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Coupon Details

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IdeaPlan Coupon Code Lifetime Deal

Introducing IdeaPlan Coupon Code

If you have ever created a product or service, how many times have customers said…

“It would be cool if it could do THIS…”
“It would be cool if it could do THAT…”
“Oh, can you cover…”

Not to mention, getting contacted from your support desk, skype, Facebook messenger, Discord, Slack, live chat, forum, the list goes on…

How in the world can you properly gather, prioritize and manage all of this feedback?

Are you building software/digital products?

Know which features and enhancements to prioritize.

Are you running a membership?

Know which topics and content your audience wants.

Are you selling a service?

Help improve the results for your clients.

It’s AMAZING the clarity provided to a company when your customers have a voice.

It immediately surfaces your products’ weaknesses and opportunities.
It removes the doubt, validating your product’s roadmap.
It unifies the employees and customers.
It builds a positive culture and environment to thrive.

Now you can easily crowdsource the direction of your business.

Allow your customers to help you!

IdealPlan can help you…

Capture feedback > Make Informed Decisions > Prioritize & Roadmap > Make Announcements