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Competeup Coupon Code

Introducing Of Competeup Coupon Code

Local Businesses Are Going NUTS
Over This Technology
Break Through App Creates “Simple Viral Contests That Build Subscribers Lists For You And Your Customers”

High converting contest page gets upwards of 83% of your visitors to optin
​Automatically link to your favorite autoresponder to build a HUGE LIST!
​Excite your members by running a HUGE contest with prizes (points or entries)
​Run an instant rewards contest where EVERYBODY WINS! (they all unlock rewards)
One-click point set to determine when your badge is issued
​The first contest app with gamification (points, badges and rewards)
Very simple intuitive prize gallery that is displayed inside of the app
​Players will now see a beautiful built in rewards gallery

With this type of contest EVERYBODY WINS! Think about the last time you went to the mall or the fair, and they were giving away a NEW CAR! Right away you got excited however, as you walked over to the entry box the sudden realization hit you…

“There’s NO WAY I can win this… The odds have to be 10,000 to 1.

Well that’s how your players react to contests where the only way to win is by luck of the draw.

You still want to have those BIG CONTESTS because it catches the players attention right away, but we need to make sure that EVERYBODY WINS!


Win – For – The – Player!

They are unlocking instant rewards for going out there and telling the world about your contest. They’re going to have a BLAST doing it because they get to use social media sites to bank the points…

Then they are issued the badge

Then they INSTANTLY RECEIVE the reward!
Here Are Examples Of Some Of The INSTANT REWARDS You Can Give Away
These Are Rewards That Don’t Cost You A Lot Of Money,
But They Have A Perceived Value To Them)
​Case Studies
The First Ever Contest App That Ties In
Real Gamification With Points, Badges and Rewards!

PLR Material Is Perfect For Instant Rewards!
These are rewards that are INSTANTLY ISSUED to the player once they have unlocked that badge. The cool thing is, they are NOT just receiving a badge, there is an actual reward that is tied to that badge as well

There Are 2 Types Of Contests
That You Can Run Inside This Contest
#1 Entry Contest – This is the draw out of the hat. You determine how many points are needed to equal an entry in the contest. The software will then choose the winner for you! There is NOTHING you need to do! The winners are chosen and notified automatically!

#2 Most Points – This contest is VERY EASY to setup. The players that have the most points will win the prizes that you have setup inside Competeup

Here’s An Example Of Prizes That Are Given Away
(Since You’re Only Giving Away 1 Of Each, You Want These
To Be Higher Quality Then The Instant Rewards)
Cash Prizes
Live event tickets
​Gift Cards
Coaching Calls
​Anything Physical
We Have Given Away TV’s, Video Studios, Cameras…
Anything That Makes Them Have Some FIGHT IN THE GAME!

And Remember If You Use BOTH CONTESTS!
They’re Going To Want To FIGHT TO WIN But Even When They Don’t,
EVERYBODY WINS With The Instant Rewards.
But The Big Winner is YOU!
The First Ever Contest App That Ties In
Real Gamification With Points, Badges and Rewards!

Contest Signup Through
Special Link
The player is given a special tracking link that they can share with all their friends, family and colleagues. They can share this link EVERYWHERE. When another player signs up for the contest, they earn points in the system.

Web URL Entries
When a prospect visits pages you setup in the system, the person who brought them in the contest will receive points for those visits.

Twitter Entries
Points can be used when a prospect sends out a tweet, does a retweet, posts a hashtag, or gives you a follow on twitter.

YouTube Entries
If you want to use YouTube, you can set it up so that points are issued when prospect watches a video, submits a video or subscribes to a channel.

Pinterest Entries
Points can be used when a prospect follows your channel on Pinterest of pins an image to your Pinterest channel.

Custom Entries
If there is a special entry that you want to create you’re able to specify that inside the campaign, as well as the ability to create a custom tab and icon just for that entry.

Bonus Entry
You’re able to give a bonus # of points when the user reaches a certain level of points. This is just an extra incentive to help them unlock your prizes and be excited with your contests.