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Backlink Rhino Is The SOLUTION
To Your Traffic Problems!
By leveraging WikiPedia directly, the software gets you all the targeted traffic you’ll ever need. Without paid ads and without headaches. Here’s how:

Dead Links Search For COMPLETE Niche Domination

Finds dozens of broken links in WikiPedia articles related to YOUR keyword
Uncovers expired domains you can register, then use to link to ANY web property you own to grab authority traffic
EASILY dominate Google search for all your keyword-related posts, sites, offers and videos!
Backlink Rhino’s “Dead Links” search feature puts all the power of WikiPedia traffic at your fingertips.

It finds expired domains in WikiPedia articles, that you can register yourself.

These domains ALREADY have powerful WikiPedia links pointing to them.

Once you own such a domain, the sky’s the limit.

Just put content relevant to the original WikiPedia article on a page …

Then link out to your RELATED offers, posts, videos … even lead pages!

You’ll get authority traffic straight from WikiPedia, that then gets funneled to your monetized sites.

Perfect way to dominate your own niche.
Easy way to set up non-stop traffic flows for clients … and earn monthly recurring income
Simple flipping opportunity for windfall profits: the domains you register are already getting targeted traffic, so you can set up basic sites on these and sell for a HUGE ROI
Citation Links Search For A QUICK & POWERFUL Traffic Boost
Uncovers areas WikiPedia is ACTIVELY looking to send traffic to!
These are claims or quotes that WikiPedia wants a link or citation for
Just put the needed info on a page on YOUR site, then add the link to your page on the Wiki article
Gets you an INSTANT boost of authority traffic to your page!

Citation links are WikiPedia’s call for help.

Answer the call, and get rewarded with a DIRECT link to your own site.

Backlink Rhino finds these opportunities for you – again, in seconds with just a simple keyword search.

Provide some basic information (we even show you where to find it), put in on a page and watch the traffic come in!

Direct link from Wiki to YOUR site for a massive boost in ranking & free traffic
Build authority in your niche instantly by providing the answers people are searching for
Enjoy both fast and LONG TERM traffic with this feature
RANK ON DEMAND for any keyword you choose!
DOUBLE The Speed And Staying Power Of Your Traffic
Each of the powerful search functions in Backlink Rhino can improve your ranking and free traffic.

The dead links search lets you exploit expired domains, so you can send visitors to any related web property.

The citation links search is a “quick and dirty” (but deadly effective) way to drive traffic to a specific page.

Use either one for great results … or COMBINE BOTH to maximize your Google traffic to any of your web properties.


Cloud-based, 24/7 “always -on” access: nothing to install or download, works on any platform

Instant and up-to-date results: unlike some softwares promising “real” backlink opportunities, Backlink Rhino guarantees them. It connects directly to WikiPedia’s API, so every result is live and up-to-date.

No wasted time chasing links that don’t turn into traffic

Clean, user-friendly dashboard. Login and choose either a dead links or citation links search. Then enter your keyword and traffic opportunities fill the page

Everything you need in ONE place. For every result, you’ll be able to access the relevant Wiki article, view the search term snippet, see the anchor text and even view the linked domain … ALL from inside the dash