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Adplify Coupon Code: Click on the button above and the official site would open in a new tab and the coupon would be shown here. Copy the coupon and apply that while making the payment to get Adplify.

Make use of the special Adplify coupon code above to access discount page and save 82% off your next purchase of Adplify by Cyril Gupta [Teknikforce]. Take note that the special offer above is available for a short time only, and may expire at any time. Simply click the button above to reveal and copy your Adplify Coupon Discount Code and use it to get your limited-time only deal. Since Adplify launched for it’s excellent value, one-time pricing

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Introducing Adplify Coupon Code

Help Business With Traffic & Get Paid
7 Powerful Tools In One Traffic Suite

Pagewatcher: Track Ads For Their Competition
Live-track the ads from the pages of all your competitors, gurus or anyone else. You’ll be notified every time they release an ad.

Know what your competition or favorite marketer is up to and stay ahead of the trends.

Not another ad library filled with irrelevant and old ads. The Pagewatcher gives you the latest info always.

Hidden Audience Finder: Find Hidden Audiences For Their Niches
There are tens of thousands of audiences that are not shown in the audience finder of Facebook’s Ad Manager.

The hidden audience finder lets you exploit these audiences, ripe for you to run your ads and profit from.

Get cheaper clicks, better conversions and customers that aren’t targeted to death already.

Behavioral Retargeter: Implement Behavioral Retargeting For Them
Facebook retargeting works, but you can boost your conversions 300% if you use Behavioral retargeting.

AdPlify brings you supercharged retargeting that lets you reach out specifically to highly engaged customers.

Find & target your super-customers. People who will buy faster and more.

Page Targeter: Get Market Intelligence & Audiences From Competitor Pages
Ready to benefit from the hard work done by your competitors?

The Page-targeter lets you discover hidden audiences owned by the massive pages in your niche. Just take their audience and their customers!

Power your sales with the hard-work done by your competition.

Email-List To Audience: Continuous Retargeting For Their Lists
Imagine how many more sales would you make if as soon as a lead signed up to your list on your autoresponder, he was also retargeted on Facebook?

Strike the iron while it is hot.

No need to tediously export autoresponder lists and import them into Facebook. It happens continuously and automatically.

Target your customers on multiple platforms and make them convert faster.

Ad Decorator: Make Their Ads Pop Out in The Overcrowded Feed
Have you seen how some Facebook ads use emojis and really pop out?

AdPlify’s ad decorator lets you create highly noticeable ads in minutes. Click-Click, done!

Make your ads pop out and grab your customer’s attention every time.

RoI Calculator: Scale their ads intelligently & profitably
AI based RoI calculator helps you understand how much money you will make from your spend without having to actually spend it.

This easy to use Calculator will help you calibrate your ad spend to generate the maximum RoI (Return on Investment)

Turn a better profit from every dollar you spend on Facebook.

Instantly engage every sign-up on Facebook and supercharge conversions.
Improve retention, boost engagement and get lost customers to buy from you.
Promote your funnel upsells, offers and make extra profits per customer
Connects with all market leading autoresponders.
Run special offers, time limited promotions and discount codes to fresh list signups.
Follow a customer around and reach her whether it is his mailbox or Facebook.
Get cheaper clicks thanks to your internal audience and save money.
100% Automated. Just connect and forget.

Right now the biggest problem for our marketer is generating quality traffic that converts. People who come to the website and actually make a purchase.

Our customers spend hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars trying to make Facebook advertising to work, only to find that they just can’t.

Well, what if there was an easy way to avoid all of that?

The good news is.

Now there is.

It’s called Adplify. It saves you thousands of dollars in advertising expenses and weeks of time.

Adplify is the ultimate toolset for Internet marketers that has everything they need to finally make Facebook ads profitable no matter what niche they are in.

7 Powerful Tools, In One ULTIMATE Traffic Toolkit

1. Track Ads For Anyone
Track the ads of anyone you want and be notified when they release a new ad. Always know what your competition or favorite Guru is going with his ads.

2. Find Infinite Audiences
Discover ads and audiences that you won’t find in the Facebook ads manager. Show your ads to audiences that yield high RoI because your competitor isn’t smothering them with ads.

3. Build A Perfect Audience
Laser-target your laser-targeted audience with behavioral targeting. Always show your ads to the ideal customer and get high returns.

4. Turn Boring Ads Into Eye-catching Ads
You’re fighting with 2,000 other advertisers to get your customer’s attention. Deal them a knock-down by creating stunning ads that steal away all your customer’s attention.

5. Auto-Build Your Retargeting
Target your lead instantly from the moment they sign up by putting them directly into your audience. Get them to buy when the iron is still hot.

6. Discover Perfect Page Audiences
Pages owners build perfect audiences over years. Now use their hard work to run perfectly targeted ads.

7. Calculate Your RoI Before Ads
Start your advertising with your plan in place. The RoI tool tells you how much money you can expect to make from your Facebook ads.

And the best part is AdPlify Opens Up Multiple Profit Opportunities For You To Tap Today

★ Help Other Businesses & Book Your Profits.
★ Bring competition ad research using Page-Ad Watcher to local businesses & get paid.
★ Use the Insight Explorer to give businesses access to ‘Hidden audiences’ that can get them more sales.
★ Get paid for market research & finding page audiences for any local using the Page Targeter.
★ Supercharge the retargeting for others using Behavioral Retargeting & claim your profits.
★ Help businesses make more sales from their Lists using Email-list to Audience & take a share.
★ Turn boring ads into killer content driving more sales and charge for it.
★ Use the RoI Calculator to project ad-spend vs. profits & take a consultation fee.

For Ads, you can find the
hidden FB interests that no one
else are running

2) You can Spy and see exactly
what kind of ads/posts are getting
viral, getting tons of engagement
and then create similar creatives
for your campaigns with Adplify.

Not just that – Adplify coupon code comes with
Commercial and Agency License,
so you can help pandemic striken
local businesses and charge
any price.