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Frase Coupon Code > Lifetime Access 85% Off Promo Deal

Introducing Frase Coupon Code

Frase is an AI-powered tool that identifies the questions your audience is asking and creates detailed content briefs for answer-focused, SEO-friendly content.

Question-focused search queries are an SEO goldmine.

Frase helps you identify the questions your website visitors want answered with the Google Search Console.

With this integration, you can visualize all the questions that your visitors are asking on Google that bring them to your website.

Frase automatically clusters these questions into groups. With paired data like ranking, impressions, and clicks, this allows you to easily identify topics with high traffic potential.

If you’re tired of going down the endless Reddit rabbit hole, Frase crawls forums so you don’t have to.

See what questions your audience is asking on Google, Quora, Reddit, and other forums in a matter of seconds.

Make sure visitors never have to leave your website to find the answers they need, so you don’t lose them to distracting the Keanu Reeves conspiracy theories online (they do exist…).

Now that you’ve got the necessary knowledge, Frase kickstarts the creation process with its content briefs.

You’ll get a full-length, in-depth content brief in under 12 seconds for any topic or query that you want to rank for.

That’s right. You won’t be stuck mining sources or traipsing through Google for hours, only to have to condense it all into a brief yourself.

Frase makes the content brief process just what it should be: brief. You’re welcome.

Frase uses AI to automate researching user intent, creating content briefs, and optimizing content for SEO.

Companies like Neil Patel, Microsoft, Drift, and hundreds of others use Frase to 10X their content output and ensure that they’re creating content their audience actually wants to read.

**Who is Frase for?**

Our customer base is split almost perfectly between:

-marketing/content agencies that want to streamline their content research process
-in-house marketers looking to create better content, faster

**Why is Frase special?**

Frase uses advanced Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology that did not exist 18 months ago. With this technology, we can:

-Create full-length content briefs in under 11 seconds
-Identify the questions (aka user intent) your audience is asking across dozens of digital channels.
-Perform AI-assisted content optimization that can bring you from the 10th results page to the first.

**How do I get started?**

Check out our:

-Getting Started Guides:
-Help Center:


**What’s a Document?**

A document is an AI-powered content creation tool that you can use to generate content briefs, optimize existing content, or write content from scratch. Using Frase documents exponentially increases the speed at which you can create high quality content by automating the most tedious aspects of the research process.

**What integrations are available?**

WordPress: publish from Frase into your WordPress CMS.
HubSpot COS: publish from Frase into your HubSpot CMS.
Mailchimp: publish from Frase in your Mailchimp campaign.
Google Drive: save back-up copies of your Frase documents into Google Docs.
Google Search Console: analyze traffic data and crawl your website pages.

**Do you have a partner program that agencies can participate in to create new retainer revenue and/or resell Frase to their clients?**

Sure do! Learn more here:

**What’s an ‘Answer?**
The Frase Answer Engine consumes your existing website content and uses it to automatically answer questions your site visitors ask. Every answer it provides = 1 ‘Answer.’

**How do I get started with the Answer Engine?**
Setting up a high performing Answer Engine is a bit more involved than creating a document with our content tools. So we’re asking that AppSumo users get a demo with our team so that they have the knowledge and know-how to get started successfully. Sign up for a demo here:

If the ‘They Ask You Answer’ book and ‘Skyscraper post’ had a child with Captain Marvel….

If Marcus Sheridan’s book They Ask You Answer and Brain Dean’s Skyscraper post had a child with Captain Marvel then would be it.

We’ve just gained ourselves about two days a week by stacking two codes here.

We can stop searching so much and get reading, writing and helping people with our words.

We’re mates with a lot of people in our industry so can help shine a light on their good work too.

Excited About The Power of This Tool!!!

I purchased one code, submitted an question and was really pleased with the results at first review. What I didn’t realize were the other features and capabilities in here that I can play with. I can’t wait to dig in more and get the full power of this tool to work for me.

One question. Is there a world where it would make sense to submit a question in the questions area and be able to save the results to work on at later times without having to use another one of your questions credits?

Great tool. Just a few thoughts…

I am really enjoying this tool and trying to think of ways to utilize it beyond article writing per se.

The app is solid and works very well, but there are a couple of things that are worth noting…

1. After i have done a search and am working within the Content Brief (right panel), there appears to be no way of getting the information within the clickable toggles to be included in the doc. For example, I have a questions section in my Content Brief, and one of the questions (toggles) is “How to get more widgets”. When I click that, the question itself does not get added to my doc, it only reveals snippets of answers to the question. I can click on the revealed snippets and add them individually, but not sure why the info in the toggle cannot be added.

2. Sticking with the questions section, I would like to see more complete information revealed here. For example, a question may be “What are the 10 ways to get more widgets”, and it will only display the intro paragraph and list item #1. I’d like more control over the amount of content revealed.

3. The tool still requires a bit of writing on the users end, but it certainly provides resources and sample content to get a person started. Ideally it could help spin content to provide more unique content, but that may remain outside the scope of the tool.

Please know that these are not failings, but just unmet expectations, but I also understand that there may be sound reasons behind them.

Thank you for this deal!!! Overall it is extremely useful and works as advertised.

From an SEO Agency perspective…

… This is truly a no brainer. Learning about many different workflows and content optimisation techniques over the years and using several “mainstream” content-creation tools I’ve realised that – regardless of anyone’s approach – you will arrive at the same point as everyone else – content briefs, planning and research.
Frase attempts to tackle all 3 of them. And they’re doing an amazing job at it!

– Clean interface and no-fluff
– Super intuitive and clear FAQ/Tutorials (as they should, given what the tool is for… )
– I can’t see any apparent bugs and the tool looks robust – all the features I tried worked immediately
– Within the first minutes of use, I already know that I will be saving 80-90% of my time on the research, planning and briefs
– “Paste Brief” – duuude…

– Where is Google Ads scraping? You got everything you need to add “Ads Writing Assistant” feature – I hope you’ll consider it…
– Same as you have “Paste Brief” one-click, have “Paste Content” with an adjustable keyword count, where H2-H4 headers (incl. Questions) are all added automatically from the brief – it would be a perfect one-click article generator ready for rewriting or spin

Tools/workflow I’m using currently and where I see Frase replacing them:
– Google (obviously…) – Frase will replace manual searches and scrapes
– Grammarly Pro – works with Frase
– CognitiveSEO – I don’t think Frase can replace that yet (CSEO is on another level)
– PageOptimizerPro – same as Cognitive, not going anywhere
– Ahrefs Keyword Research – I’ll probably still use it, but Frase does a good job in providing the most relevant keywords/questions
– Keywords Everywhere/Answer the Public (for “related searches”/questions) – Frase replaces that
– Ahrefs Content Explorer (and SocialAnimal) – maybe not as good as Ahrefs but for content writing, Frase is excellent
– – I’ll keep using it for Ads and newsletter content I guess…
– SEO Content Machine NEXT:
SCM’s “Article Writer” comes closest to Frase but you don’t get a brief, and the scrapes are just too overwhelming imo – even with filtering, provided snippets require a looot of manual sifting through. SCMN is amazing for other SEO-things, and it’s a subscription with a desktop-only application (no cloud, no extra “seats”).

Use case:
Last Monday I was assembling content for a solar panel company and using all tools above it took me a total of 12 hours to put together a medium-size company website with additional services, silo structure and MVP-keyword research.
For fun I’ve plugged “solar panels” to Frase’s “OpenWeb” – and right away, I can see that I could gather almost everything I need in 2-3 hours tops. That is 9-10 hours of free time I’d be getting using Frase.

If you’re doing SEO and don’t see a value in this tool – you’re either using some (expensive) alt tool or… you’re doing something wrong – in which case I recommend you trying Frase – it might be a game-changer for you. It is for us.

Good LTD

I bought the deal because I have high hopes for Frase but it’s not quite there yet. I currently pay for and it’s a lot better from a content analysis standpoint. I would input some terms into Frase and I might get 10 keywords to mention whereas usetopic would output 50. I don’t understand the discrepancy because it shouldn’t be hard to analyze the top 10 or 20 results on google and check for repeated terms (filtering out stop words). I really suggest the team at Frase to check out what usetopic does and replicate it so I don’t have to pay the monthly fee anymore lol!

So, is Frase Coupon Code worth it as a LTD? For sure! I have high hopes for your company. Just keep improving your software.