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Coupon Details

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SerpWatch Coupon Code

Introducing SerpWatch Coupon Code

SerpWatch tracks SEO rankings with keyword monitoring and data cross-referencing that includes revenue, featured snippets, and Google Analytics.

SerpWatch is your very own MI6 with the Intelligence Hub.

This is where you can compare search rankings to featured snippets, revenue reports, Google Analytics, and SERP features.

You’ll also find the top 10 results for every keyword tracked and stored, letting you keep an eye on your competitors.

All this information lets you figure out what’s working (and what needs work) to boost your rankings and get the jump on the competition.

Use the Intelligence Hub to compare search rankings to featured snippets, revenue reports, and more!
SerpWatch keeps track of your keywords, so you don’t have to.

You’ll get email and Slack notifications to stay on top of keyword movement.

Plus, the Zapier integration lets you interface with over 1,500 applications to make sure you never miss that golden moment when you go number 1.

SerpWatch monitors your keywords and keeps you updated with email and Slack notifications!
With the handy reporting feature, your clients can also see how awesome your SEO strategy is going.

SerpWatch offers a step-up from PDFs with white-labeled client portals, which gives instant access to reports any time clients like.

Now those “involved” clients can just constantly hit refresh instead of pinging you three times a week.

That’s not all. When it comes to those awesome search rankings of yours, SerpWatch has you covered when someone inevitably asks for the receipts.

You’ll be able to verify your search rankings with screenshots from the last 10 days, so there’s never any doubt you’re on top of things (get it?).

Simply click the “open screenshot” command from the ranking chart, and it’s all right there for you.

Staying on top of your SEO is arguably harder than keeping up with whatever fads your kids are into these days (“Are we still dabbing, fellow kids?”).

That’s why SerpWatch tracks your keywords, compiles your data, and monitors your competitors, all while giving clients instant access to white-labeled reports.

With such small changes having such dramatic effects you can imagine that we are laser focused on the micro movements of our rankings.

Existing tools meant for tracking keyword fluctuations just weren’t cutting it.

We found them inaccurate and cumbersome to operate. SEO has a lot of variables one needs to manage and reverse engineer to keep on course in the journey to the elusive first position. We started troubleshooting with a focus on how to give organizations a better approach to monitoring their keyword movements.

After 2 years of planning and development, we are proud to introduce Serpwatch to you Sumo-lings. Serpwatch is a clean and intuitive SEO tool built to help you proactively monitor and take action on the micro movements of your keywords.

Serpwatch will continue to progress into a well rounded SEO tool based on the serpwatch product principles (see next post) and customer feedback. We’re very excited to have Sumo-ling community be part of driving the product development!

Product Principles

The rules of engagement for a new SEO tool:
💯 Accurate and Reliable Data: 💯
Considering constant algorithm and UI changes from search engines, build an adaptable and self correcting system to ensure the most accurate data possible.

Verifiable rank data with screenshots for the last 10 days

🧑🏻‍🤝‍🧑🏽Keyword Collaboration:🧑🏻‍🤝‍🧑🏽
Focus hive knowledge and collaboration of the organization on keyword micro movements

Threaded Conversation around Keyword Movements to slack and email via notifications

💆 User Experience: 💆
SEO’s spend a lot of time in tools – make serpwatch a nice place for them to work … get the app out of the way of the data when possible.

Simple but powerful UI

📈 Insights through Unified Data: 📉
Offer a customizable data tool to visualise and manipulate SEO data points… aka the Tableau of SEO.

Intelligence Hub:
– V1 : Rankings, Revenue, Google Updates, Competitors, SERP Features all in tabs.
V2: Compare SEO Variables against each other (coming soon)

🖥️ Proactive not Reactive: 🖥️

Avert the “forget, fall and freak out pattern” common to SEO. Build a monitoring system that can provide alerts for keyword movement anomalies. Provide triggers to allow anomalies to create immediate action within the company’s workflow.


Zapier Triggers
💼 Reduce Client Friction: 💼
Client-agency model in SEO is broken and littered with mistrust. Build a platform geared towards transparency and understanding so clients and agencies become collaborators instead of combatants.
Client Space for Client Management
White Label Client Space
– – Host a rank tracker on your domain and give clients full view of rankings in real time with a login
– – White label email correspondence
Branded Reporting
Branded Slack and Email Notifications to Clients

The Best Rank tracker!

I have used quite a few rank trackers like Accuranker, SERPWatcher, SERPRobot which are really good but always seem to miss 1-2 feature which could make real difference. Some didnt some have a good UI or didn’t offer much customization. Enough of those guys, why I bought SERPWatch:
1. Really great UI!
2. Option to add Note & see Google Updates (If say you made any content changes or took a link any day, you don’t need to remember each date for every keyword)
3. If the keyword is in featured snippet
4. Most important, you can see Screenshot of SERP & actually see what kind of Ads or Google rich snippets are coming in between.
5. A Client Panel where they can check their rankings.
6. Probably the best support for a rank tracking tool.

Improvements required:
1. The UI is great but it doesn’t offer much info in a single glance. If we consider SERPRobot, it allows a low of kws in a single view. No need of scrolling much.
2. Option to assign projects to clients. If I have already added the project in my dashboard, I can’t directly assign it to a client. I need to re add the project on client’s dashboard.
3. On demand rank refresh (Sometimes you just want to refresh your rankings because you read about a Google update just now) 😛

All in all, it’s a steal deal! I dont think any SEO should miss this out.

It has the ingredients to become one of the best

This is a very promising tool. I love the user interface, it’s so simple to navigate and it looks very modern. The integration with analytics is great and the Google algorithm changes indicator is a nice touch. More importantly, rankings seem to be very accurate.

Ow, and it may not sound like a big deal, but the possibility to reorder keywords by dragging them up and down is a blessing to me. My current (soon to be ex) rank tracker does not allow reordering and it’s a nightmare… The Ctr+f kind of nightmare

The customer support is also 5 tacos! I had an issue and it was solved in a professional and quick manner.

It looks like more cool features are coming. I saw you included the feature I suggested about keyword cannibalization in your plans, in Trello. Thanks for listening. When you update your tool with such features, please don’t forget to make them available to us sumolings, your first supporters.

Quite some interested users are asking for higher keyword limits. As a suggestion, maybe you could give the possibility to also check rankings every 2 or 3 days, or maybe even weekly, instead of the maximum 24 hour limit. That way, a user wouldn’t use so many resources and you could extend the keyword limits.

If SerpWatch keeps going in the right direction, it will be one of the best. But even at this early stage, it’s already highly recommended.

The next big thing in SEO!

We started testing this tool in its early stages months ago, and we knew it was something we should keep an eye on. Now that we purchased the full version and saw its fancy new interface and all of the added features, we know we were right! In a short period of time, it has come a long way and our guess is that it’s just going to keep on getting better!

It’s an awesome tool for SEO professionals and companies like ours that are in the affiliate sphere simply because we’re constantly notified about what’s happening to our projects. We were pretty happy with Serprobot in the past and thought Serpwatch was something similar. In reality, Serpwatch is some next-level stuff! It’s basically like having your own personal Google Stalker that’s telling you where you are now, what your competitors are doing and what you should focus on. We can react quickly instead of wasting time on constant analysis.

Also, something we greatly appreciate is their knowledge base – literally, every question we had about the usability was there, and more.

So yeah, we’re definitely eager to see what’s next in store for SerpWatch Coupon Code and will keep on using it! 5 tacos for you guys!