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Coupon Details

ADYOUNEED Coupon Code: Click on the button above and the official site would open in a new tab and the coupon would be shown here. Copy the coupon and apply that while making the payment to get ADYOUNEED lifetime.

Make use of the special ADYOUNEED coupon code above to access discount page and save 94% off your next purchase of ADYOUNEED by Tufan & his team. Take note that the special offer above is available for a short time only, and may expire at any time. Simply click the button above to reveal and copy your ADYOUNEED Coupon Discount Code and use it to get your limited-time only deal. Since ADYOUNEED launched for it’s excellent value, one-time pricing


Introducing ADYOUNEED Coupon Code

ADYOUNEED is a social media and search ad platform where you can create and optimize ads in minutes while automating your ad processes.

ADYOUNEED makes it easy to create high-quality ads quickly, without the tears and screaming (but feel free to express yourself however you like).

The tool brings major ad channels—Facebook, Instagram, and Google—together in one application for an uninterrupted workflow.

With Guided Creation or Smart Creation, you’ll be on your way to creating an effective ad in just a few minutes, regardless of whether you’ve created an ad in the past.

Need help with your Google Ads? You can even enjoy fully automated Dynamic Search Ads just by adding a link to your website.

ADYOUNEED makes finding the right audience quick and painless by using artificial intelligence to create several ad audiences based on just two target interests.

The Audience Finder A.I. will find the best-performing match within three to five days, so you don’t waste money on audiences that don’t convert.

Plus, with Advanced Campaign Creation, you can combine 10 different ads with 10 audiences to create up to 100 split tests in a fraction of the time.

You’ll be able to find the ads that work best for your ideal audiences while saving time and money spent on ads that just don’t perform. (“Nix the dancing sharks for this ad.”)

Running paid social ads means you’ve got to deal with a lot of raw data, which can be overwhelming for even the savviest marketers. (“Oh, great! More numbers to look at.”)

ADYOUNEED’s dashboard makes your ad data easier to digest with breakdowns, charts, and graphs that are easy on the eyes.

You’ll get a bird’s-eye view of crucial data like clicks, cost per click, and click-through rate.

When your data is a cinch to understand, you can make smarter decisions about your social media ad campaigns.

ADYOUNEED is jam-packed with features to make your life easier, like a real A.I. for optimization.

The tool also integrates with Canva, allowing you to edit and design scroll-stopping ads within the platform, without relying on a graphic designer.

You can even create sub-accounts and turn on dark mode to reduce your eye-strain (because wearing sunglasses in the office was a bit extra).


Create ads in a matter of minutes regardless of what your marketing knowledge is.
Use ADYOUNEED A.I. Audience Finder to find the best performing audience on Facebook and Instagram.
See and understand your data clearly thanks to our beautiful and charming charts.
Have simple breakdowns of your data to see which gender, age, platforms, country or region brings the best results.
Invite people to your account to work with you or simply watch, let team work make the dream work.
Reduce eye strain with our dark mode and create ads in the coolest looking adtech app on the web.


Even ADYOUNEED developers do not have access to your account details, everything you publish and own is only between you and the channel you are publishing on.
Every single valuable data such as your ad insights, password, company details are encrypted using 2021 best practices.

Ads made simple

Too often in online marketing I feel that we are overcomplicating things. It could be as simple as a “good ad” that leads more or less fast to a good product. Then just test, test and test. So testing fast becomes the key, and that is what “Addyouneed” allows doing. A very welcomed product. It gives easy-to-understand data about who shows more interest in your ads (by country, gender, interests, etc) and allows team collaboration to think together. So, why not making ads fun with this app.

Set up was smooth & seamless

Right out of the box, set up was smooth, seamless and straightforward. We were able to quickly connect our clients accounts, build campaigns and go live. All within the first 30 minutes of signing up.

Looking forward to scaling our clients business and using the tools to quickly optimize and grow!


This is one of the best purchases we have made.

What a Great product = * * * * * * * (7 Stars PLUS)
5 stars are too less for this Excellent product

Creating ads for your products has now become totally newbie friendly with adyouneed. Best ads campaign management site in the whole world.

The list of what they are offering is so huge and I can keep writing about it – Best Product !!!!!

Great Support – Their support is very fast and helpful.

Words are too less to define this Great Product – I want to express my sincere thanks to the Adyouneed team for bringing this product on Appsumo.

Really happy and our Best Purchase ever made on Appsumo.

Simple. Robust. Effective.

Just bought ADYOUNEED to have a centralized platform to manage all our agency digital ads. We were searching for a platform like this for a lot of time. And finally it arrived!
It’s all simple and intuitive. Now, managing ads has become (quite) a game.
Don’t wait, just buy it and your social media marketing will not be the same.
Clap clap to the developers!

Micro-manage your Adverts with ease !

ADYOUNEED is a one-stop spot out of cluttered Ad Managers and is perfect for beginners.

Positives :
The walk-through process to create an ad campaign is super easy and simple. The dashboard is neat and organized, you get where you want to. If you run your 1st ever ad with ADYOUNEED, you will never know the pain of managing ad campaigns in multiple platforms.

Unlimited Ad Spends with 1 code is an absolute steal! All the Tiers have access to all the features which is rare these days. Only the number of team members vary.

Audience Targeting using Machine Learning
Optimizations on the fly
Budget Management
Reports (breakdowns, charts, and graphs)
Feedback Management
Team Collaboration
Canva Integration
Promising Roadmap

Customer Service is stellar. They are super fast, Knowledgeable and friendly.

Features I would like to see implemented asap :
Dynamic load in search. (being worked upon)
Improved color palate for UI. (being worked upon)

Buy One And Get All!!

This tool that I have been waiting for. ADYOUNEED give me swiss-knife tool to manage multiplatform ads, It is very savvy. And one point very interesting is interest search feature in Facebook Ads, which I have to do manually.
I’ve used other tools manage Ads, but ADYOUNEED is the best. I hope this tool is great for my invesment.

Marketer Marketix

This tool solves my problem. All this switching back and forth, logging in, SMS code and losing a lot of time every day. With ADYOUNEED, this tedious back and forth is a thing of the past. I can switch back and forth at the speed of light and the system is simple and intuitive. The artificial intelligence works fabulously. The prices are simply the best in the world. I thought it was a mistake at first. Thank you very much to the ADYOUNEED team – this will definitely be the APP of the year 2021!

Love it so far

I was hesitating to get adyouneed first. I read so many good reviews and had to have a closer look. I did purchase a competitors offer in the past and never used it since I didn’t really get into it. Finally I did give adyou need a chance and closer look, read and saw reviews and purchased it. I already fell in love with the simple kept dashboard and videos that guide you through the steps to be done. To be honest I haven’t tried it yet on a real campaign, but it makes me want to spend money right now ha ha. It looks very promising intuitive to use. I always thought it is a mess to create google, facebook or insta ads. I am really looking forward to use adyouneed and get some insights of the analytics. I did have a question in the live chat and it was answered immediately, which is a great sign to me that I have made the right decision to purchase. So far I am very pleased.