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Zairp Agency Coupon Code

Introducing Zairp Agency Coupon Code

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And We’ve Simplified The Entire Process Into 5 Simple Steps:

Step 1

Login and Connect Your Site

This process will literally take you two seconds. Simply login to our app, provide the login URL to your site, a username and a password – and that’s it! From here our app will be able to do ALL the work for you. And our system is FULLY-encrypted so your site’s login details will never be compromised.

Step 2

Input The Location And/or Keywords You’d Like To Target

Once your site is plugged in, you just simply create a project, select the site you want to automate, and tell Zairp what locations and/or keywords you want it to optimize for. You can have it optimize JUST by keyword or you can set it to optimize by keyword AND locations! If you input multiple keywords and multiple locations – YES it will automatically optimize for EVERY combination possible – which can mean up to 100s of posts at a time – completely HANDS-FREE!

Step 3

Input Your Content Settings So Our A.I Knows What To Write About And How To Optimize Your Site For You

This is probably the easiest step. Here is where you tell our A.I the niche that you need content in, input some optional topics you’d like for your content to include, and hit start. From there, our a.i will write you a perfectly unique article to use for your campaign in under 90 seconds. You’ll also be able to spin this article IMMEDIATELY with the ONLY A.I Content Spinner on the market that actually UNDERSTANDS what Your content means so you get a perfectly UNIQUE article for EVERY post Zairp does for you. And this is the ONLY time you’ve ever been able to get access to SpinRewriter for FREE for a FULL 5 days plus a MASSIVE 70% discount!

Step 4

Activate Automatic Syndication of Your Content To Over 25 High-Authority Social Sites

This is also a very simple step which is powered by our Syndlab platform. Syndlab automatically syndicates your content to over 25 high-quality social sites to send your posts ranking to the 1st page of the search engines. However, to make it better, we’ve made it so that this process happens automatically for EVERY single post that Zairp posts on your site. Literally you can have hundreds (or even thousands) of articles posted, optimized and syndicated for you WITHOUT having to touch your campaign AGAIN!

Step 5

Set Up Your Automated Posting Schedule and Hit Start!

This is the last and final step. And here all you pretty much do is tell Zairp how you’d like to have your content posted for you. You can have it post your content over a certain number of days until all posts are completed. ORRRR you can use our “minimum/maximum” option where you can set a minimum number and a maximum number of posts per day and then Zairp will randomly follow that schedule between those two numbers you set.

Talk about awesome, right?