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Have you ever noticed that when you share a YouTube video on Facebook, that it doesn’t seem to reach as many people as an image does (or a video uploaded directly to FB)?

If you have, it isn’t your imagination. Facebook actually determines how many of your friends or followers see your posts, and depending on what is posted, that number changes.

As a result, when you post a YouTube video, that post gets placed in front of FAR less people than a nice image would, This means that you are losing out on views, traffic and sales.

Some professionals say to post a screenshot from the YouTube video, and then have a link in the description to watch. While this will get that post in front of more people, the extra step will also limit the number of people that will click and watch.

But there is a better way! With LetClicks, you can post a screenshot from a video (even put a faux ‘play’ button) and when people click that image. it will instantly open in YouTube. This will give you more reach with your post, and more views due to the instant click-through.

But that’s not all! We all see how popular Animated Gifs and memes have become on Facebook. EVERYONE posts them, as they are fun and often can go viral. Well imagine if you can take advantage of the vitality of animated gifs and memes by having them click directly to the site of your choice?

This means all those people that share that content will be clicking to your offers, which means more traffic and sales for you!

Normally, clicking on an image just shows people a bigger version of the image. But now you can gain the upper-hand, by having that click drive to your content. And best part is, with LetClicks… it’s SIMPLE!