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Coupon Details

Nimbus Note Coupon Code: Click on the button above and the official site would open in a new tab and the coupon would be shown here. Copy the coupon and apply that while making the payment to get Nimbus Note Lifetime Deal.

Make use of the special Nimbus Note coupon code above to access discount page and save 97% off your next purchase of Nimbus Note by Pavel & Nimbus Note Team.Take note that the special offer above is available for a short time only, and may expire at any time. Simply click the button above to reveal and copy your Nimbus Note Coupon Discount Code and use it to get your limited-time only deal. Since Nimbus Note launched for it’s excellent value, one-time pricing

Nimbus Note Coupon Code

Introducing Nimbus Note Coupon Code

Nimbus Note is a comprehensive platform for organizing notes, documents, and projects from multiple sources into a collaborative digital environment.

Unlike people who ask if you’re ticklish, Nimbus Note respects your boundaries.

That’s why each workspace is isolated, with its own access permissions, branding, and third-party integrations.

For collaboration, you can quickly manage all workspaces and team members with the Organization Console—plus, every workspace includes an unlimited nested folder structure with tags and favorites.

You’ll have complete control over who accesses these workspaces with flexible permissions, as well as guest accounts, so customers can see just how organized you are.

Nimbus Note works with a revolutionary block editor for endless flexibility.

In addition to arranging text how you like it, you can embed files, audio, and video without ever missing a beat.

You can also embed widgets and websites like Google Maps, YouTube, Google Docs, and Google Drive, with the option to insert bookmarks and code snippets.

Plus, real-time editing also makes collaboration a cinch, and Nimbus Note even works offline to make it the perfect companion anywhere.

Nimbus tables will save you from clunky third-party solutions for simple tasks.

Each table can act as a lightweight spreadsheet or database, with the ability to create mixed tables with regular cells and database objects like attachments, ratings, and multiple-selects.

You’ll also be able to connect your domain and set your logos to add your brand to the Nimbus Note experience.

For custom domains, you can add HTML or JS code for integration with services like chatbots, analytics, and more.

As a bonus, you can scan documents with your phone camera and put them straight into your notes from the mobile apps to access them anywhere (instead of losing them forever).

Need to visualize feedback on a new feature or project?

Use Nimbus Capture to record desktop videos with a live feed from your camera, plus make quick on-screen annotations and add screenshots.

All captured content can either be uploaded to public pages or a specific group to control privacy.

Public pages on Nimbus allow you to publish information in a single note, or use the nested folder structure for more detailed projects.

From there, you can build a closed information system for your team or customers without adding in additional members.

You can even get a code of shared Nimbus Pages and embed all of them into your website or blog.

It works just like embedding videos, but you can link to a nested folder structure with all your fancy Nimbus Notes on display.

What makes us unique and what we do better compared to others 🤖

Structure is what will make you a winner 📚
Branding, Custom Domain, JS Injections 🧲
Super documents based on blocks🧱
Access from everywhere even offline📲
Complimentary solutions to make your day happier🥳 :
Embedding and password for Public Pages🧰
Use templates to start quickly and achieve more🛠

More unique solutions coming up. Imagine that you have one no-brainer app to collect and organize all your information in one place, which is fully associated with YOUR brand and can be extended with scripts and embeds. That’s what Nimbus is about.

Why I launched Nimbus🤓 ?

We all are swamped with tasks, initiatives, duties, and goals. If we want to be not only effective and efficient, we do need to organize that properly. Moreover, we don’t want to waste time for setting up and managing the tool, we need to get things done. Period. No time-waste for complexity. Simplicity and efficiency – our pillars and motto.

Who is our audience👍 ?

Nimbus is helping more than 1 million users around the globe to get their things done with our Nimbus Note, Capture, and Clipper. Solopreneurs, marketing teams, researchers, educators, support staff, everyone who appreciates simplicity and need results.

Can you trust us🔑 ?

Everyone is worrying when they share information with any third-parties. We take that seriously. Your information is your information, and we don’t go beyond items required for providing you with a proper service. Being a US company and compliant with the strict regulations for educational applications, we know what privacy means.

Why AppSumo😍?

We believe that all companies should listen to their audience and act accordingly. AppSumo unites tech-savvy and experienced users whose feedback and insights can help us reach another level of service and allow our users to become more productive. We have a closed group where I actively participate and interact with Nimbus Enthusiasts. Let’s build cool products together!

What’s next in our roadmap📈 ?

Some small items: iOS 14 widgets, backlinks, advanced embeds, iFrames;
Features for creating public knowledge bases;
Provide option to monetize your organizations and workspaces
Continue moving towards white label solution;
More database functionality;
Zappier integration, API & Webhooks;
VPS solution, potentially On-Premise;
and much more.

Hooray! A next generation notes app that doubles as a client portal

So many awesome reviews here and I’m on board as well. I have been looking for something to get me OFF google drive, but I have been hesitant to just put everything on my wordpress sites because if they go down and customers can’t get docs…well it’s nice to spread it around, right?

Nimbus just solved all of my problems, basically. How I will use it:

PDF storage and delivery in a branded portal
Customer onboarding
Personal notes and to-dos
Communication with my team
Tutorials and reviews
Feedback from clients and colleagues
Curating for social media
Screenshots and annotations

Why Nimbus not Notion

I am Notejoy and Notion user here,

I am left notejoy because not much improvement and stay with notion after that.

we can found bunch of endorse from gurus, to use notion in youtube.
I enjoy notion template but after some time i found that notion is too complicated for me.

Glad after that my team suggest me to try Nimbusweb,

there is my positive experience:
✅ its light compare to others
✅ Easy to use and no simple onboarding
✅ i love the table feature, it helps me
✅ easy to use
✅ wow dark mode is cool

honestly, the free version is generous, and enough for starter, but i advice to you dont skip this amazing appsumo offer, thanks me later

I moved away from boring apps

This is the first time I use another app out of the default apps I have on my cellphone and Google Keep. I used to think that note apps are only for capturing ideas and quick notes (as their names) so the more simple they are, the easier to use.

A friend of mine suggested Nimbus Note and told me just to give it a try. So I took the deal and fell in love half an hour later. The app is still simple to use but comes with many features. I can split a note into many parts with headings, paragraphs, lists, tasks… All things can be converted to other types, change the background, add subtext (which I really like).

The most surprised me is the Templates. I just need to choose one and edit as my needs. Saving a lot of time doing from scratch. By the templates, I found out I can do many other things than only notes as database and table. The table style in Yearly Performance Review template took my mind away.

After “giving it a try”, I have no reason to go back to the boring apps I had used for years. Nimbus Note still has many things for me to explore.

1. The dark mode saves my eyes at night! Thank you!
2. As I know Google Keep has no export feature to import to other app but it would be great if there is a way to import notes from Google Keep to Nimbus Note.

Too good to be true.

The best investment this year our team has made.
Struggling in manage bundle of documents for the team by using some free platform market. Currently using Google docs for wiki and training but the structure is a mess with us.
Never thought that this will come to Appsumo since the platform too solid to be a lifetime deal.
Has stack 10 codes and find out some pros and cons so far
+ Set own domain for the team in no times (CNAME)
+ Can customize your own logo
+ Can add html/js to page
+ HTML / JS injections for integrations (chatbots)
+ Convert text from the image by OCR (Not try yet but promising)
+ App for android/ios (need improvement)
+ Taking a screenshot, video with
+ Document chat does not implement yet.
Above is just some point that recognized. Still keep playing around and move all our documents to Nimbus.
A great deal so far and recommend take it before it gone.

Looking Good So Far

My list-making is usually confined to Anylist and a combination of Apple reminders/notes. I’m really hoping Nimbus Notes can get me more organized, and so far it looks promising. My main challenge right now is just the learning curve, but templates and the help area should be a great way to learn all of the features and capabilities of Nimbus.

Adding a custom subdomain using CNAME was easy but I had to submit the info a few times on the Nimbus site to get it to save for some reason. I also had an issue where trying to add a template was giving me an error but I’m sure support can get that figured out. A few hiccups but overall I’m really looking forward to using Nimbus for my life & business.

This will replace couple of tools we are using

We were blown away when we saw what Nimbus Note can do and the number of features it has.
So far we were using Evernote, Snagit, Google docs and dozens of other tools to create briefs, knowledge base, client onboarding, tasks, etc.. with Nimbus now we have everything in one place 🙂 We went with multiple codes as we are looking to fully integrate Nimbus Note Coupon Code into our process and use it with all our clients.