On Being a While Since the Last Update, and Beers That Go With Marketing!



On Being a While Since the Last Update, and Beers That Go With Marketing!
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So I realized last night, as I was looking at some updates on here, that I hadn’t posted any content for more than six weeks. That’s a lifetime! Or at least, it used to be…

It’s not that I’ve run out of things to say, or lost interest in blogging/podcasting. Far from it.

I’ve just been busy in all areas of my life – work, personal, some little creative stuff I’ve been tinkering with, and such as. And that’s pretty much kept me away from this blog.

Sure, I could have just reposted stuff I’ve done elsewhere, but that’d be unfair to you, as it’d feel I was just mailing something in, which is one thing I’d never do.

I’d rather quit blogging first. Anyhoo…

I’ll be getting more active on here again, both in written format and podcasting, with my . That I’m very much looking forward to.

Speaking of podcasts, one of the things that’s kept me very busy is the new podcast and vlog I’ve started with my mate and colleague Sam Fiorella.

Called , it’s a weekly, 20-minute or so look at the latest marketing news: trends, fails, successes, and just downright wacky campaigns.

Because both Sam and I are craft beer lovers, each show we bring you a new craft beer from a local microbrewery (hence the name, Marketing on Tap).

We’re currently 20 shows in, and it’s being pretty well-received (especially on Spotify, for some reason – go figure!). As my own blog started off as a marketing one, it’s been fun to get back into that mindset, especially with a good friend.

I’d love for you to check it out, either the video version or the audio one. Links to each main channel can be found below.

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I hope you enjoy the podcast/vlog, and I look forward to getting back in the content saddle here too. Cheers!