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BounceCast Coupon Code

Introducing BounceCast Coupon Code

BounceCast is an intelligent digital audio app for recording, enhancing, and mastering audio files on desktop and mobile platforms.

With BounceCast, you don’t have to be Ira Glass to get a high-quality, professional-sounding podcast.

Thanks to intelligent audio processing, you’ll be able to optimize the sound of your recording for every situation.

Toggle Noise Removal, Rumble Filter, and Click Removal for a clean sound, then use Smart Audio Enhancement to automatically boost the quality to professional-level.

It’s all as simple as clicking a button.

Use the intelligent post-production processing to toggle Noise Removal, Click Removal, and Rumble Filters, plus Smart Audio Enhancement! Also, try out the new Epic Radio Host processor for processing as epic as you.
BounceCast lets you record your podcast right in the app for a centralized experience.

You can use the built-in smart Soundcheck tool to make sure you’re coming in loud and clear, and get tips on how to optimize your recording setup.

Once you’ve recorded your audio, you can preview it with or without enhancements, plus trim the files to your liking (we’ll edit that out in post).

The BounceCast app gives you maximum flexibility with both desktop and mobile apps (mobile launching soon).

Want to use BounceCast to optimize the quality of your past recordings?

It’s super easy to import your audio files with support for WAV, MP3, AIFF, FLAC, and Ogg-Vorbis formats. Plus, you can import multiple tracks at a time.

After BounceCast automatically analyzes the file, you can use all of the post-production tools to get that perfect, crystal-clear sound.

That means automatic leveling, frequency control, noise control, and more for professional audio in every situation, every time.

Exporting your files is a breeze, too.

Once you’ve got your professional audio, you can also export to WAV, MP3, AIFF, FLAC, and Ogg-Vorbis formats.

No need to repeat the process if you want multiple file formats, either — just select the formats you want, and export them at the same time.

Anssi from BounceCast signing in. I’m the Co-founder and CEO of BounceCast, the new podcast & video audio recording and mastering app for podcasters and content creators. We are musicians or DJs ourselves, so we have personally experienced the pain points of audio post-production – to such a degree that we wanted to help solve them. The time, the tools, the effort. And the costs.

We started our journey with the music mastering service CloudBounce early 2016, helping musicians, bands, DJ’s to master their music in a fast and affordable way, 24/7 – with our automated mastering tool. Now it has come time to cater to the podcaster, vlogger, blogger, video creator audience to do the same, provide results via a fully automated professional quality service. BounceCast development was started in 2017, originally for YouTube creators, but quickly morphed into handling podcasters too.

The raison d’être for the BounceCast app is straightforward; to provide the most intuitive and fast way to record, enhance and master your audio files automatically. We want you to focus on the content instead of the audio post-production. Your task is simply to provide the stories and the excitement for your audience while letting BounceCast handle the audio.

1. Tooltip wizard, that guides you through the recording process when you run the app for the first time (check it out!)
2. Added a link to our FAQ pages in the top right corner
3. We created a few “How To” video tutorials (check from the FAQ)
4. We made a few button changes, and now indicate more clearly when the audio processing is ON and when it is OFF
5. The Noise removal triggers on automatically, when we detect that the file contains background noises (echoness, fan noise, etc.)
6. Added tooltips to all buttons, to further explain what happens where, and why
7. Stack codes – 1 user who stacks more codes, gets additional device licenses; get 2 codes, use BounceCast on 2 desktop and 2 mobile devices


I used to edit my classes and podcast on Sony Vegas app and Audacity. I know how to do it with my eyes closed. But not everyone is willing to learn how to use an editing software and then try to tweak the audio in many forms waiting to find the right setup. This is where Bouncecast come into place. It will do it for you in a simplistic and fast way with a few mouse strokes. Even my wife that doesn’t any experience using editing software could upload an audio and fix it in matters of minutes. This is the reason why I purchased a few codes, so I could install it on several computers and both cell phones (my wife and mine when the app come available). And what we love the most is the option to record the class right from the app. If you podcast or sell classes using audio files only, then is the right tool for you.

This a game changing and a time saver at the same time. 5 Tacos from me and other 5 tacos from my wife.

Not bad for being a machine!

About what it does: It takes your raw audio recording and it automatically cleans and processes it.

You can select some AI filters:
– Noise Removal
– Click Removal
– Epic Radio Host
– Rumble filter (Ready to Rumble! don’t ask me wtf is that or what it does because I couldn’t tell the difference… haha 🤣)

TBH I’m impressed because it does the job. I mean, if you have experience with audio processors then you could get better manual results, but for people who only want 80% of the quality in no time, this is really good.

I see it as a must for content creators (podcasts, videos…) that want better audio without learning new skills or having to add more tasks to their workflow.

Was initially worried by scratches in Bouncecast’s Preview Mode, but it’s clean and sounds great in the export! LOVE IT

Bouncecast Coupon Code ignificantly improved audio in my initial tests on a laptop speaker microphone – it removed the “room noise” very dramatically with Noise Reduction feature – it went from a constant hum/wind/scratchy background sound to silence. It also ads some nice bass that was missing and boosted the volume. Big time saver from messing with settings in Audacity!