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Linguix Coupon Code: Click on the button above and the official site would open in a new tab and the coupon would be shown here. Copy the coupon and apply that while making the payment to get Linguix Lifetime Deal.

Make use of the special Linguix coupon code above to access discount page and save 83% off your next purchase of Linguix by Alex & Linguix Team. Take note that the special offer above is available for a short time only, and may expire at any time. Simply click the button above to reveal and copy your Linguix Coupon Discount Code and use it to get your limited-time only deal. Since Linguix launched for it’s excellent value, one-time pricing

Linguix Coupon Code > Lifetime Access 83% Off Promo Deal

Introducing Linguix Coupon Code

Linguix is an AI-powered writing assistant that checks your writing for errors and provides context-appropriate grammar, punctuation, style, and vocab recommendations.

When you use Linguix, you’ve got your own AI-based writing assistant, so you can avoid embarrassing misspellings and bad grammar.

Linguix is so much more than a spell check, with over 2700+ advanced grammar, spelling, and style corrections.

Say goodbye to second-guessing yourself when it comes to remembering pesky grammar rules (…is it lay or lie?).

Linguix helps you type with confidence and make sure your message gets heard loud and clear.

Writing a post for your blog or something to share on social media? Use Linguix to instantly check grammar with your own Linguix browser extension.

The browser extension lets you check grammar real-time on all your favorite sites—from Google Docs to Facebook.

You can also upload documents to your Linguix account to check grammar, spelling, and style in one easy-to-use dashboard.

This intelligent writing assistant helps you write more clearly and powerfully, so you can become a better writer over time.

With the Linguix browser extension, you’ll be able to speed up your writing with pre-drafted snippets that you can instantly insert into emails, social media posts, and more.

Take your content a step further with Linguix’s built-in vocabulary suggestions that let you improve your writing as you type!

You can also expand your vocabulary using the “Look Up in Linguix” feature on the browser extension to get definitions of words as you read.

Linguix offers detailed explanations for grammar corrections to sharpen your writing for business emails, academic work, and personal projects.

Let me tell you what is Linguix, and why we’ve created it, as well as why it is a good idea to use the tool.

First, as a non-native English speaker myself I always wanted to have a grammar checking software that would not only fix my mistakes but make writing easier, and improve my language skills. It turned out I was not the only person who needed such a tool! Scratching its own itch, our team has built the Linguix AI-based Writing Assistant to help people around the globe with their English writing.

Linguix will help you to boost your writing productivity, fix typos and grammar mistakes, improve your English knowledge (especially valuable for non-native speakers)

With Linguix Writing Assistant, you can:

– Check grammar in real-time using browser extensions for Chrome, Firefox, Edge. – Fix about 9,000,000 different typos on the go, apply 2700 writing corrections.
– Get grammar, punctuation, and style recommendations, as well as audience-specific goal-based suggestions.
– Save $18 per hour and $10,600 a year on email writing with snippets
– Vocabulary enhancement features include synonym suggestions and word definitions.
– Integrate Linguix with thousands of websites and web apps, including Google Docs/Sheets, Medium, LinkedIn, etc.
– Enjoy personalized learning. Boost your language proficiency by learning from your own mistakes.
– Analyze your writing productivity and confidence.
– Keep your data secure. Browser extensions and our Web App (try Secret Mode) allow users to edit content without the need to keep it on our servers.

5 Taco’s for this deal (and Alex!)

Since the launch of this deal, I have been doubting to get it for our team because of the lack of a Plagiarism checker. However, I have been monitoring these reviews and Q&A’s on this page for a while now and can say that Alex is very customer friendly and does consider the demands of the Sumolings very well.

At this moment, we still have a Grammarly Premium account. We have ended the renewal of this subscription because I truly believe in this product. At this moment, it is not yet something I want to use fulltime but I am sure that by the time our subscription of Grammarly ends, Linguix is going to be our new favourite thing!

Overall, with all the future updates in mind, this deal should be a no-brainer to anyone!

UI Is a Blatant Grammarly Rip-Off, but Could (Will?) Be Better

I’m rating this 5 tacos simply because I’m happy that someone decided to compete with Grammarly and their ridiculous premium pricing.

We offer professional translations and had been using Grammarly to check the work. Despite some strange recommendations and a vendetta against the passive voice, it has been fairly helpful at spotting typos and additional linguistic considerations. But it constantly shows “hidden” corrections/suggestions that you can only get with a premium plan. We’ve been on the fence but even with their regular 40% discounts, it’s still too expensive in my eyes.

So Linguix came at just the right time!

I’m looking forward to putting this tool through its paces and am very happy about the additional privacy (we often couldn’t use Grammarly to check texts due to privacy concerns).

What struck me right off the bat was that the UI is a carbon copy of Grammarly, I mean right down to the dark gray bar on the left and the two documents in the main dashboard area. If Linguix works as well as or better than Grammarly, then who cares if they copied the UI 😀 It looks good!

Good deal! Will use this Lifetime plan.

I bought a lifetime plan of WhiteSmoke a few years back. They gave me the ability to work with MS word documents for a while, but then they offered just an online component. I had just purchased a month-long plan of Grammarly premium, then I saw this deal and snapped up Linguix Lifetime Premium! $49 is a good deal to get a lifetime plan and I like having a tool that corrects my Grammar, I spent $30 for 1 month of Grammarly Premium. I published a Bible that has a large section of notes and extra info, that this will help clean up. There is always a time when you need a well-written document.

Amazing – best find on AS so far

Linguix Coupon Code is a fantastic product with a clean and stylish UI fit for 2020. Having Used Grammarly, Prowriting Aid and White Smoke, I feel I can confidently make the transition to Linguix. The creators have been super-responsive to listen to the feedback by sumolings and once the plagiarism checker arrives this will rule. Stacking quite a few codes.

The analytics dashboard that shows how many words have been scanned since working on it and how many docs have been used is an innovative feature. The snippets are cool too. There is much I am yet to try. The support is highly responsive.

To those sumolings who wonder how the codes work – If you stack 3 codes, for example, you will get 15 licences. This means you will use one licence for your own account. Then in your dashboard there are 14 other licences remaining. You can either email each code inidvidually to anyone you wish from your dashboard or you can copy-paste the code. The reciepient then has to sign up with their own account and will have LT access to the product.