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Make use of the special PeerBoard coupon code above to access discount page and save 95% off your next purchase of PeerBoard by Mikhail & PeerBoard Team.Take note that the special offer above is available for a short time only, and may expire at any time. Simply click the button above to reveal and copy your PeerBoard Coupon Discount Code and use it to get your limited-time only deal. Since PeerBoard launched for it’s excellent value, one-time pricing

PeerBoard Coupon Code

Introducing PeerBoard Coupon Code

PeerBoard is software that allows you to build a branded, feature-rich community forum right on your website.

With PeerBoard, you can create a subreddit-like space right on your own website, so your community doesn’t have to leave your site to connect.

Instead of the traditional forum layout, which can be tough to navigate, PeerBoard offers a single categorized newsfeed that operates like a Facebook feed.

The PeerBoard algorithm puts the high-value posts at the top of the feed based on engagement and recency, so community members never miss a beat.

Create both public and private community forums, with full control over the community’s visibility, access rights, and registration options.

Your community forum is a completely branded experience that lets you choose a custom theme color, add your logo, and customize your categories and topics (e.g., “Dogs in seasonal sweaters”).

PeerBoard also supports rich media in posts, such as images and videos to help keep people engaged and interested.

The forum’s real-time threads help facilitate valuable in-depth conversations within your community.

With branched discussion threads, community members can respond and react to comments, questions, or suggestions in a way that makes it easy to follow the conversation.

Members can also customize user profiles by adding taglines, bios, avatars, and more, giving them the freedom to be their authentic selves.

Q: What happens after my board reaches the maximum of 100 GB (200 on stacked) Content storage?
A: Nobody got to the limit yet, but if by any chance you will, you can get every 100Gb extra for $5/month (close to AWS content storage and access pricing).

Q: How do you count 1000 active members for a limit on a single code?
A: We use monthly actives (MAU) for that. To be considered an active user, a member should open the board as a registered user at least once in a month. Anonymous users do not count.

Q: What does ‘per board’ mean in your description?
A: One board = one code (or two if stacked). One board can be connected to a single destination (custom domain, Wordpress setup, etc).

Q: Do I get to have unlimited boards with 2 codes?
A: No. You can either use 1 code for one instance or stack 2 to remove attribution and active members limit. You cannot have multiple boards from one code.

## Things we are adding THIS MONTH:

Based on your feedback! Work in progress:
– Widget to embed board preview into any site builder (Wix, Squarespace). We cannot do deep integrations due to their limitations, but we can show a rich preview and point to your board from there.
– Automatic groups creation based on your WordPress user roles
– Zapier/API for assigning groups
– Smaller: favicon, more texts customization, better social share previews

## Things to come in 2021

– Moderator roles in addition to admins (to “avoid mutiny” as you said heh)
– JS Embeds to add your custom code to head/body of our pages (chats, analytics, etc)
– Personal messages between members (1:1 chats)
– Simple analytics for admins on community usage
– Content screening (pre-approval queue) for posts and comments

## More languages!

We do have Russian, French and Simplified Chinese already. But we heard you and received several offers to help with translations that we started to collaborate on:

– Traditional Chinese (Johnny)
– German (Philipp)
– Spanish (Juan, may need Fernando’s help)
– Portuguese (Igor)
– Norwegian (Morten)

Seriously Impressive!!!!!!

What started out as looking this as a possibility for a client’s Yahoo Groups replacement (which it now is), has turned almost into an obsession. I keep finding more uses for this software, and I keep buying more codes!

I so far have it integrated in a WordPress Member Site (Yahoo Group Replacement).

I am using it as a Community & Support Board for my Web Design Company (It is replacing and consolidating my Newsfeed, Forum, FAQs, and adding the ability to connect and engage more with both site visitors and my clients! I have it integrated into a Suite Dash Portal Page for my clients which inspired me to add a “Client Spotlight” Category! I will also be putting some of my User Guides on there as well!

Here I am, awake in the middle of the night as I just realized this would be great for my non-profit. So I bought two more codes! I plan on using it for my main Non-Profit’s website, but also on the website of a sub-site of that Non-Profit.

The features of PeerBoard are great so far – I am excited to see how it grows and progresses! The development team seems very receptive to feedback and feature requests – I am excited to be part of the PeerBoard ride!

What are you waiting for? Add some codes to your cart and click “Buy Now” and start having fun with PeerBoard!!!!

Return Facebook’s engagement back to your own community

Thank you AppSumo and PeerBoard team for bringing this deal to Appsumo.

If you like Facebook but hate the ads and irrelevant notifications then you may like Peerboard. I’ve been searching for a while for my own racecourse. A way to return Facebook’s engagement back to my community.

1. I’ve integrated Peerboard to my Wordpress site. love Wordpress but at times it feels like it’s a part-time job just to manage all the plugins and keep them working together. Thankfully Peerboard does all the heavy lifting whilst freeing up my server resources. Peerboard appears to be seamlessly integrated into Wordpress. I particularly liked the fact that the plugin automatically creates a page (community).

So far, I haven’t noticed any bugs. But the forum load speed is slightly slow when the forum first loads in a Wordpress page. Although, after the first load, the speed is extremely fast.

2. Global access settings provide the following options:

1. An invite-only community with no public activity
2. An invite-only community with public content
3. An open-registration community with no public activity (you have to register even to read)
4. An open-registration community with public content

A fifth option to completely hide the board from the public is missing. I couldn’t find this option. But maybe I could use Wishlist Member WP plugin to hide this board or even the community link from non-members.

3. Adding my custom domain DNS settings for sending email notifications to my members was easy. This will allow me to customize what email my digests and notifications are sent from.


A. Customizing the page. It’s possible to customize the page the board is embedded into using a WP theme. But, I prefer to use Elementor to theme the page. Sadly, this is not possible because when trying to edit with Elementor, I get the error ‘Sorry, the content area was not found on your page.’

B. My site’s own chatbox will display my forum’s help pages so I would like to remove Peerboard’s chatbox embedded into the iframe.

C. Faster loading of the forum when it first loads in a Wordpress page.

D. The storage limit of 100 GB/200 GB appears low considering members will be uploading plenty of images, videos,and other media.

I recommend Peerboard. It’s a great option to off-load a heavy forum away from your Wordpress site. And, my overall experience with Peerboard has been great.

Peerboard is just great – Don’t believe the Negatives

A great software by a great team. Sure there’s room for improvements and I’m sure the team is working hard to ensure all t’s are crossed and i’s dotted.

I noticed some negative reviews on here and as harsh as it may sound I think some of us don’t truly understand how WordPress plugins/themes or software in general work at times. Sometimes it’s a tiny bit of codes that just disagrees with each and one another (owing to theme/plugin compatibility issues) and a tiny ask for help could fix it.

Plugins are never created equal just as fingers aren’t so before you jump into the business of tarnishing a product’s reputation for your lack of understanding, seek help first from the support team and wait before you go on a destructive-reputation mission and that’s only if they can’t help you else I’ll take your reviews and comments as biased.

This is why I don’t go by reading or depending on reviews sometimes to make a decision. I test it out myself and seek help if necessary before jumping to conclusions and so far, I have not and did not encounter any of such problems with WordPress integration and otherwise.

Don’t let those pesky negative reviews stop you. It’s backed by a 2-month refund policy. Go ahead and test away.

I had a problem with code redemption and reached out to the team but to no avail. I knew I could fix it myself but it will require me cancelling the current purchase and repurchasing it (which took only about five minutes as opposed to waiting 24 hours on a resolution). Eventually Mikhail reached out with a solution and I told him it’s been fixed and understand that they are busy, so I took a different approach to resolving it. Note. I didn’t take to Appsumo to rant about their unresponsiveness because I understand, and If you’ve ever tried to start a startup then you’ll get this.

Peerboard is undoubtedly the best community board ever to come

I love Peerboard for its simplicity and ease of setup. I don’t have much experience with community-building software, but for what I want to achieve, PB fulfills this in all ways. Much of what is anticipated is already on the roadmap so, looking forward to it.

Here’s a list of what’s anticipated but not on the RM yet;

1. I’d like to be able to customize the landing page to suit my brand and style (Copy and Layout) especially for those seeking to use it in itself by itself (stand-alone).
2. Embed links that will adopt and display FB feeds-style, in preview or format.
3. Remove the “Powered by Peerboard” on the sign in or sign up page (at least for those of us that full-stacked the codes).

Overall, I’m pretty excited by the capabilities of this PeerBoard Coupon Code software and what’s to come. I find it’s very useful to anyone looking to build a community around interests and/or product/services.