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NiftyPM Coupon Code > Lifetime Access 96% Off Promo Deal

Introducing NiftyPM Coupon Code

NiftyPM is a remote collaboration hub designed to help you manage projects, goals, files, and teams, all in one place.

Designed to keep everyone on the same page (literally), Nifty lets you view all your work in one simple, interactive dashboard, from project files to deadlines.

Projects thrive when they’re built around Nifty’s Milestones, which break down into small, action-driven tasks that bring you closer to your project goals.

With Nifty’s clean interface, you can track task assignments, activities, and time logs across projects.

Filter tasks by due dates, task assignees, and Milestones to see exactly where you and your team stand with your project progress. No more trying to guess who’s doing what.

You can also automate your progress tracking based on task completion to provide real-time project reporting and status updates.

Collaboration and communication come together beautifully in Nifty’s project Discussions.

Connect with your team and your clients with real-time messaging to share ideas, collect feedback, and turn talk into action by converting any message into a task.

Create group chats or slide into a team member’s DMs for 1:1 discussions.

Plus, Nifty integrates with Zoom to seamlessly escalate team chats to an audio or video meeting.

Every superhero team needs a hub. Nifty gives your team a place to work together anywhere, at any time.

Create shared documents and notes, and invite anyone to view, comment or edit.

You can also access and share files from your computer, Dropbox, or integrate with Google Drive.

Need to find a file quickly? Go to your profile and view all file uploads across projects and discussions.

Nifty is a project management and team collaboration tool spun from the woes of trying to scale a digital design and development agency across a fractured ecosystem of multiple tools.

If you get a minute, I’ve written a piece on the inspiration behind Nifty which can be found here:

Here are some brand new features that went live just yesterday!
– A Calendar for your team’s tasks as well as a personal Calendar which can have a one-way sync from Google
– The ability to share project task boards and Milestone roadmaps publicly via links (we’ll be sharing our own public Roadmap by early next week!)
– A GitHub integration to track commits, merges, and pull requests from a task’s Activity Log
– Pinnable messages within a project’s Discussion


–Guest Collaboration & Branding–
• Do I need a license for Guests?
Nope! Guests are not part of your team and do not require an AppSumo code.

• What can Guests do in Nifty?
Guests can create, complete, and be assigned tasks, as well as communicate with your team via Project Discussions and Task Comments. Guests cannot Direct Message team members.

• Can Guests see my other projects?
Guests can only see the data of the project (or projects) they’re in. In fact, they won’t even see the name of the Portfolio their project is in! They can also access Overview to see the Milestones of all of their projects on one screen. Guests must be invited to projects and cannot be invited to the entire portfolio as that is a team member functionality.

• Does Nifty have Whitelabeling?
You are able to input your team’s avatar in the top left corner of your workspace to put your brand at the forefront.

• Does Nifty have CNAME support / custom domains?
This is on our product roadmap and will be available for our AppSumo friends.

• Does Nifty Have Budget Tracking?
Nifty currently allows you to track time on tasks in a project and calculate that time based on a certain rate (or rates). We are looking to further this functionality to include estimated project budgets as well.

• Does Nifty have Invoicing?
Nifty does not currently have invoicing, but it is on our Product Roadmap.

–Integrations / Imports / API–

Nifty Currently has native integrations with:
• Google AuthGDrive and Docs (personal Drives, not Team Drives — though they’ve been requested)
• GitHub
• Zoom
• Zapier

Nifty can import data from:
•JIRA / .csv coming soon

• Does Nifty have an Open API and Webhooks?
Both of these items are on our product roadmap and will be available through our AppSumo plan.

–AppSumo Integration Requests–
We’ve received the desire to integrate with other AppSumo products such as:
• Vectera
• SuiteDash
• Ora

• Is Nifty available in other languages?
Nifty is currently only available in English, however our program supports international keyboards. Feel free to request a language in our Help Center.

NiftyPM so powerful that make Trello look like toys for babies, The UI is also mesmerizing.

Hoping for the following features in the future:
– Advanced file manager, where I can upload folder (not only file) from my computer.
– Android Widget for “My Tasks”
– Nifty Icon on mobile showing red notification number like Whatsapp.
– More powerful note features, like Google Keep or Evernote.
– More complete chat features like Slack, with profile display and other advanced features.
– Downloadable report of the completed task (with its story point) for each team member (I will use this to pay my team, instead of with hourly rate).

Almost there!

I gave it 5 tacos, because I generally love it and believe it’ll improve further. We got a team of about 30 slowly switching to this and testing it’s boundaries.

Coming from an Asana background, few things that are on my personal wish-list and potential bugs I’ve picked up.

– Can’t shuffle Projects or Portfolio items, they only appear in alphabetical order. Would be good we if could PIN them, that way the most current/important ones stay at the top.

– When looking at a specific task, I need to physically close it. Ideally, clicking away from the window should close it (improve workflow)

– When I go to a Project, the view always defaults to it’s original state (eg List View instead of Kanban). If we could keep the view by default, would save us some time.

– When a task is archived, it goes to a Completed List. In Asana, it stays in the same list, but lists at the bottom (crossed out, faded grey). Or at least, when unarchiving, by default show which list it was under before (hard to know when there are many completed tasks and don’t know where they came from)

– Formatting (bullet point, bold, italics) in comments and descriptions would be a nice addition

And there are a few bugs we’ve picked up so far:

– Android app notifications pop up, but when you tap on it – you get forwarded to a default screen (not a message or reminder, as an example). So need to manually look for it each time

– Android app Task Reminder doesn’t provide information as to which Project or Task list it belongs to, only gives you a Task name (which is not enough). Reminders on Desktop are fine.

– When reminder date/time is changed, it still pops up on the time it was set initially. Looks like a small system bug.

– The actual system is pretty slow at times. Might be a big increase in traffic, but for busy projects/teams this can be a deal breaker

– The import from Asana to Nifty was perfect. How about export from NiftyPM Coupon Code back to Asana, how well would that work?

I’ve seen the roadmap and took some of our feedback off as it was already covered in it. Glad this is improving and growing, looking forward to further updates!