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Coupon Details

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Typli.ai Coupon Code


Introducing Of Typli.ai Coupon Code

Typli.ai is an AI writer and SEO assistant that lets you generate original, high-ranking copy wherever you work.

Writer’s block is never fun, whether you’re writing long-form copy for your brand or filling out a card for a coworker you barely know. (“Congrats on the baby! …good job?”)

And outsourcing your projects to a professional writer takes more time and money than you can afford.

Generate high-ranking, long-form copy with the help of an AI writer and SEO assistant
Alternative to: Article Forge
Work directly from WordPress, Chrome, or Mozilla Firefox with plugins and add-ons
Best for: Content marketers, copywriters, and business owners who want to write quality, high-ranking content in less time

Using AI technology, you’ll be able to produce original, long-form content that can be edited to perfection.

Choose from a variety of writing prompts, enter a few simple sentences, and start generating creative, copyright-free copy in minutes.

Already have content written? Even better. Typli.ai lets you build on your work with more than 100 writing commands.

Plus, the Copyscape API feature lets you check if your generated content is 100% unique or plagiarized.

You’ll even be able to change the wording of your content to create more depth and variation thanks to Typli.ai’s AI text spinner.

Best of all, Typli.ai also functions as an SEO checker for your generated content! You’ll be able to optimize your content to rank higher on search engines.

The built-in SEO assistant goes through your content and makes suggestions on how it could perform better, so you can make changes until your SEO score is at 100%.

With the SEO keyword Traffic estimator, you’ll be able to choose the best keywords that correspond to your content.

You can even get an estimate on how much traffic your keywords are driving per month.

Get a readability score on all your content to help you monitor the quality and readability of your writing.

Typli.ai also comes equipped with a WordPress plugin, so you can write content without leaving your WordPress account.

That way, you can easily and conveniently build websites with high-ranking content on a platform you already know.

Plus, the team management and tagging features makes it easy for you to assign tasks and collaborate on projects.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is your content ai model? when will you add GPT-3 Davinci model?

A: Typli can generate amazing content depending on the input text you add to your text editor.

Please watch the below video and see how we made a blog post in minutes:

> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XttQj9k253E

Also, Typli.ai is operating using the GPT3 model.

Q:Do you support Korean?

2Code is unlimited sites, unlimited keywords, right?

A:We are planning on adding more languages in the future: https://trello.com/b/NZt0RBS4/typliai-roadmap

The problem of adding other languages is to find DATA to train the models; we are consistently working on that.

For Tier 2 license, you can generate content with unlimited characters, and unlimited keywords.

Q: Is this only for writing copy, or would it work for stories, prose, poetry, etc?

Can a user add their own templates to generate with?

A: Typli.ai generates all sorts of content depending on your input. You can also use our writing commands to help you structure your input.

As for your second question, your input can be added as the template you would like to generate more content to it. The most important aspect in Typli.ai is how you structure your input and how much information you should add in order to receive the desired output.

Q: when do you actually plan to implement Chinese support?

A: The Chinese language is part of the languages we will be adding to Typli.ai as you can see from our roadmap: https://trello.com/b/NZt0RBS4/typliai-roadmap

We are now monitoring which languages are most requested and we are checking their feasibility. Once possible we will make sure to update the tool with new languages.

Q: How does your SEO Score work?

Article length is always 500, keyword density never changes from 5%.

Surely, this cant be right?

A: Please check our knowledge base article on how to SEO score feature functions: https://help.typli.ai/knowledge-base/27-check-seo-for-your-content

It’s important once you generate your content to add the main keyword in order to check off the tasks. Make sure to edit the article accordingly and you will notice how article words and Keywords density change.

Please contact us via support@typli.ai to help you with SEO for your own content.

Q: What specific SEO data does typli-ai provide access to?

A: Typli.ai provides a set of tasks for SEO score, keyword suggestion, and keyword analytics. Please check the following knowledge base articles to understand each one of them:




Q: can this be used to edit existing content?

A: Yes. You can add your own content to Typli.ai and elaborate, add more content, spin text, and much more.

Q: “There is no option in Typli.ai to assign the engine to rewrite your sentence. Typli.ai assists you to write content based on the input you write. It means that you can command AI to help you write a sentence, a paragraph, or an article on a particular topic.”

So what is the purpose of rewrite instruction feature? In the command list?

Can you elaborate what are the differences between 2 of them?

Article spinner is not same as content rewriter, because the only thing that spinner does is replaces the words to other synonyms… That’s not AI, spinners exists for very long time…

The explanation is not accurate, and it does not make sense. Rather what it is, a attempt to minimize the obvious flaw, and that’s not opinion, that is a fact.

SO I am not sold, you should been transparent instead.

A: Rewrite command allows you to rewrite your input in different structures, whereas the spin text feature allows you to change the wording of your input without changing its structure.

Since AI-generated content uses what the engine gathers online, you can always try to generate more content to find the desired output.

Since you consider this feature a flaw, kindly let us know how we can improve it according to your needs, we will definitely take your suggestion into consideration.

Q: 100,000 characters limit means how many words approximately?

A: 100 000 characters can generate approximately 25k words.

Please note that the rewrite option in Typli.ai is called Spin text which you will find on the bottom part of the text editor: https://help.typli.ai/knowledge-base/48-how-to-spin-your-content-using-typliai-spinner

there is no option in Typli.ai to assign the engine to rewrite your sentence. Typli.ai assists you to write content based on the input you write. It means that you can command AI to help you write a sentence, a paragraph, or an article on a particular topic.

In case you want to rephase your own content, simply add it to the text editor, highlight it and then click on Spin text.

We have added the above link to one of our knowledge base articles on how to use the feature, and we recommend checking other articles as well to understand how each features functions: https://help.typli.ai/

If you have more questions, don’t hesitate to contact our support team: support@typli.ai