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DropBlogr Coupon Code: Click on the button above and the official site would open in a new tab and the coupon would be shown here. Copy the coupon and apply that while making the payment to get DropBlogr Elite.

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Introducing DropBlogr Coupon Code

I don’t blame the sellers for everything, I of course got stuck with information overload and I made mistakes and didn’t always listen.

But the truth is, the majority of my problems came from the products I purchased.

Here is what I noticed:
Most Programs Are Untested, UnProven & Have NO Success Stories, Only Sell Dreams
I noticed that every time I enter a program or buy a product, they have a lot of hype, but very little proof, if at all.

And as I go through the training, I can just tell, they have never made money with those products or methods they sell.

And it made me also realize that..
Most Programs Are Rehashed Versions Of Each Other
Have you ever noticed how disappointing it is to buy a product these days? It’s always the same thing or very similar to something else I bought.

I swear, they’re either just copying each other or rehashing content from other sources.

And even when they do deliver solid content, it always feels like
Most Programs Miss A Piece Of The Puzzle
It’s never the full piece of the puzzle, there’s always an upsell REQUIRED to make money, never optional.

They hold a few tricks back, or you feel like there’s a gap in information, like something was supposed to be there, but it’s not.

As if they’re holding it back.

Most Programs Are High Risk For LOW Reward!
This is not the sellers fault, it’s just the truth. In many of these methods, to make money, you need to risk money.

Or at least risk dozens of hours of your time to build something that turns out doesn’t work anymore.

And even though I’m glad to take a risk when needed, some of them just required hundreds of dollars just to get started.

My system isn’t like that, it’s designed with beginners in mind, and then as we scale, we scale smoothly, and easily without risk.

When I learned how to master Google Ads after THOUSANDS in trail and error, and when my first money site version took off after dozens of failed versions.

I finally started seeing how it should all work, and how easy it can be, as long as I follow my formula.

Slowly but surely, I was able to duplicate it again and again, without failing, and that’s when I realized, I WAS onto something.

And ever since,

The minute I finally figured it out and it took off, I was able to duplicate it and scale to 3 figs daily with EASE.

And I didn’t need a list or a product, that’s just crazy, right?

Well, there was a catch, which is why I couldn’t teach the system before figuring out how to solve that catch..


Spending from our own money, tens of thousands, creating amazing templates, working with real copywriters to create content from scratch, coding everything from 0, duplicating the psychology and hotspots of my top earning sites, we developed a software that goes along with the system, which automates EVERYTHING needed.

So that all I and my students have to do is, log into the software, create the site, send traffic, earn money, and later on, flip the site on Flippa. (but that’s another story)

And once I shared it with my students, I was blown away by the results.

“Create Drop Dead Gorgeous & High Converting Review Blogs Packed With Unique Bonuses, Converting Products, Professional Reviews & Content, Written By Professional Copywriters To Start Earning Even If You Have 0 Experience With Affiliate Marketing.”

What’s Inside?

DropBlogr Is A Cloud Based Software That Automates My Money Making System By Creating Fully Fledged Affiliate Review Sites.

It Also Comes With My Method That Makes Me $300/Daily Taught Over Clear Step By Step Video Modules Where I Also Teach My *Secret* Adwords Formula Which Gets Me Buyer Clicks For As Little As A Few Cents.

This first module is a basic module where you learn what are the best niches, how to grab your affiliate links, what offers convert the best, and then, we move into showing how the entire system will work, including traffic and understand WHY it works.

This module may be basic, but it is very important.

In this module you’ll jump into the software, create your sites, follow the instructions on how to connect everything, you’ll add in our top “conversion” boosters taught in the training and we will also reveal a cool CASE STUDY which generate us an exceptionally high return on investment.

This module is the longest because you need to set everything up with the software and the system, but even this being the longest, it’s less than 20 min work.

By this point you will be locked and loaded to start earning, and you just need to start getting traffic.

Now this is the most exciting part of the system, because getting traffic in such a competitive space such as Google Ads is very hard normally.

You must know what you’re doing or else you’ll throw hundreds and even thousands just on testing.

We cut through the B.S. and tell you EXACTLY what audiences we use, how to find your own, how to really quickly get traffic into the hundreds of clicks for cents each.

And of course, DropBlogr Coupon Code is not any traffic, this is traffic that BUYS, and that is the key to my success, real buyer traffic.