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Coupon Details

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ViewStub Coupon Code > Lifetime Access 90% Off Promo Deal

Introducing ViewStub Coupon Code

ViewStub is a simple software solution that helps you organize in-person, live streaming, or on-demand events with a built-in video player and seamless checkout.

With ViewStub, you can set up a page within minutes to start getting event registrations and share streaming video content.

Choose from free, donation, paid, or subscription access for all your events to fit your business model.

ViewStub offers flexible options to help you promote and host your events the way you want.

Make the viewing experience unique for your audience by streaming simultaneous live videos, so attendees can choose their preferred view.

From there, you can engage with the audience through the interactive live chat feature.

Whether you host online or in-person events, a streamlined registration and payment process is the key to generating new leads and driving engagement.

ViewStub makes it easy to offer different ticket options with promo codes, sales discounts, and packaged bundles for all your events.

You can also provide affiliate links (both public and private) to track your sources of traffic and share with your top speakers, vendors, customers, or influencers.

Afterwards, access and view reporting in your dashboard.

With promotional tools and analytics included, ViewStub helps event creators and promoters organize, run, and grow their events.

ViewStub is an all-in-one solution for event ticket sales, marketing, and video streaming. As a hybrid event platform, ViewStub can help you collect your in-person registrations while offering a place for you to live stream your next event, expanding your reach to a global scale. Our goal is to help our event partners grow their event and take their experience to the next level!

Some road map items we are launching soon:
– In-browser encoding (go live straight from our site)
– Multi host for streams
– API to connect your CRM, Event Management & your own email system like MailChimp
– Multi-account to have multiple users for one account
– Language translation
– Keep up with us on social media for more!

Very good software, despite the company being new on the market. Many of the details are thought out, and UI/UX is relatively simple. It is easy to see that the creators of the tool put a lot of genuine care in their creation. In few minutes it was possible to setup a test event:

After setting up the basics (attendees, tickets), you can preview the event before publishing it (+1), you can hide it from the main directory (+1), and you can even crop the photo of the event (+1) – what a nice touch.

After the event is created, you get two new tabs:
– Media – listing the details of where to stream the event to. In the Media tab, you have the choice of either to stream the event, or to upload your video (+1).
– Attendees – listing offline attendees who joined (+1)

Revenue share model for a slight cut will help the company stay successful, that is definitely a plus. Now, few minor areas for improvement – that would likely be addressed as more effort is spent on the product:
– Some UI/UX issues, e.g. a horizontal bar on the media tab below the event playlist, scrollbar (rather than a wrap) for the embed code
– Some issues in embedding the event into WordPress, there is a vertical scrollbar, and you have to scroll it down to see the horizontal scrollbar. Please consider building a dedicated plugin for WordPress (e.g., open source, based on – – you will make a lot of Sumolings happy, and gain additional publicity on WordPress plugins.
– Webhooks, and integrations with the Integromat would be exceptional, again, many of us would appreciate an ability to bring in event subscribers into the marketing ecosystem
– Ideally, ability to add attendees automatically to an event would be exceptional. E.g., someone signs up via Divi -> is added to MailerLite plugin -> via Integromat connected to ViewStub, and sent the ticket. Offering tickets to the events hosted on ViewStub as a bonus for buying something (e.g. from a store, or sign up for a product, or an affiliate link) will significantly drive up the use of your product
– Lastly, whether to show on the main event page “get an affiliate link” should be a configurable option within the event tab. And so does the ability to generate affiliate link via the back end by the event organizer (rather than the configurable ability to promote an event for the affiliate).

Better than Eventbrite

1. Very generous free tickets offer. 1 code for 2500 attendees.
2. The team is humble and very nice to work with although they are now overwhelmed.
3. Better than eventbrite because of the white label and video delivery inside the event and integration with webinar systems
4. They are willing to take feedback for roadmap
5. Member area for delivering content such as recorded videos and webinars can be on your site.
6. Integrates with zoom for LIVE delivery

1. UI not pleasing to the eye
2. No proper onboarding
3. LIVE video streaming through RTMP is tricky but works with zoom integration
4. No landing page for events

When I first purchased this, I thought this was alternative to hopin or heysummit. No. Its not. and its better than eventbrite as it does more than event bright and so I think Appsumo positioning this as eventbrite al is confusing many people. I think eventsframe was eventsbright alternative but this comes closer to heysummit minus the landing pages etc

This a very simple ticket processing program that allows you to create events, sell tickets with aim of taking them to a secure member area where they can watch recorded videos or watch a webinar. They also have live video streaming using tools like OBS. When I tried with Wirecast, I could not get it to work.

They do have a white-label version that you can embed on the platform but the emails that go to clients have their branding and no smtp yet. The email will come in the account holder’s name but from So not a complete Whitelabel experience.

The reason I took 1 taco away is for the design. ViewStub Coupon Code itself is not nicely designed with red colour hitting you in the face everywhere and the white-label embed is not pleasing to the eyes either.

After initially getting confused, I managed to set up the white label set up on wordpress.

Overall, buying at least one code is a good idea as they have a roadmap that may take to the direction of hopin….which could make them good investment down the road.
The free tickets included is generous and is simply the reason I got this for. I am not worried about the other fees as my aim is to use it purely with free events registrations.