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LeadBlasta Coupon Code: Click on the button above and the official site would open in a new tab and the coupon would be shown here. Copy the coupon and apply that while making the payment to get LeadBlasta .

Make use of the special LeadBlasta coupon code above to access discount page and save 72% off your next purchase of LeadBlasta from Tony Hayes. Take note that the special offer above is available for a short time only, and may expire at any time. Simply click the button above to reveal and copy your LeadBlasta Coupon Discount Code and use it to get your limited-time only deal. Since LeadBlasta launched for it’s excellent value, one-time pricing

LeadBlasta Coupon Code

Introducing LeadBlasta Coupon Code

LeadBlasta web app creates high-converting lead magnets as Chrome extensions for automated list building with built-in follow-up marketing tools.
Now you can tap into content marketing in a way that’s both easy to manage and builds your audience on autopilot.
What if you could build simple checklists; embed videos, images, and banner ads; put it into the Chrome store as an extension; and watch your email list, SMS list, and push notifications list grow on its own?
People rarely read 5,000-word articles, but that’s what we are told we need to rank, right?
The truth is that people scan those epic blog posts and they are looking for the takeaways — the stuff that’s actionable and that they can implement today.
LeadBlasta built a solution by creating interactive checklists that provide the easy Google rankings, built-in traffic from the Chrome store, and a range of marketing tools to follow up with your audience easily.
All of this comes standard so that you can build a relationship with your target demographic by connecting with them via email, SMS, and push notifications.

LeadBlasta offers a new way to do content marketing, building evergreen lead magnets that people actually want and use as well as offering built in tools for email list building, SMS marketing and Push notifications without any tech knowledge needed.

LeadBlasta creates checklists in a simple way and gives you the ability to add multiple CTA’s and when you are finished it exports a ready made zip file that you simply upload to the chrome store and get your chrome extension live as soon as it is approved (usually within a few hours)

We built LeadBlasta as a solution that provides actionable tips for people to use and implement now via interactive checklists which are superb as lead magnets, promotional bonuses and content upgrades.

People will often scan through long form blog posts and look for the takeaways and this is the perfect solution for you bloggers out there to both map out your content before writing the fully formatted blog post, and at the same time having the perfect content upgrade to offer.

Wow Amazing tool – Amazing Support #A1 all the way

Well I feel its time to finally write the reviews for this awesome product , I bought it before Christmas and didnt have any time to get into creating anything as was to busy with the holidays , one thing I was certain of is when I saw this pop up on my Appsumo page that I was going buy it right away,

I have many of Anthony Hayse products in my software vault .VID attack Alpha , Vip spy, Vidcurrate and a few other and one thing you can always trust is what hes selling works and is produces results , some of them you have to take them time to learn all the features , but once you do the all perform amazing and give you the results they promised to produce .

I knew this leadblaster was going to be the same story and would be amazing and when I saw the steal is was being offered for on Appsumo for $55 dollar I couldnt get my credit card out fast enough. I bought it without even really digging into what it was I just knew if it was Tony’s and it was 60% off that i wasnt going to miss out.

So into the vault it went until about a week ago and i got a email from Tony about this new product launch he was doing for a complete done for your service where Tony and his team would build out the whole google chrome extension for you with all the bell and whistles and optimize ,syndicate and upload the extension 100% hands free. The best part was he was offering it at cost $$ to get some reviews and test out the team in creating these extensions on demand …. yes at cost

I of course took full advantage of this and purchased this offer as well, before he had time to finish the sales page lol , I actually bought 2 of the new Traffic Funnel DFY services and sent of the info to his amazing staff and got a instant email reply from Tony’s personal assistant Tanya confirming they had received order and would have to send me the proper new order form as I had order so fast they had no added the right form into the autoresponder .
Tanya was awesome and with a half hour everything was under way and extension was being build , I have amazing communication and support in coming up with the process and then they put together a master piece , and took care of every detail , answered all my questions , worked and tweaked to app so is was flawless and then took care of all the details ,
I think the only thing I was asked to do during the whole experience was send my login detail and upload a video to my youtube account ,,, Tony and Team took care of me like a King .

After this build and going through the extensive training I went to work creating my own first extension and everytime I had a question I reached out to support and they were ALWAYS there to help and since then I consider them all friends and look forward to many more projects together .

Thanks Again Tony and Tanya !!

Build your own Chrome extension

LeadBlasta helped me build a Google Chrome extension in short time.

It was easy learning the navigation, and easy to use the software.

If I had my content ready, I could’ve built one and submitted it to Google in 60 minutes or less. My next build will probably take less than half the time.

It took Google a day and a half to approve my extension over Thanksgiving Thursday. Probably would’ve been much faster if it wasn’t a holiday.

The software allows you to update your extension even while it’s live. That’s great because my content isn’t finished and I’ll be making updates often.

LeadBlasta has training on the type of content to generate in your niche and how to rank high in Google searches. This’ll be great for organic traffic.

I contacted LeadBlasta support about a minor issue with my account. Tanya, Tony and the team went above and beyond. This is the type of company I love doing business with.

Conclusion: LeadBlasta will help you build a Chrome extension. This should get you traffic, be good for your branding and can be a great avenue for sales.

This is a unique software, and the lifetime deal is amazing. Even at regular price it’s a great investment.

This rocks

This product helped me to close a client in the past. I actually used it to rank for a keyword that gets over 1000 searches per month in the health supplement niche. It took about 16 days to get to page 1 and it has stuck on page 1 since (over 2 months now). My client was very impressed.

I just followed the training tutorial. Their support is top-notch and was willing to help me, whenever I was not clear about something in the tutorial.
This is a great investment, which I think is underpriced, so use the opportunity to purchase now before it expires.
You won’t be disappointed.

Leadblasta is a New way of Ranking fast on Google for FREE.

I have been buying software from Anthony Hayes since 2014 and I have never been disappointed, this is also true for Leadblasta. He is one of these very clever marketers who uses his own software everyday and provides excellent support for his products. He always over delivers on the FREE trainings, webinars and case studies. He thinks outside the box and is passionate about SEO, and as he is the NO.1 SEO expert I know, I had no hesitation buying this product.

Leadblasta is a software to build Google Chrome extensions with a twist. There is no other software like this on the market and for this price it’s a no-brainer. I only wish that Appsumo would allow the ability to stack codes as they do on most other software on their site as I need more than 10 Apps. What I like about Leadblasta is the simple but powerful dashboard for building fast lead magnets. The ability to send push notifications is awesome to message those that may use fake emails. Just think of what this tool saves you on advertising!

This is the perfect tool for FREE audience building and its a fire and forget software.

This is only the start for Leadblasta and this will be improved and added to no doubt by Anthony over time.