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Coupon Details

Abhisi Coupon Code: Click on the button above and the official site would open in a new tab and the coupon would be shown here. Copy the coupon and apply that while making the payment to get Abhisi .

Make use of the special Abhisi coupon code above to access discount page and save 97% off your next purchase of Abhisi by Hemant Jani. Take note that the special offer above is available for a short time only, and may expire at any time. Simply click the button above to reveal and copy your Abhisi Coupon Discount Code and use it to get your limited-time only deal. Since Abhisi launched for it’s excellent value, one-time pricing

Abhisi Coupon Code

Introducing Abhisi Coupon Code

Abhisi is a brandable all-in-one chat, ticketing, sales, video calling, and support solution that features all the channels you need.

Abhisi empowers your support team with all the tools they need to offer great service with an all-in-one help desk solution for keeping your customers happy.

Manage customer communication across email, website, SMS, and social channels from one unified inbox, so no customer gets left behind.

Abhisi helps you get things done faster with quick replies that you can write once and use forever.

Plus, you’ll be able to access keyboard shortcuts for quick navigation and bulk actions for managing hundreds of messages at the same time.

While it may feel weird to delegate mundane tasks to a computer, automation isn’t cheating—it’s working smarter. (Gutter guards in bowling on the other hand…)

With Abhisi, you can automate basic tasks like routing customer messages to the correct department.

This ensures that the right messages get to the right people as quickly as humanly (or computer-ly) possible, so that customers receive the timely help they need.

If you want to know how your support team is doing in handling customer support, use the reports feature to get insightful reports on a variety of important metrics.

Achievement reports, like first-time response or time-based drill down, give you an idea of how quickly the support team is responding to requests.

Message reports offer valuable info, like the busiest day, frequently used tags, and most used quick replies to provide a big-picture view of your support team’s messaging activity.

User reports share helpful insights into your support agents’ performance, including how they’re rated by the customer.

* Why we built Abhisi? **
Abhisi as an idea was hatched in 2016 when one of our co-founder, Paresh Patel – who already had a software firm and was selling multiple products – faced a real challenge that every small to medium size company faces – the need for a full-fledged customer support solution that is cost-effective for both established and growing companies. And at the same time, have features that are only available in high-end products. But even with all this power, the solution has to be easy to use.

** What is Abhisi? **
Abhisi is a solution that all growing companies need to manage one-on-one communication with their customers. Today’s customers are scattered all over the web and to manage them is a huge challenge for small to medium businesses and startups. Our aim is to give you a product that is similar to products used by enterprise companies – an all in one solution.

** What makes Abhisi different? **
The main goal of Abhisi since its inception is to help you be successful and grow your business by creating loyal clients – whether you are a marketing company, an agency, a startup, a small business, a consultant or an e-commerce store. Abhisi gives your business the ability to quickly respond to your customers on all popular channels – including Email, Website Chat, Facebook, Twitter and more… all from one integrated dashboard. This will prevent any customer communication from falling through the cracks.

** Another Abhisi difference – we offer a white labelin option **
For example, one of our customers – a marketing company – not only uses Abhisi for their own company, they also Whitelabel it with their own brand and resell it to their clients. This added value helps build goodwill with their clients while they make extra cash on top of their current earnings. It’s a win-win!!

** What is the future of Abhisi? **
Of course we regularly upgrade and update Abhisi and we are making efforts to integrate Abhisi with many more products. The upcoming release will have Instagram comments – and that’s not all – there is more exciting news on the way. 🙂

** Features included with this deal? **
All features are included… There are some limitations on the number of users and mailboxes with the initial code but most of them are unlimited. The whitel portal is included from the second code with no subaccounts.

What is a Licence?
Each License is single code.

Each sub-account can generate revenue by selling it to your clients, like value-added services, This way you can make your client happy and in return make some recurring revenue from the sub-account you are providing.
And each sub-account has the same benefits as mentioned in the $69 code.
This can really add value for your customers and a good addition to your resource stack of software. Each sub-account will be white-labeled with your company name and will be under your own domain.

Affordable multi-platform ticketing tool. Buy it.

If you’ve been looking for a helpdesk ticketing solution, you may have noticed the same thing as I did – the good ones are expensive, and/or limited to a certain quota of mailboxes, and the pricing is per user.

I’ve tried most of the helpdesk offerings out there and for a small to medium business – Abhisi is most likely the tool you need right now to support your clients.

+ You get a ticket number for every conversation. Makes it easy to reference which convo is which, and not all ticketing tools actually give out ticket numbers.

+ Unlimited automation steps

+ Unlimited users (3 stack only)!

+ Multi-platform channels including social media is included.

+ Very responsive support and you can work with them re: API integration


– UI needs redesign, some buttons need to be larger (especially the ticket assigning button). Creator confirmed UI rework is underway.

– No ticket auto assign yet. If your team is 2-5 persons with low ticket volume, it may not be a big deal. for larger teams with high ticket volume, this could be an issue but can still be worked around.

Do not miss this deal if you need a ticketing system!

Clearly arranged UI and easy to use

I love tools like this, which are clearly structured so that you can find your way around immediately. The sense and functionality of all functions is easy to understand. Also the settings are quickly made and you can start right away. After 30 minutes I had a working system set up.
The big time saver are the predefined answers.
I have already tested other tools. Many were too complicated. Abhisi comes without unnecessary frills and is therefore a time saver. I love it.
I am especially looking forward to the customer ticket system, which is already on the roadmap.
Very recommendable!

Great all in one support tool!

Abhisi Coupon Code really simplifies the process of providing great customer support. I love the fact that I can answer emails, track calls and text messages, use the chat widget, respond to Facebook comments and messenger conversations for multiple accounts and much more from within the one simple tool. I’m really looking forward to the Facebook Groups integration which will definitely make my life a lot easier. And they even have a mobile app which is great for keeping up to date while on the go. The customer support has been fast and very kind when answering my questions. This deal has come at the right time for me. Thank you so much Appsumo and Abhisi!