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Here’s why this is such a good deal:

Web Hosting traditionally
always charges a monthly

For example: A basic shared
hosting starter pack over
Host Gator usually sells
for around $5.95 per

(This is one of the cheapest
hosting packages I’ve found
out there)

$5.95 doesn’t sound like very
much but over time it adds

So is this ‘One-Time’ Hosting For You?

It depends…

You might have received a
few emails about this product
already claiming that you
will NEVER have to pay
for hosting again.

Here’s my thoughts on that:

First: This hosting might
not be for you.

It all depends at what stage
your internet business is

Not all hosting is created equal.

Everyone who has an online
business or a website needs
a ‘hosting account’ there
is no way to avoid it.

With that in mind it’s
important that you understand
a bit about the types of
hosting that people


The two types of hosting that
I’ve used are:

– Shared Hosting

This is where you are
sharing a server with
many other different
people and their
websites. You wont
see who is also on
the server.

There will be some limitations
to speed and data as a
result of being shared.

(Most businesses online
use this type of hosting)

– Dedicated Hosting

This is where you are the
only one on the server
and you’re guaranteed
a certain amount of
data and speed.

This is the server type
most Jvzoo marketers
use when they launch
a product.

(I pay $165 per month for
a dedicated solution)


What kind of server is ‘Lifetime Hosting’?

Lifetime Hosting offers
you ‘Shared Hosting’.

That means that you’re
on a server with a
number of other

There is nothing wrong with
Shared Hosting. In fact I
used Shared Hosting for
the first year of my
online marketing

Shared Hosting is perfect
when you’re getting started

You can host sales pages,
Basic WordPress sites,
Opt-in pages, Membership
websites and more.

When you start generating
more traffic or your website
becomes ‘really big’ then you
will probably need to
switch to ‘Dedicated

Is this right for you?

If you’re already paying
monthly for a shared hosting
solution from say ‘hostgator’
for example then this is
a really good alternative.

It’s a one off cost and it’s
backed by a company that
currently services over
50,000 customers.

You can realistically save
up to $100 per year using
this hosting instead of
a shared hosting solution.

In fact I had a talk with
the creator of this hosting

He has sent me proof of how some
customers have been comfortably
generating 30,000+ visitors
per month on their lifetime
hosting server without
any issues.

I recommend watching my video
today on this hosting account
to find out more.

There are some restrictions
however in my opinion for
a one time cost this is
a really good deal.

Also Included:

One of the best parts of
hosting with ‘Lifetime Hosting’
is that you can also become
an affiliate for them.

Anyone who is a customer of
theirs automatically becomes
an affiliate (It’s part of
their pricing strategy).

You can sell ‘hosting’ as an
affiliate with Lifetime
Hosting after you sign
up and get paid 50%
each sale you make.

This is a very high
payout compared with
other hosting providers
who have an affiliate