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Ora 3 Coupon Code

Introducing Ora 3 Coupon Code

Ora 3 is an all-in-one platform featuring project management, team chat, time tracking, and reporting.

Ditch your work chat app and get it bundled with all your project management straight out of the box.

Ora 3 lets you create channels for any topic, collaborate with partners, and add your clients to a channel for easy communication.

You can also use voice and video chat up to 15 people, with the option to share your screen for streamlined conversations.

Start a discussion thread inside any channel, plus send files and links without leaving Ora 3.

Skip the endless copy-and-pasting with task comments automatically transferred to your channel discussions.

All of your task comments are made into a discussion thread inside a chat channel named after that project.

That means that you can easily iterate on ideas without cramping up your task card. You’ll save scroll time because the info is kept inside the task card.

Even better, team members can leave specific feedback on images, videos, PDFs, so you’ll know exactly what they’re talking about (and avoid another meeting on your calendar).

Much like your favorite (see: only) hairstylist, Ora 3 makes sure your projects are in excellent hands.

You’ll be able to see tasks from different projects assigned to you or your team.

Plus, the inbox gives you a look at all the unscheduled tasks from different projects to get a better idea of your pipeline.

Filter tasks by team members, projects, and task states for easy viewing, and schedule work by simply right-clicking on any card.

Good deal

This is one of those deals that are worth it. Good quality and support.

Over the past months I have backed several deals and most of them are on BETA or MVP stage. There is nothing bad about that, and that is the main reason why Appsumo exists. Life-time value deals for $49 you can not expect Hubspot, Atlassian or any other big name to offer a solution at this price. So yes, I expect bugs and unfinished products.

Bu Ora is well done and support is great. This is one of those deals that is actually a good deal.

Thank you Ora team and Bo.

Ora Works

I have just recently launched my Marketing Agency and signed up for ORa last week. I have been using it to set up my projects to collaborate with clients. I love that clients can view the boards without full-functionality.
I also really appreciated that I could import my Trello boards and they transfer over beautifully.
One thing I would love more of is templates for boards as I found Trello has a lot more available. It does help to kickstart a project.
I think for this lifetime price it is definitely worth it.

Quick to Setup & Easy to Use!

I’ve been using the free version of Ora since 2019 and when I saw this deal it was a no-brainer!

Prior to using Ora, I was a Trello user, but I much prefer Ora, as it just had so much more built into it from the get go (no addons needed!). My 2 favourite features that I love to use is the timing tasks feature, to keep track of our hours on a job and the time estimate feature, so we can see how long we should take to do a job.

I’ve been so happy with this software over the years, but adding in the paid features has just increased my team’s happiness as we can now create recurring tasks and auto assign people when a card moves into a column. Plus we have a follow up column, so we get to use a list action that sets the date to 5 days later – no need to waste your time figuring out what date to follow up with a client!

There’s probably a bunch more of the paid features we have yet to explore, but so far our team has been very happy uncovering all the gems that Ora has to offer – This is well worth purchasing!

So far I am almost in love!

I jumped on this deal because I wanted something that I could bring clients into again. I used to have Trello and having clients added was nice. I am a one person shop though, so I don’t want to pay agency prices for clients to be included so this seemed perfect. Still learning the interface and honestly I tend to like lists better (AKA ClickUp) but I think I am slowly learning how to get that view be easily found. There is a lot of potential. I especially like the chat functionality, so I don’t have to be with my VA in Slack and in the project management tool. Have REALLY high hopes, still getting started.

This one is a winner

First off, it has some bugs specially in the apps, quite a few actually. FORGET THAT AND BUY IT!

Ora is a winner. It’s a solid well-designed project management and collaboration tool. The UI is slick and modern, all its features work together harmoneously, and has some quite neat set of productivity spices

The Ora team are nice and responsive, support is considerably fast albeit being in the middle of a campaign

I was relying heavily on Slack to manage my team. I’m whole heartedly replacing it with Ora, just waiting for the chat features in the mobile app to get released, as it is quite a core features

I trust Ora team. They’ve been around for at least 6 or 7 years of ongoing development and improvement. That’s why I’m not concerned about the (many) bugs I found both in iPhone and macOS apps. I trust they’ll not let us down (you are reading this, Nikolay, aren’t you? 😉)

Stack all the way up, or as much as you need in the future. I beleive it’s a great invesmtent

Rock solid data integrity

This was one of my first Appsumo purchases. I don’t utilize it nearly to the extent it could be, and still I’d buy it again if I had to. Something just clicks, it’s easy. I can add a task, drag a task, duplicate a list and deploy a simple checklist for me to follow to make sure I crossed all my i’s and dotted all my t’s.

I contacted support on a weekend in a panic. I was using the desktop app and I put a bunch of notes from a zoom meeting with a bunch of bigwigs and I lost the crucial notes I had taken. It was now the weekend and I needed to access those notes so I could finish the first section by Monday.

Response was snappy, and he troubleshooted everything. I explained that the data was not replaceable. He worked step by step to troubleshoot. In troubleshooting he explained on a very granular level exactly how important data integrity is to ORA, and how many failsafes the system goes through to guarantee it is never lost.

Once I had a clear understanding of the function of the app and we dug into the logs I realized my claim was impossible. The only explanation is that I saved the notes to the wrong task. During the all important zoom meeting, when I realized my screen share allowed my clients to see my entire client list I quickly clicked into their file and started taking notes. The only problem was that in my haste I clicked the wrong file!

When we realized my issue was entirely human error the engineer whom I was speaking with was relieved, not annoyed, and said, “Oh my gosh! That’s great news, I’m so glad you have your data! I was really worried that we had let you down and mostly just concerned to patch the bug immediately.”

Whether or not he was thinking, “This guy’s an idiot.” remains to be seen, because he was a class act all the way.

So why am I telling this embarrassing story publicly when I haven’t reviewed 5% of the products I’ve purchased on Appsumo? Because it’s worth telling an embarrassing story about myself to impress upon you this:

Your data integrity and security is fundamental to how this product is made, and the support is top notch. It’s a fun, quick, easy to use app and you can depend on it to keep your data secure. I’d be interested to learn which coding language it was made in because it is rock solid.

I just can’t say enough good things. Buy it. Stack some codes. You won’t regret it.

Ora-ganising my life.

I’ve been looking at a few tools on here for PM work, including organising my life, business, education.

I often find they get in the way of productivity rather than drive it because they’re so overwhelming. On a few occasions, I’ve had to refund as they’ve just not worked for me.

As an example, I spent a few hours yesterday trying to set up another PM tool from AppSumo with my calendar, GoogleDrive etc and it just wouldn’t work. 1 or 2 tasks would appear, others wouldn’t and there was no clear reason why, the platform was unstable…you know? The stuff you don’t want to see. So I refunded, frustrated and really quite put off.

The day before I tried another one and first impressions completely killed it for me. I refunded that too.

I picked up Ora this morning in an effort to make up for the time lost messing around with other tools that didn’t fit the bill. I set myself up a basic project, for an educational research project I’m working on. I connected my calendar with a 2-way sync and Google Drive and that was me, good to go in about 10 minutes. It would probably take around 20 minutes to get a team of 5 set up on this too and we’d all be on the same page or we could all do it together as it’s not that complicated.

I’m currently only using it for myself before I add employees and partners but i have to say, this is probably my favourite project management tool I’ve used, early days perhaps but I’ve not encountered a single issue. I was using Nifty before and chances are I’ll continue to for one of my companies but Ora hits home, it just works and in any business owner’s life, I think that’s very important.

So easy to get started
Nice UI
Packed with features yet isn’t overwhelming.
It’s a solid platform, no stability issues or glitches to report.
User experience has been excellent.

User counts are quite low per code, I bought 4 and will probably max stack anyway, I’d ideally like to be able to add users in the future while maintaining my AppSumo LTD.
I’ve spent the whole morning working with Ora and I haven’t found any other complaints…Maybe more integrations though I could do that with their API and Syncspider or use Zapier? 🤷🏼‍♂️

If you’re looking for a PM tool, I’d recommend taking a chance on Ora 3 Coupon Code before all the others on here….because I’ve tried them all now and it might save you a ton of time 🤣