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Viddyoze is a software that
allows you to create high quality
professional animations for your
training videos, sales videos
or local clients.

If you had previously wanted to
create these kinds of animations
it would have likely cost hundreds
of dollars or you would have
had to use complicated software
like Adobe Aftereffects.

Now you can use Viddyoze.

This software creates:

– Intro Videos
– Outro Videos
– Mockup Videos
– Transition Effects
– Overlay Videos
– Animated Title Videos
– Social videos

It’s easy to use and
you can create these
professional video
‘Add Ons’ within
a few seconds.

Whats NEW In Viddyoze 2.0?

User Interface:

The user interface of
Viddyoze has been improved
to make it even easier to
create your videos.

The new way of creating videos
also includes a lot more
information about the
video and provides
you with more

Over 228 Templates To Choose From:

There are now A LOT more
templates that are available
for you to use.

Viddyoze has added in some
additional types of video
animations as well like
‘Mock Up’ videos.

How you can use Viddyoze 2.0 to make money:

There are a number of ways
you can use this software
to make money.

1. Use in your own videos:

One of the best ways to use
Viddyoze is in your own business.

You can use this in your training
videos, sales videos and any
other videos.

It’s going to help to make all
of your videos look far more
professional which should
improve your chances of
making a sale.

It will also lift your ‘value’
and ‘trust’ because you’ve
got videos that look like
they were expensive to

2: Upwork:

Upwork is the biggest
outsourcing website
on the web.

You can search for ‘video’
jobs on Upwork.

Bid on those jobs and
complete the jobs using
Viddyoze getting paid
between $50 and $150
per video.

3. Fiverr:

Fiverr is a low cost
outsourcing solution
for businesses online.

You can advertise your
video services on Fiverr
and charge between
$5 and $20 per
video you create.

You could also automate the
money you make from Fiverr
by outsourcing the video
creation to an outsourcer
for $3 – 5 per hour.

Right now there is a huge
demand for these kinds of
videos on Fiverr.

4. Local Businesses:

You can get paid for helping
Local Businesses advertise
on YouTube, Facebook or

Use Viddyoze to create
the videos and get paid.

You can also design intro’s
for businesses YouTube
channels or websites.

Drawbacks of the software:

There are two drawbacks of
using this software that
you should be aware of.

#1: The redering time:

The rendering time varies.
My first few videos processed
within 2 – 5 minutes then other
videos of mine didn’t process
for 1 hour.

The rendering time from what I
can see is a bit unpredictable.

#2: No Previews:

When using the software as you
change text and images inside
of your videos there is no
live preview of it happening.

What that means is that you
need to render the video
to actually see what the
video will look like.

This caused an issue in
one of my videos as you’ll
see in my review video.

My Thoughts:

The software fills a need
in this market. Previously
to do what you can do with
Viddyoze you’d need to pay
a video designer or learn
Adobe Aftereffects.

Now you can use Viddyoze to
create professional, high
quality animations.

There are a couple of issues
I found however everything
considered this is a
very impressive software
at a bargain of a price.

Viddyoze has improved their
system considerably from
Viddyoze 1.0 and they’ve
added a ton of great

This one of the best products
I’ve reviewed this year if
not the best.