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TextDeliver 2 Coupon Code

Introducing TextDeliver 2 Coupon Code

okay so this is a lot demo of text deliver 2 so you can see how simple and easy it is to run SMS campaigns very similar to you have with an email autoresponder

so what you’re looking at right now is your dashboard this is a clean account where you’ll be able to see your recent broadcast so you’ll be able to see that the data was sent the number it was sent to that opens your click-through rates and then

if you have any replies in what we call the inbox you’ll be able to see all of that at a glance now you’ll also be able to create contact lists again very similar to like an email autoresponder where you can when people subscribe they can be added to a specific contact list

okay you can add these people through short codes so say someone text the word pizza to three-one three-one three-one they can automatically get added to a contact list or we have an embed code feature which allows you to integrate with your favorite autoresponder or webinar service

so when someone opts in they’re not only getting added to your text deliver account but then they could also get added to your email autoresponder as well so you can do kind of best of all worlds right and then we give you a little form builder and you just create the embed code and then put it on to your page and that’s how you can automatically add subscribers onto your text deliver lists and if you want you can sync it with your email autoresponder or your GoToWebinar integration as well okay now to in order you can send either a broadcast or you can create a sequence so sequence is similar to a sequence or an autoresponder sequence in an email right so

the first one is we’ll do a broadcast and you can click on add new and you can select the user which number you want to send from now one of the cool things that we’ve built with text deliver is someone can subscribe from one phone number or one service and you can send broadcasts to them using a different one and we will be able to sync it across any service so if someone maybe someone opted in through a shortcode from easy texting but you want to send a message from your Twilio number right and then they want if they want opt out they can opt out

and it will sync with the easy texting subscription that did so we integrate with lots of different services and we handle everything from creating the contact list managing the subscriber as well as all the legal compliance that is needed and as you probably are aware there’s more and more legalities in terms of what you can and cannot do with text messaging right like for one example you can’t send a text message before 8 a.

the the subscribers local time zone right so one of the things that we’ve done is say I’m gonna be sending out a broadcast and this is just a quick test and I want this to be a text right I could do text or voice where it’ll actually call the person and leave them a voice mail of a voice message based off of your message it’ll do a a text to voice but for the most of most of time you guys will probably do text and I can select the subscribers time zone so say that I wanted to send out this email or I’m sorry this text message at 10 o’clock well it won’t get sent out until it’s 10 a.

that specific subscribers time zone right and so we capture the person’s time zone their IP address as well as the opt-in URL as well which these are all part of the tcpi compliance laws that you need to you need to show proof of opting in right so we take care of all this stuff for you okay now say I’m gonna be sending out to this broadcast list that I’ve or this contact list that I created and I want it to go out tomorrow at 10:00 a.

m. it’s gonna go out at the subscribers time zone at 10:00 a.m. okay so pretty cool now in terms of the message you can use these tags so say that I wanted to use their first name you know check out this live training and now when you add in a URL so it might be a really really long URL we automatically shorten the URL for you so that you can you know maximize the number of characters that can use in a message right because there’s only a certain um certain amount of characters that you can use on a text message

so we’ve figured out a way to compact that with a short URL now the other thing that we’ve included in here is the you have to have legally you have to have text stop to to opt out right so you need to give the subscriber a way to opt out and you need to have that appended to each message okay

so again this is another compliance issue that we you know we are making sure that you guys are compliant with the law right so that gets applied to every message

okay now you also have the option to do the send stop message separately so if you wanted to maximize this first message with your marketing message and then send one separately you can do that as well okay so you can set up broadcasts very very easily again similar to you

like you would with writing an email and you’re in your email autoresponder right and then our sequences okay you’ll create a new sequence okay it creates a sequence like this and I go in here and now I can start dripping out messages after they have subscribed so once they subscribe to your list and you’ll notice here if I go back you’ll notice that this sequence is linked to this contact list so anyone who is subscribed okay or who subscribes will get put into this automated drip sequence okay of messages okay so what I would do is click add new sequence message and I’m gonna say this is the very first message and I want this message to go out one day after they have subscribed so after they subscribed I’m gonna say between at 10:00 a.

this is gonna be the first message right okay then say after this message I want after three days say at nine o’clock this is message number two okay and so you can create an unlimited number of sequences

here and it’ll all be based on when that subscriber opted in so in this example they’re subscribing and then they’re gonna get a message one day later and then after that message is delivered it’ll be three days later okay and so you can send out different messages automatically again similar to an email autoresponder okay now in terms of integrating

it’s very very simple and work and we’re going to continue adding new integrations as this platform evolves but for right now you can integrate with with easy texting Twilio call call fire and then we also have email services get response MailChimp and GoToWebinar

okay you can integrate with any email autoresponder through the raw HTML form code or at the API level you can integrate with these services right now but so again we’re gonna be adding more and more and maybe when you guys see this this demo video will actually have more more services so basically one of the great things

about text deliver is we handle we handle basically everything besides just sending out the messages right so so you would use your credits for whatever service you want and so you get to pick best of all worlds if you want to use easy texting for your short code marketing because they have cheap short codes

and you want to send out broadcasts through Twilio because they have cheaper you know credits for for sending out messages you can do that because we handle again all the contact lists syncing the the unsubscribes and handling the broadcast handling the sequences and all that kind of stuff so it’s a very very powerful powerful platform

and again this is just the this is really just the beginning of it you guys are able to get in at a very significant discount if you take advantage of our Charter access you’ll actually have the opportunity to be able to purchase at a one-time price so again very very powerful one of the great things about SMS marketing or text message marketing is you know with email you’re lucky to get a 10 percent open rate with text messages everyone has their phones on them

I mean it’s and it’s anywhere between 90 and 98 percent of people actually open and you’ll be able to see that you’ll be Elsie opens you ability click-through rates all that kind of stuff so it’s basically this is where marketing is going right so you’re Bill you’re able to use this very similar to an email autoresponder so we hope that you guys will take advantage grab Text Deliver2 Coupon Code during our charter member access and look forward to seeing you guys in the members area you