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Classtra Coupon Code: Click on the button above and the official site would open in a new tab and the coupon would be shown here. Copy the coupon and apply that while making the payment to get Classtra Lifetime Deal.

Make use of the special Classtra coupon code above to access discount page and save 96% off your next purchase of Classtra by Ahmed & Classtra Team .Take note that the special offer above is available for a short time only, and may expire at any time. Simply click the button above to reveal and copy your Classtra Coupon Discount Code and use it to get your limited-time only deal. Since Classtra launched for it’s excellent value, one-time pricing

Classtra Coupon Code

Introducing Classtra Coupon Code

Classtra has all the tools you need to manage in-person, hybrid, or virtual learning experiences in one single platform.

Classtra is ready to integrate with your current site in a matter of minutes.

You’ll be able to engage your online audience with built-in conferencing software.

Create recordings, presentations, polls, chats, external video playing synchronized to live participants, and more.

And you can do it all without additional software or added stress.

Fact: 70% of Classtra customers register through mobile.

Good thing the registration process is optimized, making it easy for users to enroll in courses and pay on their mobile devices.

With different payment options, you can create memberships, installments, sibling discounts, bundles or packages, and refunds (no more awkward Venmo comments).

Enjoy a responsive mobile design for easy registration and payment.
Got a gaggle of instructors? Easily manage each instructor, and their courses, through Classtra’s dashboard.

Add instructors and team members to the management dashboard and assign different permissions for each member.

During or after the course, instructors can collect feedback to improve the interactive learning experience.

You can even create custom registration forms for specific genders or age groups.

Or create your own criteria when designing a class (Are you a Portuguese-speaking hula-hooper? Perfect.)

Classtra also makes it easy to track the progress of registration forms and follow up on students when they don’t complete their registration.

When your virtual class is about to start, notify students by SMS text and email with a link to join.

The state-of-the-art video player allows you to stream the class or send a pre-recorded class later on.

You’ll be able to create recipient lists through SMS and email, so everyone stays on the same page.

With lesson planning and grading, managing a course is enough work as it is.

Why add more stress by managing multiple platforms on top of it? (Ain’t nobody got time for that.)

Classtra is the all-in-one-platform that makes running your own course a no-brainer.

What is Classtra?
Class + Extra = Classtra. It is a tool to hopefully take the pain away from creating live courses. That way instructors can really focus on what matters and forget about the daily tech problems.

*** Why Classtra?
Classtra is the best tool to offer integrated platform for all the tools to effectively create and manage live courses. We focus on interactive live classes as we believe in interactive education.

*** Who is Classtra for?
If you teach live remote classes regularly, Classtra is your best friend. We’ve seen weekend schools, cooking studios, mastermind groups and many others make use of Classtra.

*** Note-able features:
1. Live recording built in.
2. Integrated SMS & email engine to communicate with students for announcements.
3. Manage staff permissions & roles.
4. Payments & refunds
5. Unlimited file sharing.

*** What to expect in the future?
– Desktop & mobile applications (very soon)
– Subdomains ( & CNAME customization
– Reviews and feedback for instructors
– Quizes
– More

There will be no 2% overage charge. ======
Zero, zilch, nada! That oughta make this easier for everyone :).
(Please allow some time for the deal terms above to be updated)

Now to answer some of the most frequent questions:

** The limit on videos (pre-recorded) is too small. Why not increase it?
We are trying to address the segment of live, interactive learning. The pre-recorded video feature is meant as a supplementary feature for interactive live learning. Also, there are already incredible products that exclusively serve this field.

** Can I use my own payment gateway?
Right now we offer Classtra’s native payment processing solution. We are however prioritizing bring Stripe and PayPal integrations in September.

** What is the limit on active students?
None. There is no limit on active students. The limits are only to how many total students you can have joining your classes at any given time. Say you have a 1000 students, there’s 20 classes and each class has 50 students. Then you can safely buy one code.

** How many students can join a live session in one single classroom at the same time.
Up to 75. But please note that you can also stream your conference live via youtube so that any number of students can watch and chat as needed.

** What is the limit on how long a conference can be?
None. Be in the live conference for as long as you need.

** What white-labeling do you offer?
Currently you can have a hosted page. Similar to this: . But you can also copy a script to embed a single class in your website. The CNAME integration is coming very soon.

What is the difference between a active student and a live participant?
An active student is a student who enrolls in any class, or consumes your content in any given month. A live participant is someone (normally a student) who joins a live session.

=== The limit on live participants is too small?
Please note this is the limit on *simultaneous* participants. Meaning if you have 1 code, you can have all of your 50 live participants attend all of your live sessions. As long as no single session (or number of sessions at the same time) exceed the allocated live participant limit, you are good to go.

=== Please give us an idea of what’s next on your roadmap:
☝️ this is a link to our public roadmap. It contains only some of the features that we are working on. Please help us by voting on what you want us to prioritize next. It does not include deadlines for now, but anything that makes it to development is something that we are working as hard as we can to get it out fast.

Updated Review

This product is amazing. It is like having 5 different platforms in one.
1. Online School 2. eMail Marketing 3. SMS service, 4.Live feed to YouTube ( this alone is worth the price) 5. Record and Store On Demand Content files such as –Video, Audio, PDF, .PSD and more.

It is easy to set up the class. I had a challenge finding the button to start a new class, but once I found it, setting up the class was easy. It is hidden in the top right under the 3 dots.

– You can create promo codes for each class whether it be in percentage or amount.
– You can apply this promo code to all classes or only certain classes.
– You can apply a usage limit and you can also put an expiration date on the promotion code.
– You can upload different file types to each class.
– You can upload video (up to 6 hours)
– You can also upload several types of files. I uploaded a .zip, .psd and a .mp3 without any challenges.
– You can even send an alert to all students that are enrolled in your course you are going live so they can tune in.
– You can also connect with all your enrolled students by sending them a personal email. *** This is like having an email list. ***
– You can connect with your students by sending them an sms. This even works with international numbers, which is a blessing.
– You can also do a live session for your class by clicking the join live session button.
(This is a cool feature. It can get some new material out to your students that is not actually in your course.)
– The cool thing about doing a live session is you can record the session and it will automatically upload for on demand access. *** This is Rockin….***
– Another cool feature about the videos is the students have the option to playback the video at different speeds such as 0.5, 0.75, Normal, 1.25, 1.5, 1.75, 2x or even 4x speed.

– When embedding your class onto your website there is a footer that says in collaboration with Classtra.
(I would expect this from a free version and not a paid version)

– When you are in live mode, there is a watermark in the upper left-hand corner. It would be nice to have that white labeled. ( I would also expect this on a free version of the software, not a paid version)

– When streaming a YouTube video, you can see your instructor controls on the screen such as, Mute/Unmute Mic, End Call and Start/Stop Camera.

– The video playback quality is ok but could be a little better.

– When you share your screen in live feed to YouTube, your shared screen doesn’t fill up the entire screen.

If you are a coach, teacher, niche instructor, or you want to make your classes or content available online for free or paid, then this is a great platform to do that.

You can also build an email list with this platform.

This is definitely a 5 taco deal…

Looks promising, but very pre-beta

Classtra feels very alpha now, but that tells me this service will be stellar if ever reaching a 1.0 feel.

Maybe I’m biased because I’m a teacher and trainer, so I’m using tools like this all the time. Zoom, GoToMeeting, LiveWebinar (which I stacked a mile high here on AppSumo) and various LMS platforms… from universities to online ones. Classtra is NOT an alternative to Teachable, Thinkific, Kajabi, and the others, nor to Blackboard, Moodle, etc. It’s an alternative to hooking LiveWebinar or BigMarker into HeySummit (which a lot of us do). So why use Classtra at all? Well, it is an appealing alternative if your primary usecase is offering live courses instead of summit or conference style events (even though you can actually make do with either). Classtra is Class-first, not Conference-first.

Unlike HeySummit, the web meeting capability is baked right in and reminds me a lot of Jitsi (what SquidHub uses in their collaboration LTD for live meetings)… but unless you’re really technical about web meeting software. For those less pedantic about meeting software, comparing it to Zoom or WebEx in the browser will do just fine.

I did have a problem with camera and mic permissions. In Microsoft Edge (Chromium based version) Classtra kept telling me I needed to authorize them even though I had… it blocked me from getting into the classroom. I deleted my saved authorizations and re-authorized, and this has worked so far. Chrome itself was even worse… wouldn’t work at all for some reason. Seems spotty and unfinished.
If I keep typing, this will become a book, so let me just get straight to what you want to see in my review:

👍Organized around classes like an LMS but with a course marketplace… excellent minimalist scheduling tool that gets detailed results. It was built to schedule a course, not to be super pretty and fit in the UI… and that makes it better than almost any other scheduler I’ve ever used, including calendar software. If you schedule recurring classes in Zoom, calendars, LMS’, etc… you’ll know what I mean.
👍 In-browser meeting software baked in, no additional LTD or subscription necessary
👍Can organize classes into Packages and Memberships (⛔ But can’t turn off on the Institute page)
👍 Refunds and Promo Codes (Percent off or Dollar amount) look easy
👍 A basic CRM is included that can email and text contacts. Notifies students (if you want) when you start a live session in a course.
👍Really good instructor, student, active student limits (⛔ Student vs active vs live is still confusing… 75 max live per class live session, remember, so if you’re buying more codes for more, that’s split among multiple simultaneous classes and is a real time count, not monthly… so confusing)
👍 Good security options, at least I think so. (⛔ Can’t seem to set these as a part of the course, have to jump into the live room first)

Interesting Concept

I bought one code to try this out and see if I might want to buy more. This is my first impression after going through and setting up an event. First off, there do not appear to be any support materials or onboarding videos, so you are on your own to figure things out. Even the help menu is nothing more than just a form to submit a question to support. That said, most stuff is pretty self-explanatory and you can bumble your way through by trial and error fairly easily. One thing I was not clear on was that you can select from things like “class,” “workshop,” “mastermind,” etc. when setting up and event, but there is no information on what the difference between these different formats would be and how it affects setting up your event.

The platform seems more geared toward classes for individuals and less for professionals. They have a setting for “sibling discounts” in anticipation of families signing up for your event and their registration form has some non-deletable fields for age and gender, although you can add your own fields as well. You go through a series of screens to set up your event, registration, pricing, instructor information, and welcome email. Once the event is set up, it is listed under your classes on your dashboard. From there you can edit your event, view it, or publish it to go live. Editing is a bit challenging as you have to step through all the same screens you used to create the event and I got stuck on the event date and time page where it would not let me move to the next page. I also could not figure out how to set up a one-time event – they really anticipate that all events will have recurring sessions, it appears. Curiously, I found that once you set up an instructor, you cannot edit the information for that instructor – all you can do is delete and start over. I also could not figure out how to add a picture to the instructor profile.

There is an option to create a membership plan that includes either access to all classes or select individual classes. You can also create packages of individual classes for an all-inclusive price. There is also a provision to create promo codes.

Billing is conducted through Classtra, so there is no option to use your own payment gateways right now. The AppSumo deal includes a number of students that incur no fees and anyone after will incur a fee of approximately 5% (2% to Classtra and 3% to the payment gateway they use).

While they do have provisions for evergreen classes, Classtra Coupon Code is really focused on live online, in-person live events, or a hybrid of those two. I am assuming, but am not sure since there is no information, that recordings can be downloaded of the live classes that you can download and use in a different platform to sell evergreen classes.