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Fresh Proposals Coupon Code: Click on the button above and the official site would open in a new tab and the coupon would be shown here. Copy the coupon and apply that while making the payment to get Fresh Proposals Lifetime Deal.

Make use of the special Fresh Proposals coupon code above to access discount page and save 83% off your next purchase of Fresh Proposals by Dhan & Fresh Proposals Team.Take note that the special offer above is available for a short time only, and may expire at any time. Simply click the button above to reveal and copy your Fresh Proposals Coupon Discount Code and use it to get your limited-time only deal. Since Fresh Proposals launched for it’s excellent value, one-time pricing

Fresh Proposals Coupon Code

Introducing Fresh Proposals Coupon Code

Fresh Proposals helps you create attractive proposals complete with interactive quotes, e-signatures, and precise analytics.

Fresh Proposals gives you access to professionally designed proposal templates that are completely customizable.

The template library covers a variety of systems and sectors, so you can find one that suits your liking.

From there, add in your own content and customize the format for a perfect fit.

The online drag-and-drop editor makes template customization even easier.

You can add blocks like text, images, fees, signatures, shapes and even videos to make each template your own, then move the blocks anywhere.

Pricing tables let you add fees like fixed, recurring, or unit-quantity to the document, as well as include taxes or discounts.

You’ll also have control over whether the client can add/remove items from the price list. It’s all calculated at the end automatically.
The email wizard helps you organize outbound proposals.

You can use the existing email templates or create your own template for sending along the goods.

Fresh Proposals also includes template options for nudging clients or sending thank you emails with links to download a copy of the accepted proposal.
Thank you for your interest in the Fresh Proposals lifetime deal. We have literally put our heart and soul in building Fresh Proposals software that helps you create stunning proposals and close more business deals.

➡️ Why did I build Fresh Proposals?
It is essentially scratching my own itch.
I have been running another SaaS product venture and sending proposals every month. MS Word would give me uninteresting proposals, creating, changing proposals based on client’s request would suck time, no-response after sending proposal was even more annoying. Frustrated with the current set of tools and few incidents made me build Fresh Proposals. I’ve penned down the reasons & the journey here:

➡️ Why should you use Fresh Proposals?
In my experience, proposal content is important but how it is designed/presented makes a huge difference. Also following up at the most opportune time with right insights gives you unparalleled advantage to win new business. Fresh Proposals helps you do exactly these. If you send proposals, quotes or agreements to your clients/ prospects, this is a steal deal.

These days, you can’t easily meet prospects & understand their intentions or decisions.
Fresh Proposals helps you understand their ‘digital body language’ and keep you on top of your sales funnel.

➡️ How is Fresh Proposals better than other tools?
Three things will make FP better (a). Design Flexibility (b) Proposal Insights (c) Collaboration & Reusability
Fresh Proposals offers solid design capabilities to make stunning proposals, compared to other proposal tools – you can position text, signature, images, videos, shapes anywhere, even above each other, set & preview paragraph styles, page repeaters very easily
Your quote (Fees/ pricing table) in Fresh Proposals can be interactive, it allows different kinds of fees (recurring, fixed, unit qty). Your clients can view/update quantity/select optional items by themselves and see final total values
Section library is a super cool feature. You can move content among proposals, templates and section’s library at a click. Reuse, repurpose your proposal content
Fresh Proposals gives you highly useful proposal analytics and one can leverage it to close deals

➡️ What else can I use Fresh Proposals for?
We have already added a few templates for use cases like Statement of Work (SoW), Agreements / Contracts, Quote, Client Sign-off. Pls check templates list in the app or visit this page

We eat our own dog food. We are already using it for signing contract, employee offer letters, ect.

➡️ Do we have a roadmap?
Yes, we do. Quite a few features, integrations are planned (e.g. Stripe integration is getting ready). The product roadmap is available here You can also add/ vote for feature &

➡️ What is white labelling?
By default, your clients won’t see Fresh Proposals logo on your proposal page. You can set your own domain URL (using CNAME record) and also set email whitelisting such that emails received by your clients will be seen as if sent from your domain.

➡️ What is email whitelisting?
Few competing products don’t allow you to send email from your own domain or you can’t even send proposal email. Email whitelisting in Fresh Proposals allows you to send proposal related emails (Intro, Reminder and Thank you with proposal + signature certificate) from your own domain (and not from Not only does it make your clients open emails sent by you; it also improves email deliverability.

➡️ What happens when a client signs my proposal?
When a client signs and accepts your proposal, you will be notified about it. Clients will also receive automated email (using email template in your account) with a link to download signed proposal PDF.

Signature Certificate
eSigned PDF contains a signature certificate with audit trail (when was the proposal sent, opened, which ip address). The PDF has an audit trail of document update, signatory information that makes it a legally binding document.

➡️ I don’t see a template for my industry?
We will be adding more templates to the list. You can see the list of proposal templates we have identified and marked those as Upcoming. Don’t worry, even now you can pick any template that you like, from the library, all are 100% customizable. You can change it as you feel like.

➡️ What about integrations? Which CRM tools, accounting will you integrate?
Currently Fresh Proposals integrate with Zapier, Unsplash. We have been working on Stripe integration. It should be available next month.

We will be integrating with popular CRM on AppSumo (e.g. SalesFlare) and other categories of tools such as accounting (e.g. Quickbook, Xero), Collaboration (e.g. Slack), project management (e.g. Basecamp). You can help us review & prioritize these integrations. Do upvote your choice of integration on our product roadmap (

➡️ How does Fresh Proposals compare with Better Proposals & other tools
Since there were quite a few questions about comparison with Better Proposals and, I have already answered most of the questions but have written a post comparing Fresh Proposals with Better Proposals

Blown Away By Their Customer Service~

I’ve been using another proposal SAAS for a couple years and have gotten very comfortable with it but was never happy with the Print or PDF Vesions that platform put out. So I thought I’d give Fresh a try. Out of the gate, Fres Proposals (FP) takes a lot more fiddling to set up but the documents it produces, once set, look gorgeous and are easy to reproduce over and over. In the course “playing” with the software, I made several feature requests, several of which have already been implemented, the rest of which have been scheduled. I also found several little bugs, everyone of which was addressed and fixed in a matter of hours. I’ve had so much interaction with team at FP, it feels like I’m talking to friends. Their responsiveness has been unbelievable.
The biggest challenge I have had with the software is the web editor. It’s very heavy and drawing tremendous resources – literally grinding the interface to a grinding halt. I wrote to my new friends at FP asking if they had plans to do something about it and they came back almost immediately, they they had identified the issue with the 3rd party editor they were using, basically saying that they are working with their vendor to fix it, but if they dont, they themselves will invest in fixing the code. Based on my interactions with them during my trial, I believe them and bought a couple of codes. Fresh Proposals Coupon Code puts out very professional looking documents and I can see using it quite happily for the rest of my career.