream to a page, group, and profile simultaneously. Also with TikTok missing, you will probably want to have LOTS of RTMP destinations which is another reason to upgrade. If you honestly never see yourself expanding, you will still probably want to upgrade to Tier 4 anyways so you can avoid the commission on your monetization.

Flutin seems to have some glitches that can be a literal show stopper for some such as refusing to start the stream if it can’t find both a camera and microphone. However, in my case just restarting my browser fixed the issue. I have not actually tested this service with an audience, but for my 30 second preview clip everything seems to have posted correctly. You should probably avoid creating live stream events in Facebook directly if you are using Flutin as otherwise the audience joining through the event may not see the stream created by Flutin (though you can in theory use Facebook in RTMP mode, but you will likely lose the comments in that case).

Makes Live Streaming as simple as pushing a button.

Just wow. I bought this to live stream pre-recorded videos to IG w/o using a stream key and RTMP URL with another service. This is just dead simple easy to use. Connect to your IG account. Upload a video. Fill out the event details. Schedule out. So intuitive, you don’t really even need instructions. The only downside right now is that you can’t upload a vertical video, it has to be landscape but you can work around that by spacing the vertical video just right within a landscape video. I’m probably going to buy more license tiers even though I don’t have use for them (yet) because Flutin is just that easy to use and from the roadmap is going to have even better features.

Scaling up to Agency in Social Media Multistreaming?

Well, let me start simple: I am a Twitch featured Affiliate with a couple thousand followers and work within a network of 350 sponsored Streamers. Some of our partners are names like Sharkoon, Tinybuilt, Streamlabs… you name it. That gives us, as a network, a lot of impact on Twitch, but not so much on other platforms, as pretty much all we do is focused on Twitch itself.

Now Youtube Analyst Devin Nash has emphasized time and again, that Twitch itself is not doing a lot for the discoverability of their assets, so multistreaming is the way to go in 2021/2022.

This being said, I have been multi-streaming mainly via Restream.io since its inception, and the increasing prices while decreasing in service, have really hit me low and hard. I tried other providers but the experience was pretty much the same all around.

… Enter Flutin.live!

Flutin has a really impressive aray of features already with a fair distribution of Channels, RTMPs, Invites and the unique Ability to do Instagram Live. That alone is worth a mention, but it increases in value, if you work in networks or with collaborating streamers.

The ability to set up finalized Network-streams and Push your content to all of those channels, is so crazy, that the simple thought of pushing your content through 300+ Channels at the same time opens completely new perspectives on collaboration.

Instead of, for example, go live on one channel and have 5 participating channels only “host” the channel that´s live, you can go -live- on all 6 channels, they are counted as active channels in the algorithm, you can coordinate and supervise all 6 chats and make it one big happening with different perspectives.

Even more so, you could easily daisy-chain the functionality into pulling the Content from 6 Channels and pushing them to the same amount ,having the individual RTMPs multiplying their direct Perspective to a total of 36 Channel Impressions with the click of -one- button.

This is just a use case with a simple Collab Stream, coordinated by one central Hub. You can do even more of that, if you go Cross-Platform, or even Cross-media, as Audio-Only-Streams are the next thing coming.

All in all the possibilities are endless, and that being said, the Tier of my stack is exactly the number of Tacos I´m giving.

I hope I am betting on the right horse, but if they don´t mess it up, this will be a disruptive service, and change the landscape of Multi-Streaming.

A true gem I almost mistakenly overlooked

This product was so easy to setup on a free account, I was able to sign-up, add my social media accounts and go live in a few minutes. I really love their use case in helping creators monetize via multi-streaming which is absent for other solutions. They also listened and accepted sumolings requests via their roadmap which others sometimes don’t do, they have implemented some already and are working hard on the rest!

They are providing updates on their progress such as this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5XojJj3pr-g. Some of their updates are outside of their control so I am patient as they are providing transparency on their progress. They also have investments by Sega a billion dollar tech giant and others. I hope my 5 tier plan purchase plays a part in both Flutin and my further success, all the best.

My requests are:

1. The webhooks in the roadmap also allow us to use other payment processors outside of stripe and paypal

2. Will the admin of sub accounts be able to set and manage commissions within Flutin? I have a use case where I will have influencers selling mechanize through Flutin and will like to set and manage their commissions within Flutin based on the sales they achieved.

3. Keep perfecting the monetization features with upcoming items such as live-commerce, NFTs etc., events and your other unique features as this is what separates you from the rest.

4. Identify the cost for adding more sub accounts outside the deal.

Flutin is a simple and great tool for streaming!

I think many Sumolings regret missing out on the Restream deal, and we’ve been hoping for something to show up to compete with it. Flutin might be it. There have been a number of stream tools on AS, I jumped in on OneStream, Switchboard. It’s the feature-set beyond live stream and pre-recorded streams to your social media that makes Flutin really nice. First, you can stream to IG live. My understanding is that Flutin is one of the few tools that do that. Second, while I haven’t tried it out, there is built in a monetization piece where you can request tips or payment while on a live. For me, the biggest benefit has been the unified chat, which has been the missing piece in other tools. I decided for 2022 that I want to journal live (join me if you’re interested!), so I hop on to flutin, already have my acct connected to FB/YT/IG, maybe a couple of others. I can do this with OneStream, but now with Flutin unified chat, I can see and reply to comments from all services right within the Flutin window. If you’ve been disappointed with some of the streaming tools on AS in the past, definitely check out Flutin. There are some features on their roadmap that I hope they really come through with (such as the multi-participant) because that would make podcasting, interviewing, etc an absolute breeze!

A class apart

Most Live streaming apps are hard to use and require a lot of effort for small streamers to grow their audience. Flutin Live is different. With Flutin Live, you get to monetize your live streams easily, grow your audience and engage with your fans effectively. This is an amazing app for anyone who wants to live stream content from their desktop computer.

I like the ability to schedule ticketed events for streaming and the fact that it supports streaming to Facebook groups as well now. Very promising product.