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Coupon Details

ContentBot Coupon Code: Click on the button above and the official site would open in a new tab and the coupon would be shown here. Copy the coupon and apply that while making the payment to get ContentBot Lifetime.

Make use of the special ContentBot coupon code above to access discount page and save 67% off your next purchase of ContentBot by Nick Duncan. Take note that the special offer above is available for a short time only, and may expire at any time. Simply click the button above to reveal and copy your ContentBot Coupon Discount Code and use it to get your limited-time only deal. Since ContentBot launched for it’s excellent value, one-time pricing

ContentBot Coupon Code

Introducing ContentBot Coupon Code

ContentBot is a personal AI writing assistant equipped with 25+ highly tuned tools that lets you generate blog posts, ad copy, email campaigns, and more in seconds.

With ContentBot, you can say goodbye to hours of combating writer’s block and hello to AI-generated content, including blog posts, ad copy, and marketing campaigns.

You’ll be able to generate content in under 30 seconds, literally—just insert a few input fields and you’re on your way.

And because ContentBot is constantly adding new tools and features that make your life easier, your content is guaranteed to get better with minimal effort.

As an SEO manager perspective and blogger – Dayum

I don’t usually do reviews, but for this one I must do one before other Sumoling get into it. First impression, I didn’t know about this company even after looking actively on the web for AI tools like conversion AI, Word AI, and all the other .AI of this world.

Even tho it seems to be a really young company, the software it self has many functionalities. I work in Canada where or two main languages are French and English. French is Canada is quite the opposite as the french in Europe. I was skeptic about it, but I gave it a try.

Text output is really good for small copy. However, the full blog post kinda sucks when you want a 3×300 words. There’s no flow in the text, syntax have problems, etc. I still give 5 tacos because the AI is still learning (hopefully) and will focus more on other languages.

Now, abou the industries, Finance needs a real work. The tool barely comprehend the topics except maybe budget and how to make money with a job. I don’t blame it tho, even humans doesn’t understands.

Finally, I’m hopeful that the tool will grow, it fits my need more than NeuralText which is another fantastic tools. The main difference is NeuralText have some SEO tools inside and ContentBot doesn’t.

Unlimited Credits = Unlimited Praise

Am I the only one that feels anxious with credit limits? I use AI writing tools occasionally, but I worry that I’ll run out of credits for the month, so I tend to not use the tool to its fullest potential. Now I’m free to write without any worry. I’m a light user and this tool works for me.

Just amazing

I bought this but hadn’t checked it out fully. Did it today and was blwon away, especially with the plagiarism check. It was so amazing that I felt it deserved a 5+ superstar review. I rarely give out superstar reviews but this one I had to.

For context – I have copysmith, Nichesss, & writesonic. While all of them are good in their own rights, Content Bot is just amazing. It even has plagiarism check.

Thank you for bringing this deal to us. Hope you won’t throw us Sumolings off the ship as it makes huge waves. I can see an amazing future for this app. Like the UI too – simple & slick.

When I first saw this, I was like ‘oh great another AI copywriting tool. I am glad I let tyhe fomo get the better off me this time!!
Best wishes 🙂

Feel Lucky

I picked up ContentBot a couple days after it launched on Appsumo, played around with it, set up automatic content email updates and left it alone for awhile. Came back to check how it’s doing on Appsumo and it’s gone! Needless to say my initial impression of ContentBot was very high with its USP of the option for daily, weekly or monthly automatic content sent straight to your inbox and the wordpress plugin. Over that short period of time I see that the founder Nick has made fresh updates to the interface and the output of the generated AI content is outstanding! To me Nick and Malcolm (from Nichesss) are really on to something special, both are very transparent and seem to really listen to their community. You can check out Nick’s twitter @Nicholas_Duncan where he is building ContentBot in public.

AI content tools are very popular because of their time-saving capabilities, and ContentBot is no exception. It’s capable of handling a wide variety of tasks and compliments well with Nichesss. Most Highly Recommended!

Powerful and Clean Enough

I was lucky to grab this in the first few hours when the deal was launched, and today I saw this deal gone.. Wow, lucky me.

Anyway, I love the new fresh thing you added, and hey guys, this is no killer for another GPT-3. This does what it advertised for, so no gimmick here.

Ok for people who still curious whether this is better than Nichesss, so Anwer can’t compare both…
Because Contentbot have a tone option for output language means bold, friendly, etc. and then they added fresh content stuff; on the other hand, Nichess do all this but in another way which they have designed Nichess for, so no comparison

One thing I will request Contentbot to increase work limit on Blog Title and for also Intro text.

Very productive experience with Contentbot…

I was having difficulty rewriting a few sentences. I had tried two other copy AIs and they weren’t returning anything satisfactory. I was overwhelmed with all of the text being generated and nothing was good. I saw Content Bot and decided to try my two sentences in the sentence rewriter. I tried friendly tone to rewrite a sentence and boom! first try I got a fabulous sentence. I chose bold tone and got another fabulous sentence. I haven’t delved deeply into this tool, but this try was very productive and I got exactly what I was looking for. It seems the AI tools specialize. I was impressed and bought CB right away. Now it’s leaving…

Top Notch GPT-3 Content Generator with UNLIMITED Credits!

ContentBot and Nichesss are the two AI content writing apps that give you UNLIMITED runs, so grab this while you can! I was already using ContentBot before it came onto AppSumo, and I liked it enough to be paying monthly, so getting an LTD offer with unlimited credits is something I didn’t want to pass up.

It’s very easy to use, you just give it a little input and it will generate all sorts of copy for you. Highlights of ContentBot are that they will automatically email you daily outputs that you customize, and it’s also a WordPress plugin. (You can use it like a normal website app though, which is how I’ve been using it.)

Worth it for the WordPress plugin alone

I was browsing AppSumo and came across ContentBot by chance. And I’m so glad I did. I am very impressed in the short time I’ve used ContentBot.

I really enjoy the UI, which really goes a long way in using something like this. Oh, and did you know they have a WordPress plugin? There’s part of me that doesn’t want to use it because I enjoy the UI of the app itself, but the WP plugin really helps streamline the content creation process.

I’ve sent some feedback to Nick and it was graciously accepted, so when a product works right out of the gate and the people that you’re talking to are friendly, it gives you a vote of confidence in the whole picture.

I used the “finish the sentence” feature and got this:

ContentBot is the best at ensuring you have fresh, eye-catching and up-to-date content on all your social media pages


ContentBot is the best at generating high-quality, human-readable text

Looks pretty good so far! Keep up the good work and if you’re curious about it, pick this up and try it out!

Great start and the Wordpress integration is what I was looking for

I bought ContentBot yesterday to see how it compares with Nichesss mostly, and whether it was worth having two GPT-3 tools in my armoury.

I don’t want the AI to write whole posts for me, but when I’ve got writers block or when I just need some help getting started on a listicle or something then that is where I use AI. Nichesss is good for this, but where ContentBot is unique is with the Wordpress/Gutenberg integration and that is where I really see me using this the most. That alone is worth the price with the unlimited credits on offer.

I hope that this and Nichesss will develop in different directions and compliment each others feature set, but even as they are now I think it is worth the incredibly low outlay. It also helps that the founder is very responsive with questions and feedback 🙂

ContentBot is a great AI writing tool that helps you become a better writer

I purchased ContentBot today and have been testing it out for at least an hour. For me and my writing needs, this is the new AI writing star, unlimited, and along with Nichesss, which I bought a few weeks ago – an “AI writing machine Dream Team”. I can’t wait to combine them together and use them in combination on some of our many projects.

Two points to stress out from my side:
1. we don’t use AI writing tools to “write” the whole posts, but to help us write better/faster, especially ideas, since we have a professional writer/journalist on our team for the “heavy writing lifting”

2. as people have doubts in some reviews lately (if they are genuine) – don’t worry about this one as it is a real review and not incentivized with anything since I don’t know the author(s). Also, this deal is with unlimited limits/credits (and I really don’t like limitations in LTDs), so grab it while you can 🙂