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Coupon Details

ClickAd Coupon Code: Click on the button above and the official site would open in a new tab and the coupon would be shown here. Copy the coupon and apply that while making the payment to get ClickAd.

Make use of the special ClickAd coupon code above to access discount page and save 77% off your next purchase of ClickAd by Abhi Dwivedi [VineaSX]. Take note that the special offer above is available for a short time only, and may expire at any time. Simply click the button above to reveal and copy your ClickAd Coupon Discount Code and use it to get your limited-time only deal. Since ClickAd launched for it’s excellent value, one-time pricing

ClickAd Coupon Code

Introducing ClickAd Coupon Code

Here’s everything over 1000 ClickAd users are doing with it and you can too…

[+] Create profitable FB and Google ads in seconds
[+] Create ad graphics and ad images automatically
[+] Create 100s of variations of ads for testing
[+] Promote your own services, products, funnels or even affiliate offers
[+] Offer FB and Google Ad Management services – Commercial license (free today)
and so much more.

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What does ClickAd do?

It’s a cloud-based Facebook and Google ad creation app that let’s anyone create profitable ads using it’s A.I., along with creatives and ad copy and even run them on Facebook and Google right from inside it’s dashboard, with zero knowledge or skills in paid advertisement!

Heck, you can even publish and go live with your ads right from inside ClickAd dashboard.

No more complex ad graphics creation, no more ad copywriting and no more dealing with clunky ad manager dashboard.

How to make ClickAd work for you?

Even if you’re creating FB/Google ads for yourself and selling one of those “whitelabel bonuses” you’ve received in past, you could easily 10X your sales with these profitable ads created using ClickAd.

Running an ad selling a $50 product with a small ad-budget can get you anywhere between 100-250 clicks, and at 5% conversions, that’s $600 in profits without any extra work.

ClickAd is currently available for a one-time price.

100’s of auto-AI-generated ad creatives templates
Choose a proven template to create your own ads. Just enter a few simple details about your product or service, pick form auto-designed ad creatives and copy and hit publish. You’re done in seconds!

Built-in A.I ads creation tool
Push a button and watch this breakthrough A.I technology create 5, 50 or even 100 perfect ads with creatives and ad copy ready to bring you traffic on Google and Facebook right now.

Create, publish & manage all ads from one simple dashboard
Publish your ads on Facebook and Google from our dashboard in a click. One simple login and beginner-friendly dashboard to launch and manage entire ad campaigns.

Ad Copy & Ad Graphics automatically created for you!
No need to hire copywriters, buy expensive stock images or worry about being creative. Everything is done for you, from headline to description, image to call to action!

Auto-Publish & schedule your ads
Schedule ads for seasonal holidays or special calendar events. Create entire launch campaigns in advance. Set it and forget it!

Fully editable ad copy & images
Test different copy, images or ideas on the fly. Tap on any ad to quickly edit, then click to publish across Google and Facebook in seconds or schedule it to auto publish later.

Want to create profitable ads easily?

ClickAd was made for YOU!

Instantly create cash-pumping ads with no experience or special skills!

Save hours creating ads and get insane results for your clients overnight!

Provide a profitable ad creation service that only takes you minutes to deliver with this new tool!

Explode your sales for your products or services with push ads that bring in cash fast!

Set up hundreds of ads for all your products in minutes, not hours or days!

Launch your next course, book or funnel faster than ever with push button ads that bring you traffic now!

Coaches and Consultants
Bring in new clients like clockwork with ads that are ready to go tonight!

Local Lead Gen
Drive hundreds of profitable leads to any business and get paid like a boss!

Dominate your niche and rake in easy commissions with a complete traffic-getting system ready to go in minutes from now!

Boost your reach and become a household name with ads that reach thousands more people starting today!

Get those donations pouring in with ads that take seconds to set up!

Anyone who wants to save time and money creating ads!

Create hundreds of ad combinations in seconds!
If you’re only creating a few ads for your business, you’re missing the real money. The more ads you can create, the more winning combinations you’ll find!

Proven ad formulas that bring in buyers!
The same formulas used for million dollar ad campaigns, by some of the smartest copywriters and advertising agencies on the planet. Formulas that work in any niche, every time!

Save money!
Forget blowing $1000’s on copywriters, agencies, designers, campaign managers, training guides, courses and pointless tools. This is the fastest, cheapest way to crank out winning ads in seconds!

Make your ads go LIVE from inside the ClickAd dashboard!
No need to log in to multiple dashboards, accounts and browser tabs. Create, publish, edit and monitor all your ads from one simple dashboard. Plus, there’s no need to spend weeks learning how to create the perfect ad, no need to write all your ads from scratch and no need to scour stock websites to buy images.

With ClickAd TONIGHT…

Sell Done-For-You ad campaigns to fellow marketers (on Reddit, Facebook, Forums, Fiverr, Upwork and more!)

Drive buckets of cheap traffic to your own offers and cash in fast

sSend hordes of traffic to high ticket CPA offers and get ready to cash in!

Drive traffic to a local lead capture page and sell the leads to biz owners for $20 a pop

Buy a low traffic site for $150 off Flippa, send a TON of traffic to it, then flip that site for 5x what you paid for it (thanks to the ready-made traffic system you’ve just created!)

With your FREE commercial license today you can start charging clients to set up ads on Google and Facebook today. With this new tool, you can get the job done in minutes and be earning tons in return!

Ad Spy tools are cool, but they don’t really create or design ads for you. You end up doing that manually yourself anyways!

Worst thing, they’re unreliable so you don’t really know if those ads you’re spying on are actually profitable or not…

…and you still have to create the ads or hire someone else to create them for you!

ClickAd is heaps better…

It uses scientifically proven templates, formulas and principles to create unique winning ads on Google and Facebook for you in seconds.

Plus, you can tweak your ads, switch out images, edit the text, making this the most powerful ad creation tool you’ll ever own!

Tell the A.I bot what your niche is, who you’d like to reach and the problem your product or service solves for them. Then hit GO to create your ads…

Choose the ad you like the most. Then finalize your settings in one simple screen. No need to login to multiple confusing ad managers.

Publish your ad, ClickAd Coupon Code then watch the traffic and buyers flood in! Check back into your dashboard to manage all your ads in one easy place.