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Deskera Coupon Code: Click on the button above and the official site would open in a new tab and the coupon would be shown here. Copy the coupon and apply that while making the payment to get Deskera Lifetime Deal.

Make use of the special Deskera coupon code above to access discount page and save 88% off your next purchase of Deskera by Shashank & Deskera Team .Take note that the special offer above is available for a short time only, and may expire at any time. Simply click the button above to reveal and copy your Deskera Coupon Discount Code and use it to get your limited-time only deal. Since Deskera launched for it’s excellent value, one-time pricing

Deskera Coupon Code

Introducing Deskera Coupon Code

Deskera is a full-featured platform that lets you manage accounting, payroll, invoicing, email campaigns, CRM, and more.

From the get-go, the dashboard is where it all comes together, giving you a real-time view of your business.

You can view invoices, receivables, bank balances, and tax calculation, plus check how your sales team is performing and how much revenue they’re raking in.

There’s even space to see salary liability, employee attendance, and claims/reimbursements.

Deskera has it all front and center, with a 2020 Webby Award Honoree-winning mobile app that handles every desktop feature with ease.

Deskera makes it super simple to manage multiple businesses with the Books module.

All you need to do is catalog receipts, invoices, payments, and product sales, while Deskera takes care of compliance and reporting behind the scenes.

You can also create and send invoices in no time via your phone or laptop, using an included template from the app or customizing your own.

Convert your quotes into invoices with a single click, then auto-include Stripe payment links to get paid right away.

The online CRM lets you manage sales and support processes with no hassle.

Keep track of your leads gathered from marketing campaigns, then give customers the support they need after converting with the help desk feature.

You can also customize and configure your own sales pipeline to make sure all your deals are effectively moving towards closure.

Deskera even lets you connect your existing apps via Zapier or other APIs, or build your own apps with the included dev kit.

When it comes to email marketing campaigns, Deskera has you covered.

You can import email lists or create a new one using existing contacts in the CRM, and then make attractive emails from one of Deskera’s templates to send out ASAP.

Schedule campaign launches and track your stats with detailed analytics, including open rates and click-through parameters.

You’ll be ready to generate leads, share updates, and dazzle the audience with that shining wit of yours. (We recommend Anchorman references.)

Deskera also helps you process payroll in no time, with options to set up the pay schedule or reuse pay runs from previous periods.

You’ll also get electronic pay stubs and detailed payroll reports, and the tool automatically accounts for unpaid leave and reimbursements, too.

Plus, you can quickly configure leave policies, then let employees apply for leave digitally via desktop or mobile — keep track of the leave balance and leave calendar anytime.

Reimbursements are as easy as scanning receipts with your phone camera and filing the online claim.

From there, you can check individual or company-wide expense reports for pristine bookkeeping.

*What is Deskera?**

Currently, small business is largely overlooked in North America. (Not cool, guys.)

Enterprise companies have their all-in-one solutions: NetSuite or SAP. But if you can’t afford these super pricey solutions, the alternative is a fragmented ecosystem of MANY different SaaS subscriptions that add up real quick: one tool for accounting, another for CRM, more for payroll, inventory, helpdesk, email marketing, etc.

Deskera gives you everything you need to run your business—right out of the box.

-Convert estimates into invoices in a click
-Import your data from Excel, Quickbooks, or Xero
-Add your accountant for free
-Manage inventory: pick-pack-ship, dropshipping, backorders
-Add custom data entry fields to build the reports you need
-Get a real-time overview of cash flow, expenses, tax reports, and more

-Build and customize sales pipelines
-Manage team activity from the real-time dashboard
-View contact information, notes, communication history, open and closed deals, and more
-Send beautiful email marketing campaigns to segmented lists
-Build an intuitive helpdesk where customers can find the answers they need

-Run unlimited payroll for employees on different pay models and schedules
-Employees can view payslips, W-2’s, apply for vacation, submit claims/expenses
-Get your W-2, W-4, 1099 from the HRIS system
-Scan receipts to automatically upload as expenses from your mobile phone

Q: Which features are you holding back for the lifetime deal?
A: None. We’re banking on Sumolings using it, getting excited and spreading the word.

Q: What’s the difference between Deskera and Quickbooks?
A: The long version –
The TL;DR is QB is the established brand but it’s a bit expensive and narrowly focused compared to Deskera’s Accounting, Inventory, Invoicing, HR, CRM all-in-one. We interviewed and tested with a lot of accountants and bookkeepers too and solved a bunch of their QB headaches.

Q: How many companies per code?
A: 1 code = 1 power user per company. With a single sign on you can manage multiple companies but you’ll need to pay for each power user.

Q: What’s a “power user”?
A: Power users are like admin. They can add/edit/delete other users, approving leaves, approving expenses, accessing financial reports. Free users have more limited access.

Q: How many power users should I buy for my business?
A: It depends on how many people need admin authority to approve things like payments and grant access to financial reports e.g. A CEO, CFO may be sufficient with just 2. The sales people, an admin assistant, bookkeeper etc. all enjoying sufficient access with their free account.

Q: Any other places to discuss Deskera?
A: Please find us on Discord –

Go, go, go for the new era that is Deskera 😉

I was looking for an ERP for my new agency, a few days back I landed to Deskera during my ERP search and I wished that I’ll grab if Deskera comes in LTD and just after a few days this deal arrived. I bought it without any second thought on the day it arrived. I’m using Deskera for last 10 days, and I’m still learning and trying to explore the functions that Deskera provides. Based on what all I have already explored; I’m sharing my personal experience with Deskera to help other Sumolings to make a wise purchase decision.

1. Pricing!! Most of us think it is costlier than the other deals, but the fact is it is not. This ERP has a deadly combination of most ERP pillars CRM, BOOKS and PAYROLL modules that too for one hundred employees at $149 for a lifetime.
2. It will significantly not only reduce administrative and operating costs but also improve overall productivity.
3. Not only web app has Good UX and UI but also it has one of the finest Mobile App I’ve ever used in a Lifetime Deal and ERP; it makes your ERP available anytime anywhere right into your pocket.
4. You can manage shops, vendors, supply, sales, payroll, accounting everything from one Deskera.
5. Fully Goods and Services Tax compliant along with all major banks support. (India)
6. Deskera provides user-defined reports, intuitive charts and graphs and customizable alerts to monitor system changes.
7. Customer service, they are responsive and profoundly serious about the product.

1. As it is a full-fledged ERP, So the learning curve for advanced features is steep.
2. I wish it had a project management tool, right now for that specific reason we have to use another product.
3. Deskera is something that can become a crucial part of any organization in no time IMHO having two-factor authentication will lead to better reliability and worry-free experience.
4. As of now, no custom branding option using CNAME.
5. Only one power user for one code is something I found the very limiting factor of this deal.

I’m happy with my purchase. Go, go for Deskera if you do are using multiple products for all your business needs. It’s going to be one of the best investments for your team and business needs, you will get everything such as accounting, sales, CRM, payroll, etc not only under the one roof but also in your pocket in just $149.

Entrepreneurs Dream on LTD, big savior

I was very sceptical when I see the price at $149 but it’s a game-changer.

For testing needs bought a code and start digging into each module and submodule, felt it’s no way a small product. I am a perfex CRM user, I found Deskera is well built and covers many features than a unique PerfexCRM.

I would rate Dekser Books 9/10, People 8/10 & CRM 6/10, but after seen their work on Books Module developing missing features in CRM is a piece of cake for them but they just need time. If you explore Books module it’s no way lesser than QuickBooks with Tax Compliance.

Bought in good faith

I’m based in AU and read that an AU version is coming ‘real soon now’. If it happens, this has to be the Appsumo ‘bargain of a lifetime’.

I currently subscribe to ZOHO One with an annual subscription cost of more than twice what I just paid here. Sure… ZOHO One offers more apps but since I don’t use most of them, they have no value.

The right solution for easy invoicing and inventory keeping!

On the face of it, it looked like one of the most expensive products in app sumo but I still bought it as I had tried their mobile app. now that I have spent some time on the product I can say it’s actually well worth it. The book keeping invoicing and inventory is one of the better ones I have seen till date … crm is not the best you can get but I have taken it as a value add on what I am getting so pretty decent

Inventory management was my key need as I am not too excited about the inventory solutions I have used so far even if it is from some really big brands …so with deskera I can obviously track stock and inventory along with the Warehouse locations. We were able to define product attributes like Color, Size, Brand, etc, as per our segment’s need. Track Reorder Levels, Serials & Batches for your SKUs.

I could also add product images and barcodes to quickly scan the products in Transactions and generate invoices & orders.

Looks like it is pretty easy to maintain multiple warehouses and get instant reports on Stock Levels in each of the Warehouses, which is also accessible via their Mobile App.

The fact that Deskera Coupon Code has a strong history gives me a lot of confidence. Add the roadmap and I think you’d be crazy not to risk at least one code.