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Coupon Details

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Make use of the special BIGVU coupon code above to access discount page and save 93% off your next purchase of BIGVU by David & BIGVU Team. Take note that the special offer above is available for a short time only, and may expire at any time. Simply click the button above to reveal and copy your BIGVU Coupon Discount Code and use it to get your limited-time only deal. Since BIGVU launched for it’s excellent value, one-time pricing

BIGVU Coupon Code

Introducing BIGVU Coupon Code

Video content is a really important part of any marketing strategy. Video content is quick to create and can help build trust. It’s also easy to share and it has a high retention rate. The BIGVU app helps you create great content in minutes rather than hours. This can save you a lot of time and money.

BigVu is a very expensive tool. It is a very expensive tool that is a complete solution for producing and sharing high quality videos with one complete tool. BigVu makes it easy to produce and share high-quality videos with one complete tool.

The teleprompter app is the perfect way to create quality videos. It is available on both iOS and Android devices. It’s perfect for capturing your own life stories.

With bigvue, you can narrate your video and capture the storyboard. The captions will be automatically inserted and the keywords you highlight will be added. You can even add your own text to the text bubbles.

Upload your video to the cloud. Then, other team members can review, edit and publish. Add your logo to the video. Display your headline. Replace your green screens. And play some background music. Now your video is ready to be shared with the world.

Bottom Line: BigVU is a tool that will help you tell your story in a professional and effective way.

How Does BIGVU Work?

If you are looking to start a video series, BigVu has the right tools for you to create a professional video.

The teleprompter is a great tool, especially for those people who are used to speaking or writing in front of a camera. The teleprompter will help you stay on topic and allow you to focus on your message. The only problem with the teleprompter is that you must have a steady hand to operate it. If you are not used to speaking or writing in front of a camera, this might not be the best tool for you.

To create a professional looking video, you can add a logo and select a theme for the lower third titles and captions. You can also change up the background of the video by uploading a new background image or video to be played on a loop. Adding a background music library and adding music to the video is also easy with BigVu.

Last, you can also use a square video for your Instagram feed. With BigVu you can select exactly where you want to crop the frame. You can then use your business card as the cover for your video.

More information about BigVU

BigVU is a fantastic tool for anyone looking to manage their entire team, but is not available for free. If you are looking for a tool that offers a free trial, you should consider the free version of Teamviewer. It offers all the features of BigVU but does not offer email integration.

It’s that easy. Create engaging, professional video content today with BigVu. Sign up now to create amazing video content today.

BIGVU is a comprehensive video tool offering a teleprompter, automatic captions, editing, music, collaboration, and more to create professional content.

Start with the teleprompter feature, which will keep you focused on your camera for concise, engaging narration.

You can control the scrolling speed, monitor audio while recording, lock auto-exposure, as well as adjust the lighting to make your setup perfect.

The teleprompter app is available on both iOS and Android devices, so you’ll be good to go no matter which side of the smartphone spectrum you fall on.

Once you’re done nailing your lines, you can overlay subtitles to your videos in no time.

BIGVU automatically transcribes your video into a storyboard with captions that perfectly match your narration.

You can even highlight keywords, with options to add bold, italics, and colors to your text.

There’s no need to be a one-person show, either.

Upload your videos to a shared cloud workspace for team members to review, edit, and publish your content.

The mobile app lets collaborators write scripts that can be pushed straight to your recording device.

Plus, with a shared media library, you can organize your brand photos and videos into shareable folders for your crew.

With the teleprompter feature, you’ll be able to add your logo to the video.

BIGVU also offers motion titling, which lets you display headlines on the lower-third screen section and choose from minimalist titling to full-blown TV-style headline options.

The tool also makes it easy to craft your intro and outro for a perfect bookend to your content every time.

There’s even Chroma Key, for effortlessly replacing green screens with the background or video loop of your choice.

Throw in some background music for an emotional pull, and you’ve got a setup that’ll give Colbert a run for his money. (“Meanwhile…a Sumo-ling is glowing up on YouTube.”)

At BIGVU, we want to give you the power to tell YOUR business story, in the easiest, fastest and most effective way.
You just need a smartphone. BIGVU teleprompter app captures your story (narration) while text scrolls on your camera.
No need to memorize lines. You can say it concisely while keeping your eyes on the camera. No better way to build trust than eye to eye contact.

BIGVU AI Engine breaks up automatically your narration into a storyboard with captions in sync with your narration. You can just highlight words, add stunning title overlays, a business card outro and music background. Your video is now styled with your brand logo, captions and looks pro.
It’s one click to export your clip to multiple social media.

You can also email or message an elegant video page with your brand and your custom call-to-action buttons.

1. Teleprompter on computer: BIGVU currently does not have this option. There is a BIGVU web-platform, where you can manage, edit, distribute, and brand your videos, but recording is only on the app. However, we’ve heard you, and we are making this feature a priority. I cannot say exactly when it will be released, but we will work hard to provide it soon.

2. CNAME of landing pages. Please bear in mind that the BIGVU Video Page feature is a new one. We are constantly improving it and changing it according to user requests. Currently, you are only able to host your video page on BIGVU, but we will definitely look into providing other options in the future. Also, you can distribute your videos in many other ways, as one-click sharing to all social media platforms, or even simply downloading your video in mp4 format.

3. Public Road map – I understand that you are curious to understand BIGVU’s future features. We have opened a temporary workspace that you can suggest features and vote for the ideas that already exist:

Easy to use with awesome results

I’ve been recording a “video tip” every week for over a year now, most of the time right from my phone but, of course, with no lower thirds, logos or outros.

Now, I get to create the script on my computer, send it to the app and start recording right away, basically the same thing I was doing before but BETTER, with a nice telepromter and I get to add a lower third and an outro business card right from my mobile… even music!… so it is great and super simple to use…

Just a little struggle with adding the lower third but is just selecting the option “Style without subtitles” when editing the video and done. You can customize colors and fonts on your computer.

Overall, great purchase. Oh, and a bonus! It’s so easy that a couple of coworkers have decided that “Well, if I can read it like that, then I’ll do it” so they’ll give it a try to create videos… they didn’t wanted to do that in the past, so… a good thing 🙂

If you wonder how it looks, here’s a sample, actually my first video using the app (it’s in Spanish) but you can see the lower third at the beginning and the outro at the end… and judge for yourself if “looks like I’m reading” or not 🙂

The price is right.

I bought this for two uses:

1. For me: I’m doing more videos, and having a good recorder/teleprompter is awesome.

2. For partners: To set them up with a prompter to create their own promotional videos for events we work on together.

It’s pretty easy. Mostly intuitive.

Overall, I bought it and got a new video up online today using it. That’s a good thing, and I know it’s going to be used at least once a week just like that. Worth the price.

There are a few drawbacks from my test today.

1. It would be nice if there were a way to make sure that notifications did not show while recording. They block the teleprompter, and OF COURSE everyone on my team (Nifty) started chatting RIGHT THEN. I know I can enable DND, and will. It’s just a pain when I forget.

2. The teleprompter speed is somewhat awkward to adjust, if you’ve not done it before (I hadn’t). If it were voice-activated, that would be much better.

3. The “Send to App” and “Upload” were not obvious to me, so I needed some help from service. However, they helped me quickly, and I got it done.

Overall, I’ve only used the basics, and I’m going to buy another stack, so I can use this with marketing partners. Very happy with the purchase. *smiles*

Fast and Easy

I really like video apps, so I just had to try this out. Something I didn’t realize when I purchased it is that you can make drag and drop videos as well, not just the teleprompter/self-recording videos that are stressed in the description, so it’s more full featured than I realized. Maybe I just missed it in the description, but that is an added bonus. It can be used on the desktop, and you just type your text and quickly select an image or video (and background music) from the stock library.

My “test video” was about as simple as it gets, and I really like the end result. It looks like it took longer than the three minutes it actually took me to create it. I was able to render it and email it out equally quickly, so to me this has a variety of uses beyond what is being emphasized here in the description. This is a good purchase — a good value with some useful features already.

Easy Does It

I’m very pleasantly surprised by how easy it is to create videos. I was a little worried about not being able to use it on a laptop, but the fact that you can create a script on your laptop and send it to the app is great. That will do it for me. I just didn’t want to wind up uploading in my google documents or sending emails to myself and copying and pasting on the phone. Fortunately, I don’t have to do it.

I still have some learning to do in terms of editing. I will attend the webinar.

In addition, it’s great that you can create smaller pieces of content just by editing out the text. That’s big for us content creators, I mean online business owners who do their own content. I can see myself creating a video, and then creating smaller pieces from it that you can post on social media.
This one is definitely a keeper especially if you script your videos and read from a teleprompter. Your captions are automatically created. Huge high five and five tacos for it.

Excited for the opportunities (but it has a huge flaw)

I’m giving BIGVU Coupon Code 5 tacos even thought I was tempted to give it 4 and do an update in case the feature I’m looking for is in the works… If it is, I would buy two more deals and share this with my friends, but I’d need to be sure that this will work.

What I’ve been using thus far is PromptSmart – which works GREAT but they don’t have an android app. The feature missing from your app is the voice recognition – smart pause. Check out your competitor mentioned above. What I can do there is stop talking at any point, and the app knows I stopped so it stops scrolling. Your app keeps scrolling regardless, so I would always have to talk at the same speed. Also if I was to talk faster than the scroll, then I have to wait for the scroll to catch up so I can continue speaking.