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Introducing Of BigSpy Coupon Code

Welcome to our in-depth review of BigSpy, a powerful and feature-rich ad spy tool designed to help marketers and businesses stay ahead in the competitive world of online advertising. In this article, we’ll examine the tool’s capabilities, pricing, and the benefits it offers to users. By the end of this review, you’ll understand why BigSpy is a must-have tool for digital marketers and businesses looking to optimize their advertising campaigns.

Features and Functionality

Extensive Ad Database

BigSpy boasts an impressive ad database containing over one billion ads from various platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and more. This massive collection of data allows users to research and analyze ads from different industries and niches, giving them valuable insights to create winning ad campaigns.

Advanced Search and Filtering

BigSpy’s advanced search functionality allows users to find specific ads based on criteria such as ad platform, ad type, country, language, and more. Additionally, users can filter results by performance metrics, including engagement, impressions, and the duration the ad has been running. This level of granularity makes it easy to find high-performing ads and draw inspiration for your own campaigns.

Ad Creative Insights

BigSpy provides users with essential information about the ad creatives, including ad copy, headlines, images, and video content. By analyzing successful ad creatives, you can learn what works best for your target audience and apply these insights to your own campaigns.

Ad Performance Metrics

BigSpy goes beyond just showing the ad creative. It also provides valuable performance metrics, such as engagement rates, impressions, and clicks, allowing users to gauge the effectiveness of different ads. With this information, you can identify the best-performing ads and use them as a blueprint for your own marketing efforts.

Competitor Analysis

With BigSpy’s competitor analysis feature, you can track your competitors’ ad strategies and stay informed about their latest campaigns. This information helps you stay ahead of the competition and make data-driven decisions to improve your own ad campaigns.

Pricing and Plans

BigSpy offers three pricing plans to cater to various needs and budgets:

  1. Free Plan: This plan is ideal for beginners and offers basic ad search and tracking functionalities.
  2. Basic Plan ($99/month): The Basic plan includes all features of the Free plan, plus additional search filters, higher limits on tracked ads, and priority support.
  3. Pro Plan ($199/month): The Pro plan comes with all features of the Basic plan, along with an increased number of tracked ads, ad downloads, and even more search filters.

Why Choose BigSpy?

Stay Ahead of the Competition

BigSpy helps you stay ahead of your competitors by providing insights into their ad strategies. With this information, you can make informed decisions and optimize your ad campaigns for maximum effectiveness.

Save Time and Resources

By leveraging BigSpy’s extensive database and advanced search features, you can quickly find high-performing ads and use them as inspiration for your own campaigns. This saves you time and resources that would otherwise be spent on trial and error.

Improve ROI on Advertising Campaigns

BigSpy provides valuable data on ad performance, allowing you to identify the most effective ads and apply those insights to your own campaigns. As a result, you can improve your return on investment (ROI) and make the most of your advertising budget.

User Interface and Ease of Use

BigSpy features an intuitive user interface that is easy to navigate, even for beginners. The platform is organized into clear sections, making it simple to access different features and perform various tasks. The tool’s dashboard provides an overview of your tracked ads and allows you to monitor their performance at a glance.

Customer Support

BigSpy offers dedicated customer support through email and live chat. Users on the Basic and Pro plans receive priority support, ensuring quick and efficient assistance when needed. Additionally, BigSpy provides a comprehensive knowledge base, featuring articles and video tutorials to help users make the most of the platform.

Integrations and Compatibility

BigSpy offers seamless integration with popular digital marketing tools and platforms, making it even more convenient for users to incorporate the ad spy tool into their existing marketing workflows. BigSpy can be integrated with tools like Google Analytics, Facebook Ads Manager, and Google Ads, allowing you to access all your marketing data and insights in one place.

Moreover, BigSpy is compatible with various devices and browsers, ensuring that users can access the platform from their preferred devices, be it desktop, laptop, or mobile. This cross-device compatibility ensures that you can monitor your ad campaigns and gain valuable insights on the go.

Success Stories and Case Studies

Numerous businesses and digital marketers have already experienced the benefits of using BigSpy to optimize their advertising campaigns. Many users have reported increased conversions, higher ROI, and improved ad performance after incorporating insights and data from BigSpy into their marketing strategies.

By examining case studies and success stories, you can gain a better understanding of how BigSpy has helped businesses across different industries and niches to achieve their advertising goals. These real-life examples serve as valuable inspiration and demonstrate the potential impact of BigSpy on your own marketing efforts.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Can I use BigSpy for e-commerce advertising?

A: Yes, BigSpy is an excellent tool for e-commerce advertising. With its extensive database of ads from various platforms, you can find successful e-commerce ads and analyze their creatives and performance metrics to create your own high-converting campaigns.

Q: Does BigSpy offer a free trial?

A: BigSpy offers a free plan with limited features, allowing users to experience the platform and determine if it’s the right fit for their needs. To access more advanced features and higher limits on tracked ads, users can upgrade to the Basic or Pro plans.

Q: How often is BigSpy’s ad database updated?

A: BigSpy continuously updates its ad database, ensuring that users have access to the latest ads and trends across different platforms. This real-time data enables you to stay ahead of the competition and create timely, relevant ad campaigns.

Tips for Maximizing the Benefits of BigSpy

To make the most of BigSpy and optimize your advertising campaigns, follow these tips:

1. Regularly Monitor Your Competitors

Keep an eye on your competitors’ advertising strategies by regularly tracking their ads on BigSpy. This will help you identify trends and tactics that are effective in your industry, and adjust your own campaigns accordingly.

2. Test and Iterate

Use the insights and data from BigSpy to create variations of your ads and test them against each other. This process of testing and iterating will help you identify the best-performing creatives and improve your overall ad performance.

3. Analyze Ads from Different Industries and Niches

Don’t limit yourself to analyzing ads only from your industry. By exploring ads from different industries and niches, you can gain fresh perspectives and ideas to apply to your own campaigns.

4. Leverage the Power of Social Proof

Successful ads often include elements of social proof, such as testimonials, ratings, and case studies. When creating your own ads, incorporate social proof to build trust and credibility with your audience.

5. Keep Up with Industry Trends

Stay informed about the latest trends and developments in your industry by monitoring top-performing ads on BigSpy. This will help you create timely and relevant ad campaigns that resonate with your audience.

The Future of BigSpy

As digital marketing continues to evolve, BigSpy is committed to staying at the forefront of industry trends and developments. The platform is continuously improving its features and expanding its ad database to provide users with the most comprehensive and up-to-date information available.

In the future, BigSpy plans to introduce new integrations, enhance its artificial intelligence capabilities, and offer even more advanced analytics to help users gain deeper insights into their advertising campaigns.

By staying ahead of the curve and constantly innovating, BigSpy aims to remain the go-to ad spy tool for marketers and businesses looking to achieve success in the competitive world of online advertising.

Don’t wait to discover the benefits of BigSpy for yourself. Start leveraging the power of this advanced ad spy tool today and transform your advertising campaigns for greater success.

How to Use BigSpy?

To use BigSpy effectively, follow these steps:

Step 1: Sign Up and Log In

First, visit the BigSpy website ( and sign up for an account. You can choose between the Free, Basic, or Pro plans, depending on your needs. After signing up, log in to your BigSpy account.

Step 2: Navigate the Dashboard

Upon logging in, you will be directed to the dashboard. Here, you can access an overview of your tracked ads and their performance metrics. Familiarize yourself with the dashboard’s layout and the various features available.

Step 3: Perform Ad Searches

To start searching for ads, click on the “Ads” tab in the main menu. You can use the search bar to enter specific keywords or phrases. Additionally, you can apply filters like ad platform, ad type, country, language, and more to refine your search results.

Step 4: Analyze Ad Creatives and Performance Metrics

When you find an ad that interests you, click on it to view more details. This includes the ad creative (copy, headlines, images, and video content) and performance metrics (engagement rates, impressions, and clicks). Analyze this information to gain insights into what makes the ad successful.

Step 5: Track Competitors

BigSpy allows you to track your competitors’ ads to stay informed about their strategies. To do this, enter your competitors’ names or domains in the search bar, or use the advanced search filters to find their ads. Keep an eye on their campaigns and adjust your own strategies accordingly.

Step 6: Save Ads for Future Reference

When you find ads that you’d like to reference later, you can save them to your account. Click on the “Save” button below the ad in the search results, and the ad will be added to your “Tracked Ads” section in the dashboard.

Step 7: Apply Insights to Your Campaigns

Use the insights and data gathered from BigSpy to inform your own advertising campaigns. This can include mimicking successful ad creatives, testing different variations of your ads, and adjusting your targeting based on top-performing ads in your industry.

Step 8: Export Data and Reports

BigSpy allows you to export data and reports, making it easy to share insights with your team or clients. To export data, click on the “Export” button next to the search results or within an individual ad’s details. You can choose between different formats, such as CSV, Excel, or PDF, depending on your needs.

Step 9: Monitor Your Progress

Track the performance of your own ads and campaigns by regularly checking the “Tracked Ads” section in your dashboard. Compare the performance metrics of your ads against those of your competitors or industry benchmarks to gauge your success and identify areas for improvement.

Step 10: Continuously Learn and Improve

Digital marketing and advertising are constantly evolving, and it’s essential to stay up-to-date with industry trends and best practices. Regularly review top-performing ads on BigSpy to learn from their success and apply new strategies to your own campaigns. Continuously test, analyze, and refine your ads to improve performance and maximize your return on investment (ROI).

Step 11: Utilize BigSpy’s Resources

Take advantage of BigSpy’s extensive resources, including their knowledge base, video tutorials, and blog. These resources provide valuable information and guidance on how to use BigSpy effectively and make the most of its features. Additionally, don’t hesitate to reach out to their customer support team for assistance if needed.

Step 12: Collaborate with Your Team

If you’re working with a team, share your insights and findings from BigSpy with your colleagues to foster collaboration and improve your overall advertising strategy. Discuss ad creatives, targeting, and performance metrics to ensure everyone is aligned and working towards the same goals.

By following these steps and consistently utilizing BigSpy’s features, you’ll be well-equipped to optimize your advertising campaigns, stay ahead of your competitors, and achieve greater success in your digital marketing efforts. Keep learning and adapting your strategies to maintain a strong presence in the ever-evolving world of online advertising.

Top 7+ Perfect BigSpy Alternatives For Your Digital Advertising

There are several BigSpy alternatives available, each offering different features and benefits. Some popular alternatives include:

  1. AdSpy: AdSpy is a powerful ad intelligence tool that provides insights into Facebook and Instagram ads. It offers an extensive database of ads, advanced search capabilities, and a user-friendly interface. AdSpy is particularly popular for its robust search functionality, allowing users to search by demographics, interests, and more.
  2. SpyFu: SpyFu focuses on competitive analysis and keyword research, providing insights into your competitors’ SEO and PPC strategies. It offers data on keywords, backlinks, ad spend, and more, making it a valuable tool for both organic and paid search campaigns.
  3. SEMrush: SEMrush is an all-in-one digital marketing platform that offers tools for SEO, PPC, content marketing, and social media. While it doesn’t specifically focus on ad spying, it provides valuable insights into your competitors’ online strategies, including their organic and paid search performance.
  4. Adbeat: Adbeat is an ad intelligence platform that focuses on display and native advertising. It provides insights into your competitors’ ad strategies, creatives, and performance metrics. Adbeat offers a clean and intuitive interface, making it easy to analyze ad data and discover new opportunities.
  5. WhatRunsWhere: WhatRunsWhere is an ad intelligence tool that specializes in display, native, and mobile advertising. It offers insights into your competitors’ ad strategies across various networks and devices, helping you to optimize your own campaigns and maximize ROI.
  6. AdPlexity: AdPlexity is a suite of ad intelligence tools that cover various channels, including mobile, desktop, native, e-commerce, and push advertising. Each tool within the suite offers a comprehensive ad database, advanced search capabilities, and in-depth analytics.
  7. PowerAdSpy: PowerAdSpy is an ad intelligence tool that focuses on Facebook, Instagram, Google, and YouTube ads. It offers a wide range of search filters, ad analytics, and competitor tracking features, making it a popular choice for marketers looking to optimize their social media and video advertising campaigns.

BigSpy’s pricing and a comparison with similar ad intelligence tools

  1. BigSpy:
    • Free Plan: Access to 5 queries per day, 20 ads per query, and limited features.
    • Basic Plan: $99/month, includes 1,000 tracked ads, unlimited queries, and premium features.
    • Pro Plan: $399/month, includes 10,000 tracked ads, unlimited queries, API access, and priority support.
  2. AdSpy:
    • Single Plan: $149/month, includes unlimited searches, ad creatives, and filtering options for Facebook and Instagram ads.
  3. Adbeat:
    • Standard Plan: $249/month, includes display advertising data and features, 90 days of ad history, and standard support.
    • Advanced Plan: $399/month, offers all Standard Plan features, plus mobile and native ad data, 1 year of ad history, and priority support.
  4. WhatRunsWhere:
    • Basic Plan: $299/month, includes data on display and native ads, coverage of 90+ ad networks, and 30 days of ad history.
    • Full Coverage Plan: $399/month, offers all Basic Plan features, plus coverage of mobile web and in-app ads, and 1 year of ad history.
  5. AdPlexity:
    • Pricing varies based on the tool within the AdPlexity suite, ranging from $149 to $249/month. Each tool focuses on a specific channel (mobile, desktop, native, e-commerce, or push advertising) and includes comprehensive ad data and features for that channel.
  6. PowerAdSpy:
    • Basic Plan: $49/month, includes access to Facebook and Instagram ads, 20 searches per day, and limited features.
    • Standard Plan: $99/month, offers access to Google and YouTube ads, unlimited searches, and advanced features.
    • Premium Plan: $149/month, includes all Standard Plan features, plus access to GDN and native ads, and priority support.

BIGSPY vs. ADSPY: Unveiling the Ultimate Ad Spying Tool for Digital Marketers

Decoding the Powerhouses of Ad Spying

As digital advertising continues to evolve, the need for cutting-edge marketing intelligence tools becomes more critical than ever. To stay ahead of the competition, marketers must understand their rivals and find innovative ways to differentiate themselves. Enter BIGSPY and ADSPY, two leading ad spying tools designed to provide invaluable insights for your campaigns.

I. A Closer Look at BIGSPY and ADSPY

Both BIGSPY and ADSPY are powerful ad spying tools that help marketers discover competitors and gather creative ideas. While they offer similar services, each tool comes with unique features that cater to specific needs.

BIGSPY: This ad spying tool is perfect for marketers working on campaigns, advertising, and search engine optimization. Users can search and download ad materials for inspiration and track competitors’ ads for valuable insights.

ADSPY: Focusing on Facebook and Instagram ads, ADSPY offers a searchable database that enables marketers to keep a close eye on their competition. With various search options, users can find the information they need to design effective marketing campaigns.

II. Key Feature Comparison: BIGSPY vs. ADSPY

  1. Database Description

While both tools offer extensive global databases, they differ in some characteristics.

  • Channels: BIGSPY covers Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, AdMob, Twitter, Pinterest, and Yahoo, whereas ADSPY focuses on Facebook and Instagram.
  • Open API Availability: ADSPY offers an open API, while BIGSPY does not.
  • Ads Volume: BIGSPY boasts over 165 million ads, while ADSPY has over 84 million.
  1. Advanced Search & Filtering Capabilities

Each tool offers advanced search features with various filters, but they also have individual attributes.

  • Industry Filtering: BIGSPY allows users to filter by industry (Ecom, Game, App), while ADSPY lacks this feature.
  • Targeted Audience Search: ADSPY enables users to search based on targeted audiences, whereas BIGSPY does not offer this option.
  1. E-commerce Analysis

E-commerce users form a significant user base for these tools, often seeking updated ads for their campaigns.

  • Total Ads for E-commerce: BIGSPY supports three industries, including e-commerce, with 160 million ads. ADSPY does not differentiate by industry.
  1. Affiliate Program Comparison
  • Commission: BIGSPY offers a 20% commission without needing to register or apply, while ADSPY requires application and product purchase for a 50% commission during the first three months (no commission afterward).
  1. In-depth Analytics

Both BIGSPY and ADSPY provide extensive data from different perspectives.

  • Track & Download Ads: Both tools allow users to track and download ads.
  • Ranking Selection: Users can sort ads based on various criteria, such as likes, comments, shares, and more.

III. Pricing Breakdown

BIGSPY offers multiple packages based on query numbers, while ADSPY has a single standard package.

  • Pricing: BIGSPY offers free, $9, $99, and $399 options, while ADSPY provides free credits and a $149 monthly package.

IV. Disadvantages of BIGSPY and ADSPY


  • Limited features in the free plan
  • Data from a small number of affiliate networks
  • No demographic filters


  • No filters for marketing goals
  • Limited resource base
  • Data only from

Facebook and Instagram

  • No free plan or trial option available

V. Conclusion: Choosing the Best Ad Spying Tool for Your Needs

After a comprehensive comparison, it is evident that both BIGSPY and ADSPY have their merits as marketing intelligence tools. BIGSPY, with its more extensive database, caters to multi-channel marketing activities and supports platforms like Twitter, AdMob, Yahoo, and Pinterest. Additionally, BIGSPY’s featured ads, handpicked by its intelligent technology, make it easier to stay creative and on-trend.

In terms of pricing, BIGSPY offers more affordability with its free plan and various pricing tiers, including a $99 Pro Plan that grants access to all 160 million creatives.

On the other hand, ADSPY’s focus on Facebook and Instagram, as well as its targeted audience search capability, might be more suitable for some marketers, depending on their specific needs.

We recommend BIGSPY as the go-to ad spying tool for most digital marketers, due to its vast advertising database, support for multiple ad networks, and flexible pricing options. However, it’s crucial to consider your unique marketing requirements and goals before deciding which tool will best serve your needs.

Stay ahead in the digital marketing game by leveraging the power of these cutting-edge ad spying tools, and don’t forget to follow our Facebook homepage for the latest professional insights and engaging discussions.