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KDMARC Coupon Code: Click on the button above and the official site would open in a new tab and the coupon would be shown here. Copy the coupon and apply that while making the payment to get KDMARC Lifetime Deal.

Make use of the special KDMARC coupon code above to access discount page and save 85% off your next purchase of KDMARC by Pavan Kushwaha .Take note that the special offer above is available for a short time only, and may expire at any time. Simply click the button above to reveal and copy your KDMARC Coupon Discount Code and use it to get your limited-time only deal. Since KDMARC launched for it’s excellent value, one-time pricing

KDMARC Coupon Code

Introducing KDMARC Coupon Code

KDMARC is an email authentication and anti-spoofing tool designed to help you secure and enhance outbound mail flow.

KDMARC delivers all the tools you need to safeguard your outgoing emails from malicious activities and cyber threats like domain forgery, email spoofing, and other phishing attacks.

The tool helps businesses improve email deliverability (bye-bye, bounce rate!), identify top sources abusing their domain, and protect their customers, brand, and domain reputation.

You’ll be able to ditch the DNS and manage DMARC, and SPF in KDMARC’s intuitive dashboard.

The Smart SPF feature allows you to alter IPs and email sources in the SPF record without the need to visit the DNS again and again (and again).

Making sure your time-sensitive emails are delivered to the right inbox is crucial to your business. (Plus, it helps you avoid deploying the “Check your spam folder again!” save.)

KDMARC makes it easy to monitor DMARC compliance for every email sent using your domain.

Get real-time insights into which emails from your organization pass or fail authentication checks (SPF, DKIM, or both).

You can also identify unauthorized sources that may be impersonating your organization.

From there, just customize the percentage of emails on which you want to apply the DMARC policy.

How do you protect yourself if you don’t know what you’re up against? The answer is, you can’t.

That’s why KDMARC not only shows you what’s happening across your domains, but also offers clear action steps to tell you how to stop a threat.

Your email defender sends automated alerts and easy-to-understand reports of threat details via email, with full visibility in the dashboard.

Configure your DMARC record and request a forensic report, which contains message-specific data, such as the date sent, to/from email addresses, plus the subject and body copy of the message.

KDMARC’s threat intelligence automatically provides you with a convenient analysis for the domain.

In four simple steps, it delivers the email domain’s summary record of the past three months together with the threat incurred.

You’ll be able to control user access to critical information within your organization in the Identity Access Management (IAM) tab.

Kratikal is a B2B cybersecurity solutions providing firm. We help enterprises across the globe to combat the cyber security attacks with our innovative tools and services.

One of our industry leading tools is KDMARC. It is an email authentication and anti-spoofing tool which is designed to help you secure outbound email flow and augment your email marketing ROI.

KDMARC helps you to:

Become email deliverability experts
Boost email marketing by boosting your email engagement rate
Maintain your email domain reputation
Detect sources spoofing your email domain
Check your domain if it can be spoofed or not
Secure your email domain against spoofers
Reduce email based attacks like spamming, BEC attacks, etc.
Streamline your outbound mail flow

Email is the prime channel of communication for every organization today and hackers are hell-bent on exploiting it! Which is why we have designed and developed KDMARC, an email domain security tool, to make sure that your brand reputation as well as your customers’ trust remains intact.

And the best part? You can monitor multiple domains at once!

Did you try KDMARC? How was your experience? If you have any issues, queries, or recommendations, please do let us know. We would love to hear your feedback and help you overcome any problems you might be facing.

Q. Is KDMARC integrated with email marketing tools like elasticmail, mailchimp, etc?

KDMARC is not a marketing tool. It is a platform that helps an organization know which are their real email sources, check your SPF, DKIM, DMARC alignment, and help you to increase the email delivery. KDMARC is your one-stop platform for outbound email security. With KDMARC, an organization can gain insight into sources that are trying to forge their domain name.

Q. The tool will help you out with information on how the mail flow is from your domain. You will have to manually configure it yourself after analyzing the data in the KDMARC dashboard. Here is a much better explanation of how KDMARC works:

Q. Can this tool be used for sending emails or it is used only to validate emails?

KDMARC helps you identify the sources which send emails on your behalf. You can have information about which sources send how many emails and whether the emails sent are DMARC capable or not. Generally, the emails which fail the DMARC policy check land in the recipient spam folder.
What are the use cases KDMARC? How it will effectively help businesses?

Here are some use cases of KDMARC which can help your domain to prevent spoofing:
– Prevent brand abuse and protect your consumers.
– Increase your email deliverability.
– Detect and defend email spoofing.
– Boost email engagement rates
– Help to identify your email configuration from SPF, DKIM, and DMARC perspective

Extremely pleased with KDMARC. I run multiple sites and e-mails and more than ever there is some hacker, spammer, spoofer trying to take over my e-mails and misrepresent me and my clients. Some just won’t quit. It’s becoming a huge headache. Have looked for software to solve this but it is $$$ and not easy to work with out of the box.

So when I saw KDMARC, itI had a quick look and copied reviews elsewhere on the web. ll good so I signed up for a code and was able to get going within 5 minutes. There are a lot of bells and whistles here and I am pretty excited to start a long journey… Time for more codes at this offer price.

Great tool to make your domains safer and your email more trustworthy

I’ve seen my share of email spoofing and phishing over the 35 years I’ve been traversing the Internet in all its forms since the early days of Mosaic. I’m familiar with receiving spam email to my inbox that seems to have or did originate from my domains.

I never understood how and why this was possible, but then I started digging into finding a solution to the problem. As other reviewers have pointed out, KDMARC is such a solution. It makes your domain safer, and the email sent out from it more trustworthy. And it does so through a comprehensive dashboard and ease-of-use.

Yes, you can manage DMARC and SPF without KDMARC, but it’s a hassle. At USD 59.- this is a lifetime deal not to be missed, fellow Sumolings!

The easier way to setup DMARC

We had DMARC, SPF and DKIM set up before this deal came along. The problem was the reports that are sent to you are not easy to decipher. They come daily in an XML format, so trying to read them was a pain and I rarely did it. I did find some emails not being delivered but only because someone told me they did not get a certain email. I figured it out digging through the XML DMARC reports. Too complicated and time-consuming.

So I thought I would try KDMARC to see if it would help to make things easier. It gives you nice clear visual reports and way better insight into your email deliverability than those gzipped XML files I had emailed to me every day. Set up was daily straight forward and when I asked a question of support, the response from Pavan was quick and clear.

If you’re going to set up DMARC for your email, KDMARC Coupon Code is the way to go. Time savings and a better view of deliverability with clear reports.