How We Deal with Disillusionment Defines How We Move Forward



How We Deal with Disillusionment Defines How We Move Forward
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People get easily distracted. We see something that gives us the Oooh ripple of excitement, and we buy into the premise.

For a while, everything is good. We see only positives, and ignore the (in hindsight) questionable.

But then the cracks appear.

Faults that had always been present start to become clearer. Actions and non-actions reveal a side that we had previously ignored, but now can’t be ignored any longer.

We start to ask the questions that should have been asked from the start. The reactions of the questioned tell us a lot about what our own next steps are.

Do we continue the relationships? Do we accept the faults? Do we look at workarounds? Do we bite the bullet and wait for things to improve?

Or do we cut the ties and accept it was good while it lasted, but some things just weren’t meant to be?

Questions and decisions are an everyday part of our lives, personally and professionally. Some are easy to answer; others, not so much.

How we decide defines how we move forward. Decide right, and we continue to grow. Decide wrong, and we often never recover.

Are you making the right decisions for you?

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