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Coupon Details

EditMate Coupon Code: Click on the button above and the official site would open in a new tab and the coupon would be shown here. Copy the coupon and apply that while making the payment to get EditMate.

Make use of the special EditMate coupon code above to access discount page and save 95% off your next purchase of EditMate by Rachel King. Take note that the special offer above is available for a short time only, and may expire at any time. Simply click the button above to reveal and copy your EditMate Coupon Discount Code and use it to get your limited-time only deal. Since EditMate launched for it’s excellent value, one-time pricing

EditMate Coupon Code

Introducing EditMate Coupon Code

EditMate is user-generated video marketing software that allows businesses to feature videos from their community to provide social proof and build brand affinity.

EditMate is an end-to-end solution that lets you collect and produce user-generated video content.

To get started, crowdsource an unlimited number of videos from your customers, fans, followers, and anyone else who knows what it’s like to work with your business.

You can also easily upload existing photos or video footage to repurpose your old content.

Make it as easy as possible to collect user-generated video content by asking customers to upload their content on EditMate’s public uploader.

The uploader is optimized for mobile and can be white-labeled to match your brand, down to the customizable URL and built-in terms and conditions.

To upload a video, customers enter the project’s hashtag and their email address before selecting up to 4 videos or photos from their phone or computer.

All photos or videos uploaded via the uploader will land in your mobile uploads folder based on the corresponding project.

Take advantage of the built-in, customizable legal terms and conditions to get immediate permission to use uploaded videos in your marketing.

You’ll be able to design a custom uploader that matches your brand and can be personalized with unique terms and conditions and data fields.*

The EditMate dashboard is your command console, Captain. Get ready to go boldly where no marketer has gone before.

From the dashboard, you can send and schedule personalized emails to invite people to contribute videos to your project in just one click.

This simple, intuitive dashboard makes it painless to collaborate with your team from start to finish with the ability to write project briefs, review footage, rate videos, share videos, and more.

Are your DIY editing skills lacking? EditMate has you covered.

Access a global network of professional video editors who can craft your raw user-generated footage into polished branded marketing content that’s ready to share.

These hand-picked editors all have at least five years of video production experience working with the world’s largest brands, so you know your content is in good hands.

EditMate has proved itself to be an awesome tool for:

👉 Entrepreneurs and small businesses that want to (affordably!) dominate video marketing
👉 Marketing folk who want a new, innovative tool that will impress their boss
👉 YouTubers who want to engage with their audiences and outsource their editing
👉 Agencies that want to offer a creative new solution to their clients

If User-Generated Video is a new concept for you, here’s why you should be utilizing it:

💡It’s a safe, COVID-free way to capture video from your customers, employees, brand ambassadors and fans, anywhere in the world
💡It provides immediate social proof and boosts warm fuzzy feelings towards your business
💡It’s way more affordable and much faster than hiring a film crew or working with an ad agency

What differentiates EditMate from our competitors is:

⚡️A white-labeled, custom Uploader that you can design to match your business or campaign, to provide a fully on-brand uploading experience for your users. It includes customized terms & conditions, so you don’t have to chase up legal permissions!
⚡️We offer an on-demand Video Editing Service to do the full job for you. Our global network of Editors can cut your UGV into polished, professional ready-to-share videos.
⚡️Our software is simple, streamlined and we offer UNLIMITED video storage!

Big and small businesses have been using our software and service to create nearly EVERY kind of video: explainers, tutorials, trainings, internal comms, annual recaps, sizzle reels, crowdfunding videos, Facebook ads, YouTube series, employee engagement videos, unboxings, influencer/brand ambassador content, virtual event recaps…


🧐How do I use the Dashboard?

Pop-up video tutorials are located throughout the Dashboard, to show you how to use each feature. Click on the video camera icon to watch them. 🎥 They’re also located here: https://www.editmate.com/tutorials/

🧐What is the difference between Dashboard users vs. people I can have contribute videos to my projects, with the Uploader?

Dashboard users are the members of your account. This is typically your team members who you want to be able to start and manage projects.

Pro accounts get up to 5 users, Premium up to 15, and Enterprise can have unlimited users.

Each user has their own log-in and password. After you as the “parent” invite them to be a “child” on your account, they create their own password and have a unique profile page.

All users on the same account have access to each other’s projects on the Dashboard, so you can collaborate.

An UNLIMITED amount of people can contribute videos to your project using the Uploader. Anyone who you send the Uploader URL link to can upload videos to your project.

So, for example… if you’re on a Premium plan, you and 14 of your colleagues can all start and manage projects together. And then you could invite 200 of your Facebook followers to upload videos to a project, just by sharing with them the Uploader URL and the project #hashtag.

🧐How does the Video Editing Service work? What’s the average cost of a project?

Our Video Editing Service is separate from the Pro, Premium, and Enterprise plans.

The price is quoted per project and all Sumo-ling plans also get 10% off on-demand Video Editing Service quotes. 🎉

A quote includes all aspects of a professional video edit, like:

– Custom graphics
– Animation
– Voiceover recording
– Captions
– Royalty-free music purchase
– Stock video/photo purchase
– Audio clean up
– Color correction
– Various cuts in multiple formats and lengths (square, vertical for social media, etc)
– Up to 3 rounds of revisions

Most projects tend to run ~ $1,500. We also offer heavily discounted Video Editing Service packs for multiple videos: https://www.editmate.com/pricing/

Our Video Editing Service is powered by a global network of professional video editors that all have at least 5 years of full-time experience in the production industry, you know your footage is in good hands. 🤓

They’re also located in multiple time zones (many are in New Zealand and Australia since that’s where EditMate was founded as well as the USA) so they can edit while you sleep, making for super-fast turnaround times. 🌍🚀

BUT it’s not required that you use our Video Editing Service!

If you have your own video editor you want to work with you can invite them to be a user on your account so they have easy access to your footage.

And you can also download all of the footage you have crowdsourced and edit the video yourself, on your own editing software if you’d like. 🙂

Saying goodbye to long, tedious instructions over chat/email

FINALLY, someone who gets it.

We work with a lot of nano-influencers for our business, and a lot of them are not tech-savvy. Imagine trying to explain to them how to download Google Drive, find out the shared folders with their names on it, and upload the photos/videos they created for us. And worse: Even after they follow all the steps, they still can’t find those folders because there is some kind of funky issue with Google.

I have tried a few option, including VideoPeel but I never liked any of them. It was either the UI wasn’t good, the app wasn’t running smoothly or video quality was inconsistent.

I have tried uploading a few videos, as well as recording a few. So far it has been pretty smooth!

A few things I like most about EditMate:
🌮 Simple, minimal & customizable uploader page: Straight to the point so there’s little friction. You can create multiple projects and edit the settings so people can click on a specific URL to get taken to the right project to upload
🌮 High monthly cap
🌮 Generous dashboard users limit. Don’t think we’ll hit that anytime soon

A few things I’ve requested over email support, which the founder Rachel was super quick to respond, and have since added to their roadmap:
👉 Folders: for better file organization
👉 Upload file name: Should not be the default names from the device uploaded, but should be named after the uploader and time-stamped. Also for a more efficient organization

There were one or 2 small bugs but they were already promptly addressed. Overall it’s super promising and I’ve bought 2 codes (probably will get another one soon).

Video CrowdSourced Heaven

Super happy to grab EditMate Coupon Code, even prior to lockdown this is super useful to both agencies and businesses alike. Whether you are gathering unique video content at an event, gathering feedback from clients on a product/service/your business, or even something as simple as creating a video montage for a celebration like a wedding, birthday, christening etc. This provides a super simple way to pull it all together with a cool custom uploader.

For me also the icing on the cake is they have tied us to clear pricing plans on their site, request to founder – please keep these as it makes it super simple for us to know what we should get on our plan. Easy 3 code grab for Enterprise for me.