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Flixier Coupon Code 2020 > Lifetime Access 61% Off Promo Deal

Introducing Flixier Coupon Code

Built with long format videos in mind, Flixier allows you to edit and publish videos of any length from a variety of sources, including your smartphone and camera.

The best part is, you don’t need an expensive computer setup to use it.

By processing videos on the cloud, Flixier Coupon Discount Code enables you to run the platform smoothly on any device—from Chromebooks and lower-powered computers to MacBooks and powerful desktop PCs.

Flixier boasts a powerful yet easy-to-use editing interface, enabling you to create professional videos from any device.
Flixier’s straightforward interface allows you to edit like a pro, with advanced features like a timeline, color adjustments, green screen, picture in picture, and video speed.

You can also edit horizontal, vertical, or square videos, optimizing your projects for different publishing channels.

Want to pump up the personalization? Record audio from your microphone or webcam to add narration or voice over to your video projects.

With Flixier, personalizing your brand or educational videos has never been easier.

Choose from a variety of transitions, motion graphics, and animated text—all included in the Flixier library.

The Flixier library also contains over 2 million built-in music, video, and image stock files that you can add to your videos in just a few clicks.

All you need to do is drag and drop them into your video canvas and edit until you’re satisfied.

One of the most challenging aspects of video creation is collaborating with your team and clients to receive and implement feedback.

Flixier offers simple collaboration Google Docs style, allowing you to share projects and files instantly and keep them updated and in sync.

Just send a link and use the collaboration feature to get real-time feedback on your videos directly in Flixier.

Your clients, coworkers, and other collaborators can leave feedback at specific times during the video, so you can pinpoint where and when you need to make changes.

Video export times can run hours and even days, wasting a whole lot of your time. (I swear that progress bar went backwards…)

With Flixier’s cloud-powered platform, your videos will be ready to download in under 3 minutes, even if they’re an hour long.

You can also publish to different places like YouTube, Vimeo, Google Drive, or Dropbox in a matter of seconds—all at the same time with a click of a button.

When you rank your favorite activities, waiting for videos to process is up there with standing in line at the DMV and scrubbing your bathtub.

Flixier is your video editing fairy godmother, with blazingly fast export speeds, easy collaboration, and a cloud-powered solution that lets you edit video right on any device.

It’s time to transform your video workflow into something magical.

From Flixier Creator

We started building Flixier exactly two years ago with the main purpose of helping you create video with no barriers. No barriers on waiting time and no barriers on the hardware you need.

Our team has spent a ton of time building rendering systems, collaboration systems tweaking UI and adding crazy cool features which we think you’ll love.

But, enough with the tech talk.

We think Flixier is perfect for anyone that wants to grow a YouTube channel, improve a blog, create marketing or sales videos or for anything else really so we can’t wait for you to use it.

If you need help you can check our:
Help Center here: https://help.flixier.com/en/ , visit our
YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC1aMx1L3zLn9rnOMQwCeqDA
Or just reach out in the in-app chat system. We aim to respond ASAP but sometimes it might take a couple of hours.

What does Cloud storage and Export time means?

Export time means the accumulated time you can export each month. We set this limit because we process this on super-fast computers and you can enjoy publishing a 1 hour video in 3-5 minutes even on a Chromebook.

Quick example for export time: 5 Hours of Export time means: either 5 videos of 1 hour in length or 300 videos that are 1 minute long. OR any other combination. If you publish on different platforms at the same time we only count this once.

Also important to note is that you only need to export one time when the video is considered done because you can share review links where people can comment and offer feedback in real-time.

Storage is occupied by the files you need to create a video and you can re-use them in multiple projects. Also, exported videos don’t count in your storage space.

I really hope this clears up some of your questions. Feel free to reach out in case there still is something unclear.


Hello again Sumo-lings!
First of all thank you so much everyone for your support, feedback and commitment. We really spent the past day going through all your comments and we were taken aback for all the love of our product – we are so excited that we want to push this wave even more by doubling the limits on storage & publish time to 5 hours – all we ask is for you to let everyone know about us and share your experience! Enjoy 🙂
(This applies to codes already purchased and redeemed too)

Roadmap 😀 https://trello.com/b/WF5LpxXI/flixier-product-roadmap

Real User Review

Awesome deal, missing a few major features

I’m gonna jump right into pros and cons:

>Super fast, as advertised, no bugs that i can find and i even have slow internet.
>Clean, intuitive UI without too many bells and whistles, except for…(see cons below)
>Cloud storage of raw media. I know people are complaining but that’s actually quite a bit of space, for lifetime storage? Seems good to me.
>Screencasting, webcam, and audio capture, right inside the tool. This is a game changer for video collaboration projects. Think about it. This alone is huge. Everybody adds their part, right inside the tool, then you just edit and publish!
>seamless importing (it took like 10 seconds to import a 10 minute video from youtube and there it was, ready to edit! WOW! So for this reason alone–easy clean up and editing of your existing youtube videos–this deal is worth the money.

>Fonts. There are only like 7 fonts. This renders the tool almost useless unless you create separate titles in another program and import them as transparent images etc etc. However they say they are adding google fonts within 2 weeks so ok. Still, the titles tool is weak, at best, and needs radical improvements. Hopefully this is in the works.
>No default branding options. Major bummer because you have to set colors in every transition.
>Animation Overkill? The left menu, in an otherwise streamlined interface, has 4 buttons that really just need to be all grouped under “extra stuff that you aren’t going to use much”. Ok the transitions are cool, and with customizeable colors, great! But the subscribe button animation isn’t clickable, and neither are any of the “follow me” social media animations. And the animated titles are all in the same font, which, unless your brand title font is Verdana or whatever, makes them useless. So for me, and my use cases, it’s just so much junk on the left that I would rather have not visible so I can see my media instead.
>No option to add clickable elements. I think that a 2020 LTD for a video editor would for sure need to include the option to add a CTA, at the very least, to the video. Add social media follow and share buttons and this becomes a tool we can’t live without!
>Speaking of which, I am not finding any social media integrations at all, and this tool would be massively more valuable if I could also publish to facebook, insta, Linkedin, and youtube all at the same time. Right?

All of that being said, I grabbed 3 codes, because I want to load in a bunch of media and start crashing around with it to see if I find any bugs, and in good faith that they are working to build, improve, and adjust, according to our feedback here.

Also giving it 5 tacos because the vision is awesome, it solves some real pain points that I think a lot of us can relate to, and because again, that UI is just so freakin smooth!

How does this compare to Screenflow? Well, as you know, Screenflow is packed with features but buggy as heck. Compare with InVideo? WAY smoother.

Slickest UI! Great Deal! 5 Tacos!


Wow the UI is real easy to use! I dibled and dabbled in video editing for spamming Youtube but with this tool I can really make real videos!

Not to mention video ads!

Very impressive!

Stacking this one for sure!

Excellent choice!

I love this video editor because:
1-No need to install . available in PC with web browser.
2-You can record Videos, Microphone, Screen (I love the possibility to download recorded videos)
2-Cloud apps integrations (Onedrive, Google Drive, Youtube,Soundcloud…)
3-Collaboration with team
4-Very easy to use
I just want to suggest a new idea for the lack of storage here. Please integrate this cloud provider: Universe from : https://rethink.software. This is a “multicloud” provider. you can store files with the cloud provider you want, plus they will allow and encourage integration of their app!

Flixier Coupon Code is a cloud-powered video editor that makes it easy to collaborate on projects and export videos in minutes.