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Amelia WP Plugin Coupon Code

Amelia is WordPress’s fully automated appointment and event booking specialist that works for you, even while you sleep.
When you’re the hottest ticket in town, keeping track of your bookings can get in the way of your workflow.

Amelia works around the clock to help customers choose the perfect service or event and manage their payments.

Plus, she sends real-time text messages to remind customers of appointments and events and alert employees of any cancellations.

With an automated, enterprise-level booking experience, you’ll see deep changes in your productivity with little change to your work process.

Amelia’s award-winning UI design outpowers WordPress itself, and with little to no learning curve, you can create a branded experience for your customers in no time.

The intuitive back-end lets you customize the colors of the Amelia plugin and add the booking agent to your site without breaking a sweat.

Service descriptions can include duration, employees, custom fields, photo galleries, and even extras for your customers to tack on—saving you time answering phone calls and emails.

As far as events go, people can easily book single-day events or multi-day events, which are displayed in a clean calendar with images and descriptions.

You can also set up recurring events on the backend so that you don’t have to do that job twice.

Take advantage of full scheduling flexibility by configuring individual employee schedules, buffer times, and special holidays.

And Amelia even syncs with Google Calendar, so you and your employees can stay on top of all of your appointments.

Have multiple locations? Not a problem!

Amelia lets you set up a customized schedule for employees that allows for different locations and services!

Why Amelia?

💁🏽 Streamline your customers’ booking process through a robust scheduling system
🌟 Successfully managed employee schedules and thousands of appointments
😇 Generate beautiful booking pages for accepting online appointments and payments

Who is it for?

🗓 Appointment-driven businesses that are looking for easy booking management
🪅 For Businesses that manage employees and services such as salons 💅, photographers, photo studios 📸, dentists 🦷, medical centres 🏥, yoga and meditation studios 🧘🏻‍♂️, gyms 🤸🏿‍♀️ and many more.
💬 For those who accept onsite appointments and virtual meetings.
📅 For event scheduling and event management

What’s new since last time?

-Tickets for Events: For each Event, now you can configure tickets with different prices and capacities ticket 🎫
-Google and Outlook Calendar synchronization for the Events 🪢
-Integration with Facebook Pixels for more straightforward analysis and marketing purposes 📈
-Integration with Google Analytics for tracking customers’ booking 📉
-Custom Notifications – option to create custom notifications that will be sent for certain statuses or as reminders 📩
-Deposit payments for appointments and events 💸
-NEW CUSTOMIZE PAGE – Lots of new options that will allow you to customize booking forms entirely 🎨
-Multilingual support 💭 and many more features, improvements and integrations.

Here’s what you can find in Amelia 2.7

🔴 Recurring Appointments – customers can now schedule recurring appointments in one booking process. 🗓️

🔴 Added option “Hide Currency Symbol on the booking form” in the Payment Settings 💱

🔴 Added option in the database to hide activation key on a website 🔐

🔴 Added option to remove selected service on the booking form ❌

🔴 Added 10 minutes in “Minimum time required before booking”. ⏱️

🔴 Added %service_extra_price% and %service_extra_quantinty% and %service_extra_name% placeholders in SMS notifications

🔴 Added IDs for services, categories, locations, employees and events so they can easily be set in the shortcodes

🔴 Added search by email on the Customers page

🔴 Back-end calendar now shows only the working hours (without two hours before and after the working hours)

🔴 Extra’s price is hidden when it is 0

🔴 Buffer time is now included in employee’s events on the Google calendar

🔴 Hungarian, Arabic, Danish and Slovak translation

🔴 Changed logic for buffer time when “Use service duration for booking” is enabled – buffer time will not be included in time slots shown on the calendar

🔴 Fixed issue with recharging SMS balance

Amelia is fantastic

I have used this plugin in a number of environments now. I’ve used it as a standard calendar booking plugin much like many of the cloud services out there. But I’ve also used it for a Ghost Tours website where people can RSVP to events (and pay). I also have used it for a local barber shop to handle online schedules.

The SMS messaging and email notifications are all fantastic. Also their support has been responsive the few times I’ve reached out for help.

The only cons I would say are:

1.) You will need a transactional email service for notifications. Sendgrid or something similar is fine, but just be aware. Its not really a con for this product, in fact I find it a pro since I don’t like relying on cloud services. Since we’re self-hosting, we have to answer the question of email deliverability ourselves instead of relying on a cloud provider to do that for us.

2.) The settings can be difficult to understand. They have quite a bit of flexibility, but it isn’t immediately apparent which settings are where.

3.) The event scheduling management is a bit finicky. Setting up recurring tours on my Ghost Tours website was not the simplest. All recurring events have to have an end date, so I set my date out to 2023 which means people can book a tour in November of next year and it would allow them. It would be simpler if we could set it to recurring with no end-date with a “Don’t allow bookings past 90 days” feature which I’ve seen on other calendars out there.

4.) Recurring events can’t seem to cross past midnight. You probably won’t have to deal with this, but when you have a Ghost Tour that starts at 11pm and ends at 1am, you will be disappointed that the booking plugin does not allow you to schedule that. So in the plugin the tour ends at Midnight but we were clear in the description to state that it goes longer. Not elegant, but a limitation of the plugin.

But don’t let the cons deter you. This plugin has been an excellent addition to my toolkit and I turn to it often. Five tacos from me :).

A great solution!

Normally with plugins and wordpress the support for the plugins is slow and not helpful. You dont have to worry with Amelia! The support team is there to help when you need them!

The plugins is amazing to use and the organization I used it for is using it for online teaching. It works great and it’s pretty intuitive.

Because this plugin is being used for teaching I wish we could have a review feature for customers to review employees after the booking. This would also work for other businesses too. Please consider it Amelia team.

Overall great deal especially for the price and lifetime license. Worth it!

Just bought, already 3 customers wanted it

Hi! I just saw Amelia when I had been investigating for a appointment plugin for one of my customers, and though it was a great option. But when I saw a few days later that there was a Appsumo offer on Amelia, couldn’t let it pass. I talked with some of my customers and potential customers, and already have 3 interested. I bought it right away and I have installed it on 2 of my projects for now. And it is really easy to use, both on the back end and front end. I think this is going to be one of the best offers ever that I have bought here for my business.

No brainer for WP Freelancers/Agencies

Wasn’t sure if I needed this until I started a WP site for a client that needed booking functionality.

Amelia is fantastic – The best looking frontend booking experience I came across, on the best deal. Love the Apple/Google calendar integration.

If you go through the negative reviews, half of them seem like folks who would probably struggle with a lot of software, not just Amelia. The credible reviews are glowing for the most part, which is why I tested it out — and am glad I did.

Would like to see some improvements as far as payment options go, but that’s my only complaint so far.

If you ever plan on building WP sites for local businesses, Amelia is going to be one you wish you stacked.

Definitely Review Worthy!

So…secret confession, but sometimes I’m lazy about leaving reviews as a loyal Sumo-lung should. But I HAD TO speak up about Amelia!

I’ve been hunting for a Booking Plug-in for ages and have tried a bunch as well as the regular players like Acuity and Calendly.

This plugin is the real deal! Webhooks to integrate with Zapier, its super fast on my site, Google Calendar and Zoom integrations and it LOOKS FANTASTIC on my site.

Easy 5 Tacos for me. Swoop it up before it’s gone!

Awesome, evolving plugin with a great team behind it!

I love Amelia!

Not only is the plugin super impressive as it is already, the team behind it clearly care a great deal about improving the plugin and making it even better. The features it does already have work super smooth, especially the Backend is awesome and well structured. Even if some features don’t exist yet or are still in development, they are very engaged and listen to their user base and prioritize implementation accordingly.

For example, I am currently setting up Amelia across three different sites with quite specific needs and since the customization options are a bit basic still, I was in contact with their support a couple times about custom CSS styling and each time they were VERY friendly, helpful and responsive.

Same with feature requests. I was looking for a very specific solution for my use case needing a feature that didn’t exist yet. The support staff went the extra mile and even suggested multiple (!) workarounds I could use to achieve the desired result, while adding my vote to prioritize the implementation of the feature I needed.
It’s the kind of support team where you write one paragraph and get three paragraphs back. That’s how much they care!

Full recommendation for the plugin & the team behind it who do a great job!

And the deal on here is an absolute steal, even if you don’t need it right now, it’s great to have in your arsenal.

It came as wished…

the title says by itself. Power of the mind. 🙂

Seriously, I saw this deal before but skipped at that time, because I use another system that was here (not WP Plugin). However, I needed a simple scheduling system ASAP ( TODAY!). However, the most important for me was, the system that can be displayed in Japanese, because it was intended for the Japanese website. The one I use BLAB cannot do it, so I searched for a plugin. All of them had no support for the Japanese language and one has to pay for Pro license to have decent features (still without Japanese).

Then, the other day I was searching on the net for the app sumo booking plugin and then…Voila! Amelia popped up as a deal. I thought that it had been an old one, but why not check it out. I was so happy to see it as a current deal. It was real! Wow!

I didn`t know whether it has the Japanese language included or not, but I knew that I had 60 days to return in case.

I was so pleased to see inside the “JA” folder and .po file. Then, after installation, the calendar itself shows days and months in Japanese. Beautiful! This is it.
It took me a while to set it up as I got confused about something. Anyway, thanks to Amelia`s demos on their website I went in to see certain setups in the admin demo and followed up. Now all is good.

Thank you for being back here. Fully focus on finding a solution brought me here. Be careful what you wish for 🙂

There is only 1 thing I dislike now. It`s a Google map that needs API (paid) in order to work. I`d prefer to have set up using HTML or link taken from Google map on browser.

TO AMELIA Staff: I edited .po file using poedit. I will be contacting you as there are mistakes in Japanese translations. Not everything is in .po file, therefore I would like to help you and vice-versa.

The Best Booking Plugin You Can Get for WordPress

As a freelancer who delivers many WordPress projects on a monthly basis, I can say that this is the most comprehensive and useful plugin for seamlessly integrate booking system to WordPress. I usually spend hours to integrate booking system with custom post types, ACF, and Jet Booking. Even though I achieved the booking system like that, I cannot say it’s a complete solution for the booking system and I always say no to many requests raised by the clients. But using Amelia solves all my hectic tasks and most importantly all the requests of my clients.

Furthermore, I trust the TMS Plugin developers since I’m using wpDataTables for many years, and I’m constantly watching their changelogs. So, whatever bugs I may see in Amelia, I don’t care and I’ll keep using the plugin. Because I know they will fix everything and they will include all the missing features in the near future.

So guys, don’t look for any negative comments, just grab this exclusive deal without thinking too much! A+++

A New Business Model in 5 Minutes!

I missed Amelia when it cames to AppSumo for the first time. I regretted it because the deal is a no-brainer.

I am pleased that it came back. I just bought one code and will think if I have the use case to buy more.

Amelia is a Wordpress plugin (works like a theme) that semi-automatic create your business service website with all the features you want to start to sell your consultancy or any kind of service you would like.

Here is my video review showcasing Amelia for you (I am not Christie! She is incredible. But I try my best haha…): https://video.marketinglilac.com/v/amelia 😍

Works Great!

This is the first time where I actually paid for and was using the product before being listed on Appsumo!!

I first came across Amelia after trying (and paying for) 2 other wordpress g-suite calendar plugins. By comparison, Amelia just works well out of the box and my search for a decent plugin was over. And more importantly, my non-tech savy clients are happy with it as well. Ease of use being a major point.

Amelia is great value at the regular price, being an easy to use, flexible booking system for an entire company. When I saw it listed here with unlimited future updates….., well it was a very easy decision to grab a license or two ‘in-case’ for the future.

Best for any wordpress websites or WP site developers who need a g suite calendar booking system to deliver upon.

If this sounds like you, grab some codes while you can.

Very well rounded product

I’ve purchased many Saas solutions on AppSumo and a couple of WordPress plugins; you can see the difference in the maturity of the product.

Before I bought Amelia Code, I took a demo on the website and, to be honest, this is not much different than most saas based solutions in appointment booking space. Definitely feels like more than just a plugin — excellent features and overview of upcoming appointments and great dashboard for stats. I’m still exploring all the features I could get, but since I’m a solo consultant, many nice features will be there for me for some later days.

I want to send a huge thanks to support team, I was lazy enough to explore how to embed plugin on my web page, but support replied in less than an hour and got it working for me.

Anyway, this is my 2 cents, thanks WP Amelia for this great offer.

Better than Bookly and Roadmap looks good!

I stumbled upon this gem about 3 months ago for a website I was doing. Bookly was the closest one. The issue with Bookly is that it’s expensive initially and you have to also buy modules if you want to add more complexity. One thing that is not discussed really is the cost for sending a text. I want to say it was like $0.10/sms with them, which is how much it cost to send a text 15 years ago. Amelia does charge but it’s a lot cheaper than that. I do wish we could have the option to use Twilio because their rates are SUPER cheap.

I have been in contact with support for the last 2 months on a feature I’ve been wanting to have and that is the ability to upload attachments with an appointment. I’m actively working on an orthodontic site and they want the option to upload x-rays for new patient exams and support messaged me back and said it is due in about a month, which is good to know! Amelia is a good deal even at the $59/yr compared to Bookly, but this deal is was more awesome!