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Coupon Details

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HockeyStack Coupon Code

Introducing HockeyStack Coupon Code

HockeyStack is a fast and easy-to-understand web analytics tool that allows you to track all actions and get actionable insights with 30-second integration.

Every site visitor browses your site differently, and HockeyStack automatically captures exactly how they do it.

After integrating HockeyStack’s cookie-less tracking script, you can collect and analyze each scroll, click, video view, and search—no event tagging or additional actions necessary!

You’ll see all the actions taken by visitors on the users tab, giving you a look at each person’s unique journey. (“Don’t know why this user stayed on the homepage for two hours, but that’s their truth.”)

Lots of data is great, but it’s hard to get much out of a great thing without filters. (Learned this the hard way drinking a cup full of coffee grounds.)

With HockeyStack, you can filter visitors by conversion goals, page views, session properties, or user properties to find the ones you’re looking for.

You don’t need to tag anything or set up track functions to track conversions and other goals either. Create specific goals with “and/or” logic in just seconds—no code involved.

It’s hard to make improvements if you don’t know what kind of issues are on your website.

HockeyStack allows you to get actionable insights from thousands of sessions without having to watch thousands of session replays.

The tool makes it easy to discover what you need to work on next, so you can make improvements, fix your issues, and win big when it comes to conversions.


❤ When do pageviews reset?
Pageviews reset every month!

❤ With which platforms can I integrate HockeyStack?
You can integrate HockeyStack with every platform that accepts external codes. Wix, Squarespace, Woocommerce, Shopify, and all other CMS & E-Commerce platforms can be used with HockeyStack. However, we don’t support AMP right now.

❤ How do I set up HockeyStack?
To add HockeyStack to your website, you just need to copy one line of code and we collect everything automatically! When you first signup, an interactive guide will help you get started!

❤ Do you have guides available?
After you enter your dashboard, you will see onboarding guides for each feature! And we also have video guides available at our help center as well 🙂

❤ Can I share my dashboard with my team/client?
Yes! You can either share your dashboard or invite them as team members in settings?

❤ Can I disable tracking my own visits?
Yes! You can blacklist your IP address in settings. If you have a dynamic IP, you can use your user ID to blacklist your IP. We also have a guide on our help center if you are stuck with anything, you can check our help center!

Simple, Yet Powerful Analytics Tool

I took over a web/marketing project in late March and had an original code for HockeyStack that immediately went to use. I used this along with two other analytics tools as I needed to get something in place quickly that worked and didn’t kill site speed. Of all the tools I tried for a few days, this was one of two that remained tied to the website I was working on.

In a world where cookie-less tracking is going to be the thing, it is nice to find a tool like this that really shines through. I was so happy with how easy it was to create a variety of goals in just a few minutes. This was much easier than using GA and proved to be very effective when needing to quickly glance at data to make shifts to content on the website and to give the team advice on what we needed to do with other marketing efforts (i.e. paid search, social, etc.)

Being able to go to the Users section and quickly (the theme of this tool really is “QUICK”) see what they are doing, how often they are visiting, etc. is really nice as well. I am wishing for SOMETHING more on this, but I can’t quite put my finger on it yet. I think maybe the ability to label the users would be great, for sure, though.

The only thing that I haven’t had much use for yet is the Insights section. It IS in beta, and I am certain has a tremendous amount of potential, but it currently doesn’t provide much insightful data. I think for now the best case is to run through it and find a gem hiding amongst the otherwise not-so-useful data.

Otherwise, support has been absolutely amazing. The team obviously listens to feedback and I see this tool as one that will continue to evolve. As long as it remains lightweight and provides the information needed for all types of marketers (ecommerce, blogging/content, etc) to succeed, this could be an absolute treasure that no one will have wanted to miss out on. I highly recommend it and think you’ll find a tremendous value to HockeyStack as well.

A fine balance between Google Analytics, GTM and Hotjar

HockeyStack is a perfect solution who want to get best of both the GTM and Hotjar worlds.

Mainly you have two types of analytics:

– Google Analytics and GTM – Advanced and needs some coding for implementation
– Hotjar and Microsoft Clarity – For heatmaps and session recordings

HockeyStack takes the best of both the worlds. It gives you the power of Google Analytics with the simplicity of Hotjar. I’m impressed.

VIDEO REVIEW 📹 – (with chapter markers)

What I liked?

👍 Very slick UI/UX

👍 Very light on your page. Even lighter than GA according to developers and ofcourse Hotjar (pagespeed reports in the above video 🚀).

👍 Ability to see whole users’ journey on your website!!

👍 Comes with easy goals and funnels feature. Great for CRO and UX optimizations

👍 The whole tool is cookieless, the future. Server handles the job even tracking returning users!

👍 Comes with dashboard sharing features. Great for agencies.

👍 Their smart insights feature is next-level, feels like AI suggestions! Saves a lot of ton when handling clients for sure to delight them that you pay attention to details 😉

👍 Automatic funnels and filters by page, source, and goals are there in the roadmap. The team is OBSESSED with automation as my research, that’s a BIG PLUS.

👍 GDPR compliance

👍 Dark mode 🌙

What I didn’t like?

👎 No ability to export the reports to CSV

👎 Quite limited as of now compared to say Google Analytics

Comparison with Google Analytics and Hotjar

First with Google Analytics.

GA and GTM are free. But how many of you guys use them to the fullest? Why don’t you? They’re complex. Only Google’s AI use the data to the fullest :p

HockeyStack is a tool that you ACTUALLY USE – 100% of the features.


Simplicity and ease of use.

Almost all the features are accessible within 2-3 clicks.

When it comes to comparison with Hotjar or Microsoft Clarity:

Although you won’t get heatmaps and recordings with HS, you get the scroll depth and user behavior drill down, what elements they clicked on, what pages they browsed. I would rather analyze things like this rather than spending time to watch the users’ screen recordings.

They are coming with a lot of features for great eCommerce integration. Copied from their roadmap – “Automatic product selection, converting them into goals, a separate product goals page with conversion rates, referrers, and the products they have seen before purchasing”.

If you are running an eCom business, or have an agency, it can save you a LOTTT of time is managing clients. Say goodbye to coding fuss! Embrace the NOCODE movement!


Praise be, the days of Google Analytics are behind us! With HockeyStack you can have all your important analytics information available at a moment’s notice!

Emir personally made sure I was up an running and everything was working smoothly, but it’s hard to imagine anyone would need help installing this simple, but powerful tool because of how easy they make it! I switched to dark mode which looks fantastic on my screen and with upcoming ecommerce plugins, functionality keeps improving.

I even inadvertently referred to it once as “HoneyStack” I guess because the UI and UX are so sweet!

The other positive reviews are accurate! It’s hard to overstate how much you’ll appreciate the simplicity and usefulness of the data displayed compared to other analytics programs so I’m all in with HockeyStack and I’m not looking back. The only question is whether I need to stack additional codes!


One word: WOW.

I never bothered setting up tags in Google Analytics because it’s a total pain. UI is not Google’s cup of tea. So I used Microsoft Clarity. It worked well, and it was free. However, it only recorded about 50% of my traffic, and going through each recording was a real pain. Over time, the novelty wore off, and I stopped checking it.

This brings me to HockeyStack. I can instantly see what my users are clicking on without watching boring videos. This is even before I’ve created a funnel! As soon as I create goals and funnels in the program, I can start tracking all the stuff I want!

– Fast
– Tracks every visitor
– Tracks every visitor’s action
– Simple to use
– Funnel creation is powerful, especially with Regex
– The automatic insights are fantastic
– The roadmap has automatic funnels (which sounds fantastic) and funnel filters by page, source, and goal (which is much needed)
– Oh, and did I mention the site speed hit? I didn’t because there isn’t any!

This program appears so simple to a new user that they might not understand its full potential. There might be some tweaks to the user interface or perhaps even an additional demo site bundled into each user’s account to show them how powerful this tool is.
– New(er) company, so I hope they stick around. However, if the power of this tool is any indication, HockeyStack is the next big thing in visitor analytics and tracking.
– I thought it was called HoneyStack for the longest time…


BUY it now.

How many codes?

– If you are solo and have a site or two, then get at least one code. You’ll probably never have 250k visitors a month.

– If you are an agency, full-stack this bad boy.

– If you are addicted to LTDs and have yet to seek counseling, full-stack.

Probably, the easiest analytics tool you will ever find

I have tried many analytics tools in the past including the ones with the session recordings and found them either interfering with our website performance or just providing some useless data that you don’t know what to do with.
Initially, I got attracted to the HockeyStack concept due to simplicity and the fact that they offered a cookieless solution.
The app has exceeded my expectations. It’s super easy to define goals and funnels and track the data you are interested in.
In particular, I wanted to determine the percentage of customers who don’t complete the checkout after viewing particular products and added them to the shopping cart and voilà, it just takes a few minutes to configure this funnel. Then you can analyze the customer journey and figure out what can be done to reduce the drop-out rate. Amazing!
And did I mention that the support is great? I had a few questions on a few occasions and got an answer through their online chat support within 15 minutes.