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Coupon Details

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Make use of the special Keyword Hero coupon code above to access discount page and save 95% off your next purchase of Keyword Hero by Daniel Schmeh. Take note that the special offer above is available for a short time only, and may expire at any time. Simply click the button above to reveal and copy your Keyword Hero Coupon Discount Code and use it to get your limited-time only deal. Since Keyword Hero launched for it’s excellent value, one-time pricing

Keyword Hero Coupon Code

Introducing Keyword Hero Coupon Code

Keyword Hero lets you see all of your organic keywords and their specific performance metrics inside your Google Analytics account.

Take the guesswork out of your keyword strategy.

Keyword Hero gives you the actual organic keywords inside Google Analytics, all lined up where you’d expect them.

Your data will go from general to specific faster than you can name your favorite pizza topping. (Or tell your friends why their opinion is wrong.)

Keyword Hero lets you get as detailed as you need for your SEO strategy, too.

The tool provides super-specific performance metrics for your organic keywords, letting you monitor their performance over time.

You can view sessions, conversion rates, revenue, and way more for each keyword.

Plus, you’ll be able to see how your landing page performs across a variety of organic queries. (“Weirdly doing great on searches for ‘sourdough bread,’ but I’m not complaining.”)

Keyword Hero is perfect for people still trying to nail their SEO strategy as well as those who want to improve it even further.

You can get as granular as you need for a boost to your search rankings and inform content strategy in your future initiatives. (“Extreme ironing is a content goldmine, folks!”)

You can also see your keywords’ position in search engine results pages (SERPs), getting valuable insights into where your content stands in the crowd.

Where can I see the most common FAQs?
Please check out We answer the most popular questions here and they cover quite a few additional topics.

🌮 How does Keyword Hero able to match organic search terms to sessions?
It’s all about statistics and big data/ machine learning. Here ( you’ll find some more insights into how we do it.

🌮 Can I get data from the past?
Unfortunately not. We rely on too many data sources that are not available retrospectively.

🌮 What does a project include?
At Keyword Hero, a project covers a single Google Analytics property.

If you have more than one domain spread across more than one GA properties then you will need to setup Keyword Hero projects for each GA property separately (and need at least one code for each).

If you have multiple domains or subdomains within a single Google Analytics property then those are covered by that one project.

🌮 Can I switch tracking from one project to another later?
All your projects will live in a single Keyword Hero account where you can manage almost everything. If you want to switch a project from one GA property to another within your Keyword Hero account, we need to do this manually via customer support. Please write us at and we will help you.

🌮 How many codes can I stack per project?
You may stack up to two codes per project — which would cover up to 249,000 organic sessions per month, every month. This lasts for life of the project.

🌮 How many codes can I purchase?
There is no limit on the number of codes you can purchase and in the cart you can buy up to four codes at a time.

🌮 Is Keyword Hero compatible with GA4?
We are currently only compatible with GA’s most popular version of Google Analytics, known as “Universal Analytics.” That said, we plan to support GA4 in the future and are already working on it. Once we have finished the integration you will be able to use Keyword Hero for GA4 for no additional cost.

🌮 What languages does Keyword Hero support?
Keyword Hero works with every language 🙂

We show you that exact keywords in Google Analytics in the same language that the user searches for it.

🌮 Will using Keyword Hero affect my original Google Analytics account?
Keyword Hero doesn’t mess with your original Google Analytics account and instead creates a duplicate version to show you the details about your organic keyword performance.

🌮 When will I get the first data?
You’ll have your first data within 24 hours and it will be uploaded once per day.

Additional FAQs and Updates 🌮

We have a few final things to mention based on feedback from the community.

As always, please let us know if you have any other questions or need further clarification.

🌮 Can I transfer my account to a different project later?
You can do this within if the project is within the the same Keyword Hero account and we need to this via the customer support team. Please email us at and we will facillitate this for you.

Transferring the Keyword Hero account from one project to another will of course have an impact on data for each project (one will stop showing, the other will begin to have data).

I should note that current and past subscription customers of Keyword Hero are not allowed to participate — neither directly nor through third-parties such as agencies. We love our customers but this is meant to be a limited, short-term promotion meant to bring on new customers.

Sumo-lings are also not allowed to sell codes. If you do not intend to use a code it is best that you redeem it within 60 days of purchase with AppSumo.

🌮 When do I need to redeem the AppSumo code to activate the service?
We ask that you redeem the codes within the first 60 days but we will honor the codes for up to 6 months. If you think you will not really use the code then it is better to cancel before 60 days are up.

🌮 I purchased and redeemed AppSumo codes in 2018 for Keyword Hero. Am I allowed to participate in this year’s promotion?

Yes — we will allow this as a big thank you to our first supporters — we do ask for an honest, detailed review if you haven’t done so already.

🌮 Do you have any plans available for agencies?
Unfortunately, not for the 2021 AppSumo promotion.

Awesome! Doing a Happy Dance!

Google Analytics used to be such a great tool. Then Google went ruined it. I pretty much gave up on it long ago as it really didn’t give me the data that I wanted/needed. But then… along comes Keywod Hero and bam! I’m right back in the saddle with Google Analytics! What an awesome tool and I am getting exactly the kind of data that I want to see. Extremely easy to set up and support has been superb! One of very few apps that I will spend the time reviewing. Very happy that AppSumo and Keyword Hero have teamed up. It might just be the best purchase I have made on here. Thank you so much!

You Can See Hidden Data

Keyword Hero has been on my buy list for a couple of years now. I jumped at the chance to buy it when I saw it was available on AppSumo.

I’ve had it installed for since the beginning of the month and it’s been awesome to see those not provided keywords. I still have some not provided keywords but majority of the keywords show.

It’s a great tool to have if you want to grow your website organically. Getting a better understanding of the keywords you’re showing up for will help you improve your content. That’s what I use it.

I would recommend it to anyone who wants to see that data.

Great solution

I have heard of Keyword hero before, but sadly missed it, when it came to AS almost 3 years ago. I’m glad I had the chance to get it this time.

The setup was …well different. You have to grant permission on your Google Analytics account, to allow them to set up a new property. Which then will ne filled with new keywords as time goes by.
In my case it took about 1-2 days to get over 200 new keywords added into the view in the new property.
The additional info per keyword are great and make this one of my best purchases in 2021.
Highly recommended!

Amazing and Unique Tool

This is one of the easiest five taco deals ever. Keyword Hero is indeed heroic in providing amazing information that can be worked together in Google Analytics.

The ability to see keywords helps to show attribution to keywords and help to better connect funnels we work to ensure our marketing campaigns are working to their fullest and most successful capability.

I highly recommend this great Appsumo offering and look forward to continued success with it.

Make Analytics great again

Do you know this SEO trick of using Google Ads to generate a lot of keywords and search ideas? We’d create a search campaign, let it run for a few weeks, and then pick all the keywords from the Search Terms tab.
It is still a very viable way of getting the long tail data – the type of keywords that no Ahrefs, SEMRush or whatever else you’re using, could ever afford to track.
Keyword Hero gives you precisely that type of fine grained, long tail keywords data. But it’s better than the said GAds “trick”.

Using Analytics, it also gives you a customer map that starts from a search query on Google, goes through your website and ends up on the finish line (ie. whatever conversion goals you have implemented). Meaning, you can actually see which keywords make money.
Now you can start to see how it can change the way you evaluate your entire SEO strategy.
The ease of implementation, accuracy and freedom you get have already been mentioned and it’s all true.
After 3 days of tests, came back and stacked additional 5 codes.
F-amazing deal!

Pro tip for users.
you can easily integrate Keyword Hero on your Reportz Dashboard:
– Go to Reportz and select your (or client) dash
– click add module
– select the account with KH and the KH property
– select Custom type
– segment: organic traffic
– dimension: ga:keyword
– and for the metrics, search and select:
– Organic Searches – ga:organicSearches
– Pages / Session – ga:pageviewsPerSession
– Bounce Rate – ga:bounceRate
– Avg. Session Duration – ga:avgSessionDuration
– Goal Completions – ga:goalCompletionsAll

Powerful tool

Okay, I bought this thinking it was one and done setup. It’s not. But wait! It’s so much more than just connect and walk away. The data I’ve been looking to pull from it has been fantastic, and I’m so excited that I did make this purchase. I used to use a few tools to pull the same data, and then pay someone to set up a data-studio link to present it well. No need for that. Keyword Hero has been doing it all from the from the start. It took a few days and a few times to get it right, but well worth my time. I highly recommend this tool.

Definitely useful and great for the price.

I bought keyword hero to use on a client’s account as they are an eComm site and get the majority of their sales via Organic which gives no visibility in Analytics. I have had it running for a few weeks and it is already interesting to see how many of the sales are brand related searches which helps with my reporting to them showing our brand awareness campaigns from other platforms are having an effect. I always found this as an issue in today’s world with people having a multi-device lifestyle (work computer, home laptop and phone) and obviously cookies can’t span across all those unrelated devices so this goes some way to help give a more complete picture of our marketing efforts and the results they are generating.

I will buy a few more licences to use with some other clients but I don’t see this as a must have for every client as it is only worth it if you are actually going to actively look at the results. It creates a new property so if the clients use GA they won’t know where to look so I plan to use it with clients where I have DataStudio set up and will just feed this new data into the dashboard so it looks seamless to them despite the data coming from 2 different property sources.