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Coupon Details

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Introducing Of AdTargeting Coupon Code

AdTargeting is best Facebook Interest & Google Keyword targeting tool to discover hidden or niche adwords of massive audiences
It can help you max the ROI of advertise audience targeting

The audience targeting of Facebook interest and Google keyword has become a concern for many advertisers.

It is self-evident that having an effective targeting tool is important.

AdTargeting is an online software which provides audience insight, keywords analysis, and advertisers analysis.

AdTargeting focuses on interest ad targeting analysis of Facebook and Google.

It provides advertisers with broader targeting options.

Get access to AdTargeting today!

About Founder:

My name is Mack – Founder of AdTargeting. Super excited to launch and introduce AdTargeting to you all!

I have been in the advertising industry for over ten years. I have firsthand experience on Facebook advertising and Google advertising. I took part in over 30 projects and helped companies and individuals all around the globe. The biggest challenge for Facebook advertising and Google advertising is to expose ads to the target audience. Therefore, I always hope for an effective tool that will help me with finding the most accurate target audience. To solve that, I worked with some like-minded friends to develop AdTargeting, the best targeting tool to find audience who will respond to your ads in action!

With AdTargeting, you will be get help with

-Discover hidden interests on Facebook and Google

-Choose the best-fit niches for pushing your advertisements

-Analyze your ad recipients in multiple dimensions

-Analyze keywords/targeting options on paid difficulty, popularity, regional search volume, and more

-Spy competitors on their advertising campaigns

Our objective is to get your investments pay off by pushing ads to the niche audience. Check out AdTargeting and I believe it will be the best helper for you!


We plan to optimize the “advertiser” feature, which you can sort fb ads by likes, shares, comments, and campaign time.

– AdTargeting focus only on Facebook and has no plan for doing other platforms.

– Yes, AdTargeting is considered a spy tool given that we include a large database of advertisers who advertised on Facebook.

Frequently Asked Questions (Frequently Asked Questions)

How does your tool compare with the old Facebook Audience Insights tool, i.e. the one that was discontinued in July 2021?

Our tool is similar to Facebook’s audience insight data. It can provide detailed audience data. It is expected that we can also analyze the performance of words in various industries in the future. Please look forward to it!

Can we download data csv file(keyword, trend keyword) or search trend for our report? Have you any road map for this function?

You will be able to add keyword to the list.

—>Click “Add to List” under the “Operation”

Then, you can export keywords that are on the list.

We may support keywords export in the future. But for now we only support export keywords that are added to the list.

Any plan for the future, to add Bing keywords search too?

Yes, we do plan to add Youtube, Bing, and Twitter in the future.

Is this also suitable for keyword research for content writing and SEO, or only for ad targeting?

Yes. You can use AdTargeting for content writing and SEO. You can research keywords that are related to your topic and included those in the content to improve your SEO. Or, if you have no ideas what keyword to use, for instance, for your game report. You can search by the name of the game to get related keywords to start with.

For the PPC data, is this comparable to Spyfu?

Are you able to show any historical PPC data for competitors?

AdTargeting provides CPC for Google keywords and analysis of domain. Currently, we don’t provide historical data of PPC data competitors. If you have a specific request, please elaborate.

Do you have plans to have other Ad platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest in your roadmap. If so, will it be available for LTD buyers. Also I see a different section on your site Adcostly. How different is it feature wise and will it be a different LTD in the future? Thanks.

Question1:of course we do have plan in other platforms. In fact we will support Tiktok ad platform right now. AS for the Ad platforms you have mentioned, we decide to support youtube and Ins first, it need some time but we set mutil ad platforms as a long term goal.

Question2:Adcostly is a Facebook ad cost analysis tool, it helps you easily get CPC/CPM/CPA ad cost data of different catagory APPs, also it supports advertising cost breakdown data of different courtrys/age/gender

Does it work in India?

Sure, it works with India

Does this work in Denmark? If not, do you have any plans on adding Danish in the near future? 🙂

Yes, we plan to add data of Denmark in the future.

Is YouTube ads spying and targeting on your roadmap?

We plan to add audience analysis of Youtube ads. We haven’t planned to do ad spying of Youtube ads, but if that is highly request we will add that in our roadmap.

When spying on other FB competitor ads can we FILTER by platform landing pages are hosted on. Like find ads that land on Clickfunnels pages, or find ads that land on Groove Funnels pages ect??

We are not supporting landing page filtering for now. I will forward your request to our team and get back to you when we have a result.

Do you plan to add italian language?

can you share your roadmap?

We can add Italian to make it more convenient for Italian users.

For our roadmap, there are three main directions:

– For Facebook interests words analysis: we will add a filter that allows users to search keyword by countries

– For Google keyword analysis: we will add analysis data on other dimensions, for instance demographical analysis

– Keyword analysis for Google application. For this one, AdTargeting will support keywords comparison between two Google application on multiple dimension in order to application advertisers to better target ads for their users.